Magnetic Field Observations

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Chris posted this 12 August 2017

I would like to share what I have learned, and what I think the Magnetic Field is, the geometry of it, and some experiments to find out more about the Magnetic Field.

Again, I have covered much of this information in my PDF document: Guidelines to Bucking Coils

The following images show how I believe the Magnetic Field to be and its geometry when changing in Time:


Some simple experiments and some observations can guide these above conclusions:



Below, I tried to show, how the Magnetic Field lines shown by Ferro Fluid, are not as the Iron Filing Experiment shows, not looped back on themselves, but as Howard Johnson showed: (PDF attached below)


The best image I have found with Ferro Fluid is shown below:

The Magnetic Field is an Inverse Square Law Force Field, that means as distance is travelled away from the Source of the Magnetic Field, the Magnetic Field gets weaker.


Thomson's Model of the Electron Configuration

Corkes in water with Magnetic Needle attracted to a Solenoid Magnet.


The above very interesting experiment is from the following video: @39.38



It is well known in Science, that a long Solenoid has no Magnetic Field at all on the outside of the solenoid: @30:17 



I think we need to see, the geometry of the Magnetic Field may very well not be what we have been taught in school, and in point of fact, many researchers have shown many experiments that question the Iron Filing Experiment:

PDF also attached below of the above image. Astro Physics also now agrees with this model of the Magnetic Field: interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)


Which explains this basic motor:



The problem that no one seems to realise with the Iron Filing Experiment is that Iron is Magnetic and like the Paper Clip Experiment, each paper clip will attract magnetically to the next.   

What is the Magnetic Field, it is a Tornado of normally unfelt, undetected, Aether, the medium we swim in, Space Time, the medium that is universal, that carries Electromagnetic Waves, that propagate all the Fields of Nature. The medium which enables Light to travel. Quintessence, the fifth element.

When Technology works because you understand something, its a sure bet you understand correctly.


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Zanzal posted this 13 August 2017

The Walter Lewin MIT lectures are best I've seen. Although I've never finished them all, that one in particular is my favorite. I would recommend them highly to anyone who hasn't watched them.

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Vasile posted this 13 August 2017

Mainstream science does not entirely and correctly theorize how a transformer works because if the lines of flux are almost all in the core (aprox. 99%) and 1% is leaked flux,how come we get that high of a power transfer from primary to secondary if only this 1% leakage flux has the ability to cut the secondary wires.

Relate to this topic watch from 34:47



P.S.: Maybe the power in the secondary does not directly come from the primary

Chris posted this 13 August 2017

Hi Vasile - Thanks for the post.

Electrostatics is a field with many undiscovered possibility's, I am sure. Worth study for those that have plenty of money and the right equipment and most importantly the right skill set!

However, Transformers are not an Electrostatic Device.

The Magnetic A Vector Potential, one and the same as the Motional E-Field (E = B x V), are well known and well utilised today. It is a shame Eric did not know about it.



Richard Feynman is a very good resource (PDF's attached below), George I. Cohn (Flux Linking Law) and many other resources also exist that explain the Magnetic A Vector Potential. As Floyd Sweet said, this field is related to Gravity, it can not be shielded, William J Hooper is also another very good resource, a pioneer in the study of the Magnetic and Electric Fields in those days. Really to be credited for as much as we know today!

It really is well worth studding this. In my years of research, 9 out of 10 Energy Machines use this exact same Physical Effect, the Magnetic A Vector Potential as do Partnered Output Coils. Walter Lewin also explains it in the Long Solenoid Video above.




Richard Feynman MP3 <<<--- please take some time to listen to it.

The movement of the Magnetic Field, creates the Magnetic A Vector Potential, it is purely an Electric Field. If the Magnetic Field is not moving, then there is no Magnetic A Vector Potential, no Electric Field in Space..



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alohalaoha posted this 13 August 2017

Sorry Chris, old fellow, I must correct your last statement because Vector Magnetic Potential A→ is the PRIMARY SUBSTANCE and REAL ENTITY ....

In principle, generalized "magnetic field" can be introduced as a 4-vector, i.e. 3 spatial components of the "ordinary" H vector magnetic field Hx.Hy.Hz plus the scalar one. One we can introduce the generalized potential as a 4-vector, simply supplementing 3 spatial components of the Vector Magnetic Potential Ax. Ay, Az by one component of the scalar potential. This is how the so-called "electromagnetic potential" is introduced in modern physics.

Chris, only Vector Magnetic Potential A→ is fully capable of giving us a full description of all these "magnetic" and "induction" phenomena. Magnetic fields, are real spatial derivatives of the vector potential, To illustrate this conclusion by experimental data is a fact that around current carrying copper conductor of high conduction current density, near absolute zero temperature /several degres aboove/, ordinary H vector magnetic field does not exist in space around conductor, WHILE electric field DO EXIST, because....

Or more, here is another very simple experiment in which every one can see with own eyes that Vector Magnetic Potential easy explains the phenomenon of electro-magnetic induction in cases when the concept of a vector magnetic field can not do this - because don't exist in experimenT.... but what really exist is the PRIMARY SUBSTANCE, Vector Magnetic Potential A→


p/s. The scalar potential developed by a spinning current-carrying solenoid

Joseph B Tate

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

DATA: 01-11-1974  



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Chris posted this 13 August 2017

Hi Aloha, I agree, yes, I think you have covered in more detail.

Its true guys, The Magnetic A Vector Potential is the root cause of all the fields we know today. Its so important!!! Its true when they say we live in an Electric Universe, filled with Magnetic A Vector Potentials. Its all Charge with dynamic movement, much cancelling each other because it appears to be non uniform.

Please study the The Magnetic A Vector Potential if you have not already, it will save you a world of time to know about it.


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Vasile posted this 14 August 2017

The movement of the Magnetic Field, creates the Magnetic A Vector Potential, it is purely an Electric Field. If the Magnetic Field is not moving, then there is no Magnetic A Vector Potential, no Electric Field in Space..

I observe most of us are caught only in magnetism which is a shame because there is another side which is electrostatics.An interesting phenomena that may interest is the interaction of a magnet and an electret(the analog of a magnet).I quote from wikipedia:

Electrets, like magnets, are dipoles. Another similarity is the radiant fields: They produce an electrostatic field (as opposed to a magnetic field) around their perimeter. When a magnet and an electret are near one another, a rather unusual phenomenon occurs: while stationary, neither has any effect on one another. However, when an electret is moved with respect to a magnetic pole, a force is felt which acts perpendicular to the magnetic field, pushing the electret along a path 90 degrees to the expected direction of 'push' as would be felt with another magnet.

Something appears to add up.

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Chris posted this 14 August 2017

Hey Vasile, I did do a lot of study on Electrets and the history of them when the VTA Storey was changed.

I can tell you with certainty, Floyd Sweet did not use an Electret in his early VTA all the way up until Generation Four ( > 500 Watts COP = ∞ ), at least. After that, I can not be certain.

After studding the Electret I learned that an Aluminium Box would have shorted out the Electret and it would have had absolutely no benefit to the system.

I have a Rule I live by: Believe nothing you're told, only let Facts do the talking.

I think this way, because of the following Quote:

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

- George Horne

It is sad but true, the Vacuum Triode Amplifier story has seen so many miss-truths told, its just not funny! If I told you about the money I spent, the experiments I have done, the thousands of Hours I have spent... Only some of which I posted on my Website...One must learn very quickly, look at the Facts.

We have working Devices, Proof of Concept Devices, shown to you by many people! Some Independent, some not, none of the devices shown are Electrostatic in Nature, there is no Magic to this!

There is No Magic to this!

 I urge everyone, Think Simple, force yourself to not over complicate what does not need to be complicated!




P.S: If you wish, please feel free to create another Thread for Electrostatics, we are really diverging from topic.


alohalaoha posted this 14 August 2017

Chris any info about secret jewish world governement corporation, where working Sweet's VTA device, his lab research papers and all his equipment has gone ?

p/s.the first step in our win is to recognize and study our enemies of FREE ENERGY ..... and keep eyes on them.....because all in this artificial teraforming world is 180 degree flipped.


on the TOP of whole matri-X are extraterrestrial beings - down their pawns from SJWG.

 yes GOLDEN RULE - Believe nothing you're told, only let Facts do the talking.

Believe nothing you're told, only let Facts do the talking.

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Chris posted this 14 August 2017

Hi Aloha, we should concentrate on the topic, not diverge, or we will loose momentum.

But yes, we do have a job to do, we must stick to hard provable Facts.


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Vince posted this 05 July 2018

I have seen many discussions re magnetic lines of flux over the years.  Many have observed that passing a bar magnet over a wire generates raucous noise within ear phones or speakers that is consistent with a non homogeneous field interpretation.

If you pass a magnetic field through a stack of steel sheets you can observe them separating.  I believe this is due to flux leakage over, and under each sheet.  The flux being of same polarity is in self repulsion. 


As we know magnetic flux within the material of a permanent magnet is also non-homogeneous.  There are domains within the material that are magnetized and areas that are not.  Flux passing through from domain to domain in line with the flux flow path would also, I imagine, repel flux of nearby domains perpendicular to the direction of flow in the same way. 

Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that the flux does not leave a magnet in an homogeneous field either.  It is likely passing through discreet domains on, or near the surface of the magnet, and perhaps thereafter remains in paths that continue to repel each other.  Below is a very rough image of what I imagine might be occurring.  The flux exiting from surface domains.

Magnetic flux exiting, or entering magnet.

I imagine that if the above image bears any resemblance to actual reality these whirls of flux (virtual photons?) would also tend to wind around each other in a similar way to a flow of plasma.  Thereby making ropes of whirling flux that by mutual repulsion spread out away from each other before coming closer again as they re enter the magnet.  If I had time and talent I would have drawn them that way, but I have neither.

What do you think?


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