The Negative Energies of Free Energy

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Chris posted this 19 November 2020

My Friends,

@All Readers - We have, and have had for a long time:

Free Energy

We have Open Sourced it, you are required to Learn and then Build, we will help You! Don't be left Behind!



I will always do the best I can to help Others! Always! Sometimes I can be somewhat arrogant, or even a little insulting - I Apologise for this! I mean to be Constructive in my measures of Encouragement!

We see a lot of Negative Attention, CaptainLoz and others can attest to this. It is a difficult situation to be in!

I have thick Skin, little to any, affects me, in point of fact I use this negative Attention as a Metric, measuring the Push Back from the groups of people that Oppose us. This Opposition has reduced! It will keep dwindling away! They will become such a small resistance, we will end up seeing them as we see "The Flat Earthers" today.


Now, smart people, might have launched a Camera into the edge of Space, somewhat like this:


Or this:


We at are about:

  • Logic
  • Facts
  • Common-Sense
  • Selfless Service to the Human Race



Power is Voltage multiplied by Current. There is no getting away from this Fact!

Current is currently defined as: 6.24 x 1018 Electrons per Second past Point P1 = One Ampere. Voltage is the Charge Density Difference between Terminal T1 and Terminal T2. One Volt = One Coulomb, which is equal to 6.24 x 1018 Electrons, but this time, no motion is taken into account. 1 Volt x 1 Ampere = 1 Watt, so one Volt = Charge Density of One Ampere, or Ohms Law: V = W / I.



My Friends, strength come in number and also, importantly, Education! Some so called experts in the Field of Physics or Science, Electrical Engineering know what they have learned from a Book! That's all! They stopped there and left it at that!

Ask an Electrical Engineer, WHERE does the Energy: Watts over Seconds, Joules = Power over Time, come from in the Electrical Generator. They will not be able to answer your question with a satisfactory answer! They will say the Shaft Torque is converted to Electrical Energy, a totally ridiculous answer and totally wrong! Shaft Torque is the Effect in Cause and Effect, NOT the Cause!

The very Energy in the Generators Output Coils, is Causing the Shaft Torque, not the other way around. So, Current, which is the Magnetic Field, Causes Shaft Torque! Very Easily Provable in any Shed in any Country!


Negative Attention

We are going to get some Negative Attention, this cant be avoided. We have reduced the actual effect to absolute minimum, by Banning Trolls! They can come, but they will not last long!

To move forward we need to have thick skin, which is not something everyone has. Those people that have thick Skin, I ask those of you, share your work and please make suggestions to try to increase our Buffer from the Haters out there.

It is not only evident, obvious, but it is now shown, we have, together, changed the World! Our task is not yet complete, we still have a long way to go! There is very much more to this technology than I have shown to date.

Be Strong My Friends, we are on the Right Side of History! Those that oppose us, are NOT!

Best Wishes,


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drago posted this 19 November 2020

Hello Chris and Guys.
How is it going?

Chris,thank you for your post and for your Good work.
Your apologies from my point of view are accepted.
Nobody is perfect and we all got bad sides of us that sometimes go ""rampage".

About your POST:


Mike  Hughes is a Hero. ( from my point of view)
He died for his DREAM,and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

His dream was to see that the Earth is Flat with his own 2 eyes,and he risked his own life to do it.

However his approach was not the best in the world,and there were safety issues involved.
May God bless his soul and my he Rest in peace.

Video 3 and 4 from your post,well they are actors that want to make a buck,
It is all business,
They do not care if it Flat ,Round or Square...they just are payed to say what they say.


Your work here I find it very Important and your efforts are well appreciated.

As every device / Charger  on this planet works based on a TRANSFORMER ( Energy IN = Energy OUT - Losses ) ,I have a strong feeling that we were set up with this technology by the powers that rule this world.

Your work with the Asymmetrical transformers and your efforts of helping people understand this way of thinking hopefully will change the balance in our favor.

The people that rule this planet I do not know if they are Humans, but their killing RAMPAGE must stop.

Yes,they kill humans with certain means...but the animals in The green forest / Amazon..what did they do wrong ?

The animals were also investigating Free energy ? That is why they had to be put down?

As you ALL can See, there is no reason behind all of these killings...It is just FUN for them.

Hope DONALD wins,so he can get rid of some of the bad people.

About "" Banning Trolls ""  :

You must be careful my friend,because sometimes you ban good people also.
As doing mistakes is Human,and we all do it, sometimes you must look at things from a NEUTRAL point of view...and not take things personally.

A glass with 50% say it is half full, I say it is half empty...

Because my opinion is different from yours,that does not make my statement Wrong,and that does not make me a Troll.

I swear that the glass is half empty...I can see it with my eyes !!

About the way things are done around the forum,if I may give a suggestion...:

There are bits and pieces of information everywhere...People and You I am sure you are making improvements every year...
So in this situation,what should we do with the advice's that you gave in 2015 ? ...Are they still valid ?

If this were my forum,I would make every year a post containing all the new and updated information that we have,

* " Bucking Coils 2021 ""

If new people are joining the forum,they know that the actual information ( 2021 ) is the updated one,is the one that is working.

Also,I am Sorry that you ,CaptainLoz and other good people here, have a lot of negative input from Trolls,and bad intention-ed people ...

You must stay strong and do not let them affect you,because the situation will not change Chris.

No matter where you go, "" If you pray for RAIN,you must accept the MUD also "

Please do not take my input in a bad way, ( Rage mode) , and I am sorry that I have written so much text here,
Just got back from work and I got couple of hours free time.

Also,I have seen your reply's to my posts.
Your help is much appreciated !
I will do my best to follow advice.

Much love to you guys,and stay safe.

Thank you. kiss

Chris posted this 19 November 2020

Hey Drago,

I agree, we all have our own point of view. None of us a perfect. wink

I have no problem with what Mike has done, if that's what he wanted to do, then great! All I was suggesting was, other, smarter methods could have been used. I am going to take a stab in the dark and say, he, with all his heart, wanted to fly his own Rocket and that's awesome!

Thank You for your suggestions. Yes, I think, generally, all information is useful.

Back in 2015, everyone must remember, I was approaching this with a very strict Plan of Approach! I gave a lot of information, but also held back a lot of information from, knowing there was a limited cycle of progression there! Knowing that as I got closer to the truth, the more Censored I would become! And, I was!

Most here will now see my Plan, simply by paying attention to the Layout of the thread: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

With a careful eye, people will see I have laid a very specific path to success. Most had no idea what so ever what I was doing, but we then, all of a sudden, made leaps and bounds forward.

The Members that have been here from the start, I am sure can attest to the path they have seen roll out. Most now have Working Energy Machines, at various different stages. Wistiti has had them for many years now! 2015 approximately he achieved his first success. Since then, many more people have Succeeded - This is awesome to see!

I recommend, for all starting:

  • Replicate, on your Own Thread: Chris's Non Inductive Coil Experiment.
  • If you have a solid Electronics background, go directly to Video Seven, although all videos have useful information.
  • Stick specifically to the Outline given, do not go down Rabbit Holes!
  • We all will help you!
  • Learn this specific layout inside out! There is a LOT to learn here! LOTS!
  • Refer to the thread: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines to answer questions.
  • Soon, a new Geometry is coming and this will not make sense if one has not put the hard work in here first!


We have so much more to learn! I have so much more to learn, and in my life time, the little steps I have taken have added up to bigger steps! The more I learn, the more I realise I have still yet to learn!

I agree about not worrying about Trolls, however, when one is not on the receiving end, one does not know how personal it gets. I have thick Skin, but for those that are less so, it is very difficult!

I never make the decision to Ban Members under the guise of being a Troll, lightly! I always try to give Warnings and or give chances. Instant Bans only occur for something serious. I try to mediate via Private Messages first, and try to get the other side of the story. However, a Trouble Maker is a Trouble maker and I will, at all costs keep Members Here, safe from Trolls!

No one here will ever get Trolled!

The truth is, we have had many come to our forum, ONLY to cause Trouble! We will not tolerate this! Period! is a Builders Forum, we all Build. At least all of us that are successful Build! Building is just as important as reading and understanding the Threads here.

NOTE: I am not the only one here with Above Unity Machines, many others have also:

  • Wistiti
  • Fighter
  • Jagau
  • CD_Sharp
  • Vidura
  • YoElMiCrO
  • baerndorfer
  • many others also...


Don't forget, some here have done this on their own accord, only reading information here and then coming up with their own designs! Fighter for example! Wistiti is another!

Sometimes, the Idea and Will Power is enough!

I cant wait to see your Progress Drago! In my understanding, you  were with us, on my private forum, before this one? Its good to have you here with us! When you're ready to start your own thread, let me know if you need help!

We WILL Succeed, as a Species, but we all have to work together on this!

Best Wishes,


H2opower posted this 19 November 2020

I know the feeling as I just gave up on trying to help someone understand Meyer's technology due to to many gaps in their learning of science, math, and skills of observations. The skills of observations is the most important but it also means you have to get your hands dirty, and pony up the cash when required to do so to get the needed tools to be able to observe this technology.

I find people are torn between their desire to want to do something to help but at the same time unwillingness to spend the funds needed to get the job done. It's hard to even calculate how much money I spent on the road to understanding how Meyer and Dr. Dingle made use of water as a source of fuel. All those countless hours spent in the lab experimenting, observing, and making sense of the results as I tread on new scientific ground where the information I was learning couldn't be found in our current day books on science. Heck, I even came up with a brand new theory that needs to be added to the books of science.

I think the true problem is we tread on new scientific ground when dealing with these technologies and many have become complacent with our current understanding of science and the natural world around us to the point they truly believe we humans have learned all there is to know about science and the world around us. I hear people telling me this violates the laws of thermal dynamics, the conservation of energy, and quite a few other outdated scientific principles that can't even explain how we are able to run around walking and talking to one another. 

We are treading on new ground and it is our system of governance the prevents a lot of these new technologies from coming out as Capitalism is to blame for the death of Stanley Meyer, Dr. Dingle, and quite a few others as some companies didn't want their flow of money they are making to end so they sent out hitmen to take the individuals that were threating their bottom line out. Just remember the technology I am working on is over 50 years old thus they have enjoyed 50 plus years of profits they would have otherwise never had if this technology came out back then. It's the sad truth of our times as there are many that are totally willing to sell out the entire worlds population and every other living thing on the planet just so they can make a buck. 

"Success is determined by the will of an inventor to succeed, and successful we shall be!" quote by Stanley A Meyer.

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