Hy to al members

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electrondiger posted this 4 weeks ago

Hy to al guys here.

I am realy happy to see forum operational.

I found this forum some time ago and neded some time to figure out what is all about, when i did it was gone.

I try to lern from way back machine but i didnt get far.

I realy like to learn, it woud be nice to have some tutor to tell me where to start and kik my ass from time to time.

Why electricity, simple, nobady tell me about transformer and wires and magnetic fileds or eletric field on eny school i was, even on the university, every teacher was quiet about this magical stuff from witch al things are made.

I live in cnc world at the moment, before this in construction, but by the nature i am kind of a thinker so studiying is in my blood i think.

Thank you for having me and i hope it woud be constructive and fun.

( i dont now but i need to wait for 5 minutes that page is opened and even then it isnt loaded in ful, problems on my part, internet viwer program or somthing else?)

Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello and welcome Electrondiger,

When youre ready, please create your own thread and share your work. We will be happy to help.

Yes we are experiencing some slow issues, I am working on this currently.

Welcome to Aboveunity.com!

Best Wishes,


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