Hello everybody , nice to be here.

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Melendor posted this 18 August 2021

Hello friends.
My name is Melendor and I am a wizard.
My magic  is speed reading....10 words / seconds, usually.
I have read the whole forum around 4 times , and also the book that Chris has wrote.
I apologize , but the mind makes things over-complicated sometimes, and I need your help.

I find the forum very very interesting , and I know that the effort to put the community together without trolls is very very huge.

I have great interest in Chri's 3 coil machine and I will follow his recommendation with the basic setup.
I will keep things as simple as I can until I have a good grasp of things.

Thank you everybody and it is my pleasure to be here.
Hope things will run great.

Stay safe and take care.
*Melendor the wizard

Chris posted this 19 August 2021

Welcome Melendor the wizard!

I wish I could read that fast! I have not timed my reading, but sometimes I do feel it is far to slow for my comfort!

My mind tends to work faster than the senses, sight hearing and so on, so I get very board with things mostly. Thats why I like a good challange...

We will help you, so dont worry! 

It is pleasing to hear you have read the whole forum already! There is a lot here!

When youre ready, please feel free to create a thread and post your work. We will guide you toward the end goal. Being that you have read the forum, you very likely will understand most of what we share, so this will be easy.

The trick, in my opinion, is to think simply, think Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction, thats whats occuring in these machines.

Welcome and enjoy the best Community in the world!

Best Wishes,


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