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Chris posted this 26 November 2020

My Friends,

We now live in times that YouTube and the like, corporate entities, are simply Un-Reliable to host Videos. Too many accounts have been shut down! Too many Videos taken Down!

We need:

  1. Reliability
  2. Security


I am attempting to incorporate a Video Streaming system, a lot of work, but we need it!

If this becomes a reality, I would like your Input, to see what we can do to make this happen. I want it simple as possible, but there are difficulties, Encoding, using FFMPEG or similar tool to Encode so the Video will play.

This command is what we need to encode the Videos to Play within the Video Html Tag:

ffmpeg.exe" -i input.avi -b 1500k -vcodec libx264 "output.mp4"


I want to add this utility inside the TinyMCE HTML Editor as a button, to keep this easy and simple. Currently I am looing at: Responsive File Manager

Here is the inner HTML Code for the Video:

<p style="text-align: center;">
<video width="640" height="480" controls="controls">
  <source src="../../Downloads/Chris/MyVideo.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support the video tag.


Please add your ideas and code examples to this thread.

Best Wishes


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YoElMiCrO posted this 26 November 2020

Hey, Chris.

I think the idea is spectacular.
That way the videos are safe and secure
doesn't need a third-party platform
to share results.

Thank you now!


Fighter posted this 26 November 2020

Agree, never think of YouTube as the only place where you keep your videos.

Take into consideration that your YouTube account could be disabled anytime, then you'll lose all your videos.

Keep offline copies of everything you have on YouTube. Always.

If you don't have a offline backup yet download your videos from YouTube now and create your backup.

Especially when your channel shows the kind of experiments we're working with there is a higher probability to be the target of censorship. Never forget the forces we're fighting against. They own YouTube and almost every online storage provider. Or if they don't own it they certainly can impose to that provider to shutdown any online material.

Jagau posted this 26 November 2020

Hi Chris

It's a great idea, I'm joining Yoeimicro and fighter for a big change in the way we share video safely and freely.
 So it will only be the members who see the videos and it's the ones I want to share with.

Thanks for all the work Chris.

It's time of year to donate to aboveunity.com


Jagau posted this 26 November 2020

More than anything else, your contributions to this forum are most important!

We are trying to actively get all visitors involved, but we do only have a few main contributors, which are very much appreciated! If you would like to see more pages with more detailed experiments and answers, perhaps a contribution of another type maybe possible:






The button is on the right of the page for direct access

Thank you Chris for everything you do for free for this forum


cd_sharp posted this 26 November 2020

Hey, guys, Chris

What a wonderful idea!

Besides encoding, there is a need for a streaming server. It's a back-end component (in-process or out-of-process) that takes the encoded bytes and streams them to the client browser. Modern web apps are using WebRTC protocol which is supported in Chrome and Firefox natively. I've used https://www.medialooks.com/video-transport , but their product is expensive and has a steep learning curve. There are other ways, simpler and more effective to make a WebRTC streaming server. If you want I can do some research.

On the front-end I've used https://github.com/simplewebrtc/SimpleWebRTC, but it's deprecated now. Other libraries should get WebRTC browser end done fairly easy. I could dig into it if you think it's a good idea.

Stay strong, everyone!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

thaelin posted this 26 November 2020

Just tried to donate but it said something went wrong. Hate PayPal for that reason. Will try again Chris later. If it did go, let me know.

Chris posted this 27 November 2020

My Friends,

Thank You all for the Support! I very much appreciate you ALL!

I have some news, after a lot of trouble, I have a Uploader working. It is the Responsive File Manager I posted above.


Lets trial it, see how it goes. At the moment, there is no Delete, so if you want something removed, you will need to PM me.

Let me have a little more work on it, and I will update you soon with information. I believe a video may be the best way. This is Secure (SSL) and so far looks pretty reliable and solid.

I will post more soon!

Thank You All and Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 29 November 2020

My Friends,

I have been super busy on this project in the last few days! I am not sure the responsive file manager is what we need, and have been looking at others. To be honest, I have started playing with building our very own custom one, but too early to say much yet!

NOTE: I have fixed the issues we had in the past with the Live Chat! Live Chat is now fully operational across most browsers.

Here is a video on how is basically works:


More soon my friends! Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 02 December 2020

My Friends,

I have been busy!

I was not happy with the File Manager I had implemented ( Responsive File Manager ), too many limitations and really not very suitable for us here! It just was no good for us!

I have build a whole new File Manager from scratch! Here are some Images:


I am still testing the File Manager at the moment, I hope another day or so before we can get this live.

There are some hard limits:

  • Maximum File size: 300Mb currently.
  • Single Level Folder Access. You cant have Folders inside Folders inside Folders. Only One Folder Level.
  • Everyone has their own Folder! No one else can see or change your Content.
  • Only certain Files are able to be uploaded. Still to be determined.
  • Other limitations also may be coming, for security mostly.


Old Browsers may give this error message:


If you see this Error Message, you need to look at upgrading your Internet Browser to the latest version! If you have done this and still see this message, the Video has not been encoded properly and the Member that has uploaded the video needs to be notified.

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 05 December 2020

My Friends,

This latest bit of work, adding a File Manager has been a big job, a little complicated, but tons of fun!

I believe once this is in place, you will absolutely love this! It is very useful!

We have some considerations to think about, Video Formats, Image Formats, and Document Formats.

Ref: w3schools.com HTML Video


I am currently thinking about building into the Upgrade, a Video Converter, to convert files that are not supported to supported Video Formats. This will make uploading Videos very much easier for those that are not sure on how to do this.

This process will be:

  1. Upload a Copy of your Video to the Server. Your original Video is not changed in any way!
  2. The Server will check the File, to see if it is a Supported Video Format.
  3. The Server will then: 
    1. Convert the File if required, to the Supported Format.
    2. Do nothing to the file.

  4. The Server will then Save the File and Show it in the File Manager.


NOTE: This process will take some time and the file will not be available immediately after the Upload is Complete! This is true on the likes of YouTube also.

My Friends, its nearly ready to go Live! Here is a small look at what this will look like:


The "Create Folder" and the "Upload File" forms are Draggable, so you can see the contents behind the window. The bounds are only inside the File Manager Window, not outside.

NOTE: Naming of Files and Folders will be something to think about. Short Descriptive Names will be a good option! These names are used in the Coding in the background. I have not shown this in my above Image, I have bad naming there! Test Files used not related.

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 06 December 2020

My Dear Friends,

I have a beta version of the File Manager working: Letter to Mark from Sparky 

Toroidal Vorticies


Best Wishes,


Jagau posted this 06 December 2020

Hi Chris
Wonderful, I can read the letter in pdf

Chris posted this 06 December 2020

My Dear Friends,

I have a beta version of the File Manager working: 


Have Fun Guys! The above post is the post in the video. Oh yes, supported File Types:

  • application/pdf
  • image/gif
  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • text/plain
  • video/avi
  • video/divx
  • video/x-flv
  • video/mp4
  • video/mpeg
  • video/msvideo
  • video/ogg
  • video/quicktime
  • video/x-ms-wmv
  • video/x-msvideo


Now, we can all have Files, Videos Stream, directly from our Forum, not having to reply on other site's taking videos down, or censoring us in anyway! Building a Path to Freedom in a Non Free World full of Censorship!

THANK YOU ALL for your support! Have Fun!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 06 December 2020

Thanks Munny!

Its still in beta, so please be patient with me. I know everyone will. wink May be a bug or two. Am still trying to improve actively also.

NOTE: There is a bug with *.flv files and currently, they can not be uploaded. Other files are fine. Working on it now.

I want this to be better than what we had before.

Have made a few small mods already.

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 06 December 2020

My Dear Friends,

I have  an application working, its early, but worth sharing:


This is a three step procedure:

  1. Select your Input File. Defaults to your Video Folder.
  2. Select where to save the Output File. Defaults to your Video Folder.
  3. Click Convert.


This application is x64, using .NET 4.5. Its built for Windows, sorry, currently not built for any other OS's. This tool, copies and converts the file to suitable file for this forum's video tag, uploaded into File Manager without being modified. Bigger Files longer playing. 

To use, just unzip, run the executable: Simple Video Converter using ffmpeg.exe

Zip File attached below:

Best Wishes,


Greywolf47 posted this 07 December 2020

Thanks Chris , for all the hard work on getting us a way to share videos more easily. You are a blessing to us all.

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Chris posted this 07 December 2020

My Friends,

Already a small update, I have added some more display information:


This version will handle *.flv and *.mp4 files much better also, some under the hood improvements. Again, File is attached.

NOTE: Please use this version, not the above. Its much better.

@Greywolf47 Thank You My Friend! I very much appreciate it!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 07 December 2020

My Friends,

I have fixed the uploading of *.flv files now. This should be working!

Please report any possible issues you find, here. Any Colour Schemes you may be able to suggest? Or File Formats you need added? Suggestions are welcome. wink

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 07 December 2020

My Friends,

I have added a little more to the File Manager, adding more descriptive, live or real-time progress on File Processing. You will see more information on the processing of the File you upload.

Please remember, if you use the above: Simple Video Converter using ffmpeg.exe you will see a much faster result. No Processing is done on File's that are already in the Right Format. These files are just copied to your folder.

Best Wishes,


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Greywolf47 posted this 08 December 2020

Thanks for making things easier. Some of us are a little IT challenged and simple is always better.

Chris posted this 08 December 2020

Hey Munny,

Added support for some of the files. Here is a full list of Supported Files:

  • application/pdf or .pdf
  • image/gif or .gif
  • image/jpeg or .jpeg
  • image/png or .png
  • text/plain or .txt
  • video/avi or .avi
  • video/divx or .divx
  • video/x-flv or .flv
  • video/mp4 or .mp4
  • video/mpeg or .mpeg or .mpg
  • video/msvideo or .avi
  • video/ogg or .ogg
  • video/quicktime or .mov
  • video/webm or .webm
  • video/x-m4v or .m4v
  • video/x-matroska or .mkv
  • video/x-ms-wmv or .wmv
  • video/x-msvideo or .avi


Some of these files are not even used anymore, not regularly anyway. Most common files are in there. Note, some Mime Types have multiple file extensions, not shown.

Application also updated: Simple Video Converter using ffmpeg.exe

Please download the latest below.

Please NOTE: Drive Space, Fast Drive Space, is expensive, so please be wary of Space and posting files that are not relevant. Once a file is posted, it cant be Deleted, if the File is not relevant, please ask, do we really need it? PM me for help with deleting files.

This, the File Manager, really is meant for Your Experiments, your own Videos and Content, content that's not posted elsewhere. A secure, personal location for your Work. wink

Enjoy My Friends!

Best Wishes,


Attached Files

Chris posted this 08 December 2020

Hey Munny,

Done. wink

That Video is a good video, I enjoy all that stuff!

Yes, we have an excellent Crowd! People here are Super, My Brothers and Sisters! Yes we have a few Female Members here I am pleased to report! Its great to see!

I think a Quota is a good idea in the future, I hope we don't need to do that, but time will tell!

Yes, this new tool: File Manager, is truly Golden! 

Yes early days and improvements can only make this better.

Best Wishes,


Vidura posted this 15 December 2020

Hey Chris,

I wanted to comment an issue with the videos uploaded with the filemanager. It is really very slow, in our region the internet is "by default" slow already, but now it became very tedious. the first time I tried with a 1" video uploaded by Yo, it stucked all the time, then i tried to download and was surprised that it needed more than 30". Now with the latest from CD, i could not watch it still, the estimate for download is 2 1/2 hours. Am I doing something wrong? Anybody else had issues with the videos speed?

Thanks, Vidura.

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Chris posted this 15 December 2020

Hi Vidura,

Thank You for letting me know!

I have an Internet link 20Mbps, 20 megabits per second. This means, most of the time unless we have high volumes of traffic, we should have pretty good streaming bandwidth, that is, for our small community.

But, yes, I agree, please, everyone else, please report these sorts of issues. I need to know.

Yes we do need independence from corporate PG Machines!

Best Wishes,


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