How much power is contained in a magnet?

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Prometheus posted this 07 October 2018

So, I'm sure you've wondered just how much power is contained in a NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron) permanent magnet. To know that, we'd have to nearly instantaneously destroy the magnetic domains and measure the output power.

Fortunately for us, there are scientists just crazy enough to do just that. It's formally known as 'shock depolarization of ferromagnetic materials". It involves explosives.

Analytical Model for Explosive-Driven Ultracompact Shock-Wave Ferromagnetic Generators

It was experimentally demonstrated that miniature explosively driven shock wave ferromagnetic generators (FMGs) containing Nd2Fe14B hard ferromagnetic elements possessing high (BH)max generate output currents with amplitudes up to 5 kA [6, 7, 9] and output voltages with amplitudes up to 50 kV [7, 10, 11].

This occurs over ~6.2 nanoseconds.

50,000 volts x 5,000 amps = 250,000,000 watts

6.2 nanoseconds is 0.0000000000017222222 hours.

So that works out to 0.00043055555 watt-hours.

An Energizer AAA battery has ~1.87 watt-hours capacity.

What does this mean? Well, the Motional-EMF devices (Gunderson, Sweet, Flynn, etc.) cannot be getting their energy from the magnet itself... and that leaves only one other place they can get that energy... the quantum vacuum.


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Chris posted this 07 October 2018

Hey Prometheus,

Great Post! I want to bring to your attention, a view that does not agree with the method of measuring the Energy of a Permanent Magnet. Floyd Sweet said many times, in a few different ways:

A rash statement will be made here that surely will offend many members of the scientific community: A magnetic field consisting of so called abstract lines of force or flux, contrary to popular belief is not a property of an electromagnet or a permanent magnet, any more than water is a property of the pipe it flows through. It is a property of a universal space field consisting of incoherent individual packets of energy, magnetic in nature.


So, youre quite Correct in your statement:

What does this mean? Well, the Motional-EMF devices (Gunderson, Sweet, Flynn, etc.) cannot be getting their energy from the magnet itself... and that leaves only one other place they can get that energy... the quantum vacuum.


Some time ago, I suggested at the implications of pulling all the Energy out of the Magnetic Field Instantaneously... I don't think the audience at the time quite understood the Gravity of the suggestion.

The Permanent Magnet is a Machine, the Magnetic field an effect, not a source of Energy. The Magnetic Field is structured in a fashion to show the Energy in the Mass however, thus being the Element Combination, be it: Neodymium, Cobalt, Ferrite or whatever material one were to choose. I am sure we would both agree on this aspect?

I agree with Floyd Sweet, the Magnetic Field, an effect of the Electric Field, a universal property of the Charge a particle may have, but not the Particle itself.

We have partially covered this before in our Threads: The Field Structure of Nature, E = MC2 , Electrical Energy, Magnetic Modulation of Charged Particles and in other places.


Prometheus posted this 08 October 2018

I don't see a magnetism topic. Is it  a sub-topic of the main forum topics?

Chris posted this 08 October 2018

Hey Prometheus,

Bob is referring to my Thread: Magnetic Field Observations that was Locked after posts that were off topic and bordering on Defamatory were posted.

If something needs to be moved, I think it is wise to let the Thread Owner or the Site Administrator make this decision.

This thread is fine here, where it is.

Please carry on.



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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).