Matey's A. Matthews Generator

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Matey posted this 23 November 2021

Based on the same principle of the A. Matthews generator and after a lot of hard work and modified designs, we finally managed to assemble the Ultimate Energizer to obtain radiant current.
The purpose of this project is to show you the principle of operation of Ultimate Energizer.

SodaPDF-converted-The^MUltimate^MEnergizer^MGuide^MManual 1

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Matey posted this 24 November 2021

Thank you for the remark. I will try not to repeat myself in the future. I learned a lot in the forum..

Chris posted this 24 November 2021

Hello Matey,

We are happy to help if we can! I know its hard when there is a Language barrier, but we will do the best we can to make sure we try to understand each other!

Thank You for understanding!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 23 November 2021


I have deleted all your one line link posts! This sort of posting will get you banned, so please do not post like this again!

I expect all posts to have a certain amount of content, to have meaning and direction! Anything less is considered Spam and will result in an instant Ban!

Please post more content to your first thread, above, which I moved into the right place.

I expect all posts to be On Topic, this is something I am also firm on!

Please add the appropriate content to your first post, or risk this also being Deleted!

 Help with using the Forum. will give you help on how this forum works. Please read and ask any questions via Private Messaging as required!

Best Wishes,


thaelin posted this 28 November 2021

Hi Matey:

    I would be leary of thinking a bulb rated at 100w is using it. The same for the water heaters. They will run at what ever state the input power can sustain. Using a watt meter on the output of the cooker will give you a total mess for readings. Remember, the output of the cooker is 24khz. Trying to calculate the output power of the system would be a nightmare at best. Not saying it cannot be done. Many have persued this line and give it up. No further postings. Love to have 4 of these systems running here so I could mine crypto for no electric cost. 

   You should take the output of this and take it to DC so that it can be measured correctly and then tie it back to the input. There would be the correct input and output figures that could not be contested. Even using a scope output to calculate the power out would be sketchy. 

   Not trying to put a damper here, but be careful of saying the forbidden words. They act swiftly.


Matey posted this 28 November 2021

thaelin thanks for the advice you gave me. I will have them in mind in my next attempts.

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