Antenna Theory = Magnetic Resonance

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Chris posted this 24 January 2018


Apologies everyone - I see there might be some confusion about my reasons for posting about Antenna Theory.


The reason is Resonance, particularly Magnetic Resonance

We saw in the Mr Preva Experiment that the Magnetic Fields had to be 180 Degrees out of phase, we had to have opposing Magnetic Fields and Opposing Currents in the Wire.

A Transmission line sees impedance as does a Coil of Wire. The Impedance, if matched can be reduced to nearly Zero if not Zero by using a technique called Impedance Matching:


Technically, we are bending the rules, remember I am learning still also, but, the Impedance Matching is done in such a way as to allow our Coils to Interact together in such a way as to "Generate" Energy, which Is what we saw in the Mr Preva Experiment. We are building a Resonant "Generator" if you like.

This is the little tickle under the chin to get a machine to run by itself., the kid on the swing scenario.

Think Electric, NOT Magnetic, If our Coils are Electrically seeing a large Impedance, then we get Standing Waves in the Line:


Please think a little more broadly when absorbing the information in the above videos.


NOTE: Electric Standing Waves and Magnetic Standing Waves are Orthogonal, at 90 degrees. Standing Magnetic Waves "Generate" Electrical Energy, Standing Electric Waves do not "Generate" Energy, it is destroyed instead.


Remember: Magnetic Resonance is Two, Opposing Magnetic Fields normally Equal in Amplitude, or Magnitude, but always Opposite and 180 Degrees out of phase.

With too much Line impedance, this will reduce the ability for the Magnetic Standing Wave to "Generate" Energy. The same as we see in the Antenna Theory.



We have to keep in mind, Fundamental Electromagnetic Concepts:


Except for Symmetry, because there is nothing to say we must have, and employ, Symmetry, except your Textbooks.

  • Symmetry means:  Below Unity.

Please ask if my posts are not making sense. I am doing the best I can to make sense of this and at the same time explain for others to also learn. I am still a student, always will be!



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Chris posted this 24 January 2018

Please note everyone:

Floyd Sweet, Don Smith, Akula, Ruslan, and others have told of this Electromagnetic Wave Theory.

It may not be important to learn it all, but very important to know a little about. 

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation: IS the transfer of Electromagnetic Energy and also the "Generation" of Electromagnetic Energy, Power:


One Half Wave of Current, applied across a length of Wire coiled up into an Inductor creates an associated Magnetic Field, as we saw in the Antenna.

There is a Scientific differentiation between Near and Far Fields, but there are also similarities.

Electric Field (Current) and Magnetic Fields are shown nicely in this Video:


A Standing Electric Field means no movement of Electrons, they are standing still. Electrons standing Still by Definition is not a Current! The Definition of a Current is a Flow, and Electrically, it is a Flow of Electrons in the Conducting Wire! So, imagine Current as the Black Standing Wave, its not moving, its a stationary Wave:


I hope this makes sense?


Chris posted this 24 January 2018

The following Video might be of some use also - Think Coils and "Generating" Energy.


NOTE: Our Partnered Output Coils need to be 180 Degrees out of Phase. Their Purpose is to Oppose.


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Chris posted this 24 January 2018

Lets learn from the Greats:

Antenna Theory, I believe and have yet to prove, does and is correlated to part of Transformer theory. Aspects of the two theories need to be merged, some already are but not enough I believe. Some data on Transformer/Antenna theory are mentioned in this video:


We must be smart, open our minds, and look for Results!  The majority of antenna designs are based on the resonance principle. In the following Book: "Receivers Antennas and Signals Spring-2003" there are some comparisons.

To mitigate this impedance matching problem most sensitive longwavelength radio receivers employ resonant structures or transformers to match the antenna to the input amplifier.


 By placing the feed point even closer to the left-hand end of the antenna, the ratio between the peak current and the drive current can be made even greater than the illustrated ratio of two.  Thus this off-center-fed antenna exhibits transformer-like qualities.  Because most of the power in this antenna will be radiated as if from a half-wavelength dipole carrying 2Io, its radiation resistance is greater than that of a half-wave dipole, although its reactance X is capacitive as a result of the excessive electric energy stored to the left of the current null near the feed point.


Floyd Sweet:

Resonance frequencies may be maintained quite constant at high power levels so long as the load remains constant. We are all familiar with AM and FM propagation, where in the case as AM, the voltage amplitude varies, and with FM, the frequency is modulated.

 However, the output power sees a constant load impedance, that of the matched antenna system. If this changes, the input to the antenna is mismatched, and standing waves are generated resulting in a loss of power.

Dom Smith:

Don also said similar things: @3:00


Its dormant until you Disturb it or Cycle it, and ah, the cycling would be the Resonant activity seen in Radio Devices.


Again, more here: @7:46


There is a cord, that's calculated at a certain length, because the, its, a frequency that works with the ah, its a 1/4 wavelength of this Coil here.

Don Smith 1998 Office Interview Part 3 @7:46

A little more from Don: @3: 30


Ah, the devices I have invented, which there are a number of them, they all, ah, actually, accelerate Electrons. Theyre Electron Accelerators.

Don Smith 1998 Office Interview Part 3 @3: 30


Roman Karnaukhov (Akula)

 Better known as Akula, videos were demonstrated on many occasions, showing Coil Resonance, with Distributed C and Inductance L and the Tesla Transmitter Coils, also shown to have Wavelength Properties that are important to observe and Learn.

Open the transcripts, count the times Akula uses the term Resonance. 


Ruslan Kulabuhov

Ruslan pretty much replicated all of Akula's work and more! Wavelength in Russian is "длина волны" do a Google search for "длина волны TopRuslan" and the results are phenominal.

Kind time of day. Maybe here we will find a common language. At once I will say that I do not sit at forums much. No time ! However, now for the 5th time I am collecting Akulin for a capacity increase. There are ideas .... But in fact the people are looking for a bit of everything is not right. All these systems operate on the basis of standing and traveling waves. It is necessary first to catch the motion of particles in the coil. Those. as Kapanadze does with a tester or an ammeter. Only at HF frequencies no ammeter will help and you will need to catch an oscilloscope. The first rule: Wind the coil 40 meters. 2. Find out its resonant frequency (1/4 wave) Inductor 1/4 = 10 meters of the same wire (for example, 2.5mm) Connect the generator to a 10 meter coil, drive the rectangles at a frequency of 1 MHz and crawl higher until 40 meters do not appear sinusoid. The maximum amplitude. The generator is desirable to take a normal, laboratory! With output adjustment from 0 to 20 volts. We achieve maximum amplitude and move tenths of a kilohertz until it starts to dance. This is your wave resonance !!! We fix the frequency and voltage. It is for this all have to do the generators. Further ... Tesla we shake under this frequency that the effect has turned out. Then we do everything as I did or the Shark. In this case, everyone wants to repeat this device. Forward! We fix everything beautifully and stiffly, without forgetting that the resonance and effect can escape in the case of fastenings on the snot. We need to get the effect itself and work, and not a ready device. Once you begin to understand what to do next, you can already move. So .... Tesla, as we know, also wets the sinusoid. Suppose your frequency is 1.821MHz. The frequency, but alas. It is necessary to adjust Tesla on it. The shark used a critic between Tesla and the toroid (Antenna) over the inductor. This is just an accurate adjustment. It is needed before launching. Then the system holds and no matter what has slipped in not large limits. But! Again ... What where? On the Inductor we feed the signal of rectangles with a frequency of 1/50. Consider: 1820: 50 = 36.4 kHz pumping a rectangle through the junction (Pot) with 23-29 turns of wire 2.5 squares. I repeat, you need to make the voltage on this harmonic not 10-20 volts, but higher by an order of magnitude. Approximately up to 50-60 volts and get the same dancing effect at the output. Further ! Do not forget that Tesla does not need strong power. Do not let sparks run and wet so that it breaks through. This is not necessary !!! It's better to make a controlled Tesla. Continue: The output voltage will be 195-200 volts. This voltage will not be higher. Why? Later we will return to this. It is necessary to rewind the transformer-reactor (Coil) so as to obtain the desired voltage. This requires experiments. Remember that we push the current in the reactor with a transverse wave. Created by Tesla. In the coil another wave is formed under the action of pumping by rectangles. The particles of which constantly rotate left and right. By giving them the movement of the pulsating Tesla, we disperse them in the very conductor. This is a gemmoroid understanding, but a fact. Tesla must operate in one half-cycle or one arm of the transistor. It is advisable to manage the Tesla pack - pulse generator. When everything is clearly adjusted, you will see how the effect manifests when changing the width of the pack. Consumption Tesla is scanty, and pumping does not strain at all. The current at the output is up to 7 amperes and the voltage is 200-209 volts. Bulbs and PSU pulses work well. Now for removal: 1. The coil is connected via a diode bridge. No parallel capacitors !!! 2. You need from Tesla only one half wave. Otherwise Tesla will take what she gave, back !!! Therefore, and put the diode from the ground to the very take-off coil (40m) The shark did this at the reception. He removed one part of the sine at the reception itself. Because Tesla. No one knows this and -bip-tsya to this day, nichrome does not work. It's clear! You need to swing the swing in the coil of energy removal. It is there that we push the current. By the way, the surplus from Tesla and the frequency setting of the Shark used a simple light bulb. Since the Inductor is galvanically isolated from the entire circuit, the light bulb serves as a resistive load to suppress surplus from cords and pickups. You can not bet, but do not rock Tesla very much. Do not ! Remember that the current is subject to voltage. This I see from experiments that I spent 2 more years ago. Next: The diode on the receiving take-off coil destroys one half-cycle and so we swing the oscillations without hindering them by the negative Tesla period. This, too, many do not know and continue to sculpt. That's why Roman (Shark) says that he is eating ground ... Everything is right! Because it kills the half-period pulse at the reception, which is grounded. This can be seen in all his settings! I wondered for a long time why he decided to use this solution and realized that it's easier to pick up BB diodes. Since interference at such frequencies in Tesla will lead to its improper operation. In other words, it will not be possible to cut off the half-period. Kapa solved this issue with an arrester and rectifiers at low frequencies. There everything is simpler, but more wires .... So on the German installation the diode is small, Tesla is far away, the grounding cable is long. By the way is equal to the length of Tesla !!! Do not forget about grounding .... On this installation it is important and without good support (grounding) will not work. Do not forget that the systems use high voltage. As we know, it moves even in the air. That's why grounding is necessary. Plus wave resonance and safety .... Like that .....





Chris posted this 25 January 2018

I ran out of Chars in the last post...

If one does a Search for: "длина%20волны%20Руслан%20Кулабухов"

You will get a lot of very important results:

There must be a proportion. for example, a wavelength of 150 m means a quarter wave of 37.5 m. we shave her on a grenade, from the top in a narrow part of a grenade we shovel 18.75m .


WAVE RESONANCE is READY and simple; 1/4 , 1/2 the wavelength .


WAVE RESONANCE INCREASING 1/4 and 1/2 wavelength Waveless Generators.


Wave resonance is 1/4 and 1/2 of the wavelength . DROP WAVE . Setting the coils inductance. Just about complicated. Resonance of COLD 2. Just about complicated. BTG Kulabukhov's replication ... Longitudinal impulses of a counter-wound coil like Ruslan Kulabukhov 


The coil from the cable contains 1/4 wave of the removable beaf and is wound under the inductor.


Just some of the results found. Remember, Ruslan Kulabuhov, is a Radio Engineer, he knows inside out Radio:


NOTE: The Frequencies we are working with are not anywhere near Radio Frequencies, it is the principles we are using. Why, because this is the most efficient method of transferring Electromagnetic Energy, or Magnetic Resonance.

The Fact is, we are "Generating" Energy via the same means as we saw in The Mr Preva Experiment!


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Chris posted this 11 March 2018

My Friends, I would like to explain, in recent posts, some talk on 1/4 Wavelength has come up, so, I would like to explain a way that may help with some further understanding, I hope!

This may not be entirely correct, but its a method to use to expand ones thinking: First posted to: Akula's 30 W lantern replication


Imagine the Sinusoidal contour, of the above Wavelength as a process that is constantly changing over time, which it is.

Lets imagine, we have a Ball, and we have two straight Pipes, each at different lengths, one short pipe, the length of the Orange part of the contour, and one longer Pipe, the length of the Green contour, straight pipes.

Now, we take our Ball, drop the ball through our pipes.

Of course we will see our ball exit the short pipe first! A short Time!

The ball will exit the long pipe after a longer Time!

So we are dealing with Time!

The Process, over the course of Time will be different, there will be different variables, different properties at different times and different lengths, as we see in Antenna Theory:




This is directly related to the Timing Thread. This is why Tom Bearden said Energy comes from the Time Domain. 


Jagau posted this 12 March 2018

Indeed Chris as you say so well,

it is the amperes that we must look for and in your image of your previous post we can see a dipole (lambda divide by 2) and in the center we find the amperes that we are looking for so much.

There is a big difference between a quarter wave and the dipole, better gain (at a short distance) and directivity   when only the quarter wave is at a solid ground and that's what Don Smith talks about often.

getreal156 posted this 30 September 2019

So much valuable info ! I feel like I'm sitting in a roller coaster. 

Thank you all !!

Chris posted this 08 March 2020

Hey CD,

Well done! Every Experiment has value! Some reading for others interested: Loop antenna principle

We have covered, in the thread: Non-Linear Inductance, How Current is defined in an Inductor, defined by the Inductance, when the Inductance is at a value X.

Now, we have a Machine that does not have a Linear Inductance! We can clearly see, in the Sawtooth Waveform, and by taking scope measurements, that the Inductance changes during Operation.

Now, the point of Operation in the Transformer, is to stay out of Saturation, why? Because this is where the Inductance Changes. You will have seen recent threads where this was discussed, it is important and needs to be realised!

There is a specific relationship at every stage during operation in our machine. As each Coil Acts and Interacts with each other, the combined Inductance Changes, as does the Magnetic Field and thus the Current in the Machines.

You may remember the old diagram of the Floyd Sweets VTA:




Look at the Direction of A1 and A2! A PPCM, a Pumped Phase Conjugate Medium, isn't that what we have? That's what we have achieved? In our small machines with a few Coils?

What has more Energy in it, a Sinusoidal wave at 10 Hz or a Sinusoidal wave at 1000 Hz? Whats Tom Bearden talking about when he states: "A Bigger Fundamental"?

CD, your'e much further ahead than you may think! I have struggled with confusion, I have struggled with linking the concepts and all that! Its been a huge up hill battle, but much of that stuff you don't need to know, you only need know where to look it up when you need more info, and all that information is here.

Best wishes,


Atti posted this 22 June 2020


If you may not have seen this theory yet. See if you give someone an idea.

thaelin posted this 23 June 2020


   Now just think of what will be happening if you have two fields rotating  reverse to each other.

thaelin posted this 27 June 2020

Exactly right. In reality, it is two coils wound reverse to each other and the signal injected from the outside ends. It does wonderful things in there. Scope it.

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Chris posted this 23 July 2020

My Friends,

I found this video and thought it is very good:


I hope you find this video as useful as I have!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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