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Chris posted this 24 April 2020

My Friends,

My obligations here will come First and Foremost! You, my friends here are my first priority and I will always be here for you before I spread myself too think else where!

I have organised with Stefan and Chet ( ramset ) to have an organised, Moderated Thread here: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group

This was my first post:

My Friends,

I started Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy back in January 2015. It was a success and Partnered Output Coils is now part of every serious Experiment today!

While some struggle, others report great success.

The biggest problem we had was, we could have done the release and Introduction with several hundred less pages on Stefan's Forum! Far too many trouble makers! Yes I could have handled myself a little better, but when one gets Attacked all the time, one tends to get a little defensive.

We Introduce: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group

Chet ( Ramset ) and I are the moderators. There will be opposition, there will be some that don't like being moderated, we will be fair, we will only moderate what we need to! We aim to keep the Trouble makers out and the Motivation High!

No one is twisting your Arm, you join in and participate if you want to! This is your Choice! If your not participating, then please refrain from posting. We want those that have experience posting and all here to help each other.

1: Off Topic Posts will be deleted!
2: Posts containing Harassment will be deleted!
3: Slanderous Posts will be deleted!

I urge all interested parties, Gear Up, we are gonna break new ground! I will do the best I can to help others here! My Team must always come first however, but I am serious, I want every human being on the planet to have the opportunity to learn something amazing and simple!

1: Input Coil - 10% Duty Cycle starting at about 3 Volts into 25 turns 1.2mm Wire.
2: Secondary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Primary, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.
3: Tertiary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Secondary Coil, Assists the Primary Coil, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.

Make sure you have nice clean switching on your Input Coil. You need a Voltage Source that you can turn up, this is important to see the effects.

I have coined a term: Delayed Conduction, I have many hundreds of very detailed articles on my Forum:, please use the pages there for reference! Please use: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines for extra help!

Remember: Greater than 90% of the time, your Input is Off, this means your Output should be Off, there is no way for your Output to be On is there - Well yes, this is where Science has no proper explanation for whats occurring! One of many gaping holes in Electromagnetics! Let me tell you something very important:

1: The Change in Magnetic Field Creates a Voltage!
2: The Opposition of Magnetic Fields Pumps Current!
3: The term Magnetic Fields is Interchangeable with Current, as a Current is the same thing / Creates a Magnetic Field!

Your Coils must be Loaded at all times, or this will not work! It is advantageous to think: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

We have a Historical Record to support Asymmetrical Regauging, as long as one can get the Potential, Voltage sufficiently high enough: I = V / R, then your machines will produce: Above Unity Results!

Don Smith:


The MEG Team:



Quote from: tinman on June 25, 2015, 02:259 PM

What-you mean like the below scope shot's?
First scope shot before the diode.
Second scope shot after the diode,and large cap removed.

EDIT: Below, see Before and after Diode.


Graham Gunderson:


I have done a video series, to try to explain Partnered Output Coils, the effects, what to look for, how to solve problems and how to make the Coils Act and React together in an advantageous way!



The Sawtooth Wave Form is the defining Energy "Generation" Waveform! Please, always keep this in mind! Think in terms of Energy "Generation"!

You need to think in terms of Symmetry vs Asymmetry! A Symmetrical System can Never Go Above Unity! Your System needs to be Asymmetrical, this is a requirement to be able to "Generate" excess energy beyond the Unity Boundary! Its worth Bench-Marking your machine in Transformer mode, making sure you have around 80% Efficiency at least. Then anything above the 80% mark you can verify, has entered the System beyond the Benchmark value!

As I have shown for many years, Partnered Output Coils must oppose, must Buck each other, there is a specific Polarity to this and the polarity needs to be right. Then you need to focus on the "Generation" Phase, and maximise that phase, remember: I = V / R, Ohms Law. Keep in the back of your head, nearly all the Energy "Generation" Phase is done when your Input is OFF! Thus the short Duty Cycle.

NOTE: Your Machine Pumps Current for almost 100% of the Cycle, but your Input is only on around 10%, or less, so > 90% of the Cycle, you have Energy Output, Energy Output when your Input is OFF, this is significant!

If you only take one thing from what I have posted, please take the following sentence:

Its all just an Understanding, think Asymmetry, forget Symmetry. The Magic happens when you break Symmetry! Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

I hope we get a good response from everyone! Good intentions bring forth Good Intentions, but also brings not so good Intentions, thus why we will Moderate. Please think twice before posting.

Please Remember: This is a Builders Group, if you are not building, then if you can make sure you only post useful, serious discussion, you think that would be helpful for others!

I would like to personally Invite Tinman to join us, that is if he wishes.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
Chris Sykes


Of course, I would rather dedicate my time here, but I see many good inventors over there, not making any real progress, so I also feel obligated to try to help them also.

Some of us are very advanced, we also are still learning, even though we are very far advanced. The more we can learn the better. The Ball is now Rolling!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Vidura posted this 24 April 2020

Hey Chris,

Great that you could make peace , there is no place for struggle and fighting in the Golden Age. It will be beneficious for all to work in unison, the more people that join and put effort for the common cause , the more progress will come. Thumbs up my Friend! 


Chris posted this 24 April 2020

Thanks Vidura,

Yes, I really try not to hold grudges! It is amazing how things can change over time, sometimes that's all some people need, time to allow for change!

I want everyone to know we are trying to get this out to people! Even though we still have trouble making this work somethings.

Together we can make the changes we so desperately need in the world!

Best wishes,


strape posted this 24 April 2020

Hello Chris.
Great article where everything is summarized in one place,
I think this will help beginners like me a lot.
I am constantly reading this forum, I am a big fan of you and everyone involved. Your efforts in this forum lead us newcomers to understanding and success .. Thank you very much ..
Have a nice day

I apologize for any ambiguity in the text, translated by google :-)

Chris posted this 24 April 2020

@Strape - Please dont worry, your translation is fully understandable!

Thank You Very much!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 01 May 2020

My Friends,

The combined effort with is not going as well as I had previously thought.

My current opinion is, there is still an effort to create division there. Division is created by seducing others to their own thread where they can be their very own moderator. You know the old saying: "Give a little bit of power and let then hang themselves..."

Its a new tactic, and will be a successful tactic for them if others are not aware of it.

This tactic creates division, separation and makes impossible for anyone to follow, especially when there is a language barrier involved.

I will be much more cautious what I post there from now on.

My First and Main Priority is Here, this forum and all of YOU! I was hoping we could get a few more builders on track, but it appears it was wishful thinking on my part.

We have more than we need here with the worlds smartest people!

Best wishes,



P.S: They are all lazy, they want others to do the work and thinking for them, give them all, so they can have control of it all.

Chris posted this 03 June 2020

My Friends,

As you all know, I have tried to get more replicating, working on this very successful technology we have shared with everyone over at

What a difficult bunch of people over there! This we already know!

It is like they still have an agenda, to cover up and dismiss the important technologies, a new tactic in the approach of Suppressing Important Technologies. The System they had failed, simply because we changed the rules of the Game they played. They bring in the top EE Guys over there and blatantly dismiss, with zero reasoning and facts to support the blatant dismissal:


You said

Sorry Smudge, I don't see why this all seems so impossible, especially when all My Experiments support and prove this? I see so much resistance from others for the most obvious things and get quite frustrated sometimes.

It may be obvious to you but to me it is far from obvious.  I am not sure what you wanted to achieve by posting here, are you trying to get me to agree with you?  My background and experience tells me that you have it wrong and you are wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise.  If you are hoping to convince others then you do yourself no favours by quoting ground breaking research using particle accelerators costing billions finding exotic effects occurring at enormous energy levels as supporting your experimental findings.   

Members on my forum are already well aware of this information.

Then that is the forum for any continuation of your work, not my forum.

Smudge, if i may, a question: If the Energy comes from the Core, then whats the Transfer Mechanism from the Core Material, past the Insulation, into the Conducting Copper Wire?

The same as for any transformer, it is the magnetic vector potential, the A field.  The time rate-of-change of the A field creates a force on electrons and therefore can be considered as creating an E field.



My Blunt and direct reply:


Hi Smudge,

Interesting, as the Magnetic A Vector Potential is a Field, not contained in the Core, but outside the Core and specifically not a product of the Core, but a Product of the Magnetic Field Created by the Coils, the Core only guiding the Magnetic A Vector Potential. The Magnetic A Vector Potential being present with or without a Core, as Basic Transformer Theories Primary Energy Transfer Function.

It is clear, we have very different perspectives. No I have no wish for you to agree with me! I have read much of your musings, much of it is close, but lacks some important facts and concepts from my experience. All I was trying to do is give you some fresh perspective, perhaps the breakthrough to finish off your theories and complete them. My Members have running Machines, some are self running, but alas, there are no doors open here!

I wish you well Smudge, I have the greatest respect for you, however I see you are not open to explore the territory needed to finish.

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these dire times,

   Chris Sykes

Ref: EMJunkie - My Post Reference


For The Record: I like Smudge, but one does have to question intentions and why, specifically, he is so intent on avoiding the most basic of ideas and approaches, especially when they have been independently verified by others! This is quite the dilemma! Quite the Conundrum.

It is very hard to trust anyone, the vested interests in this field are broad and very diverse, but if one follows the money, then the personal, then one finds quickly that the most genuine can be easily influenced by the simplest things, so My Advice: Trust no-One, Question Everything.

My Dear Friends, I have learnt lots from you, I hope you have learnt lots from me! We do this together, that's where we have a huge advantage!

I have given the exact same base experiments we have here, in this post here, not one person has replicated and shared the results, a very interesting and thought provoking fact!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Wistiti posted this 04 June 2020

It was predictable my freind! ;-)

That 's exactly why I leave this place.

Take care!

Chris posted this 04 June 2020

My Friends,

@Wistiti, I agree My Friend, but you know me, always trying to get others involved in the Technology.

An example of my effort being taken advantage of:

It should be known, others are experimenting on what I have shared, ever since I was banned here, one such example:

Exactly the same, even showing the same waveforms.

The secrets lay in plain sight, right here in-front of you. No one wants to admit it, and no one wants to share their work. Definitely no one wants to give credit to the original distributor of this information!

QUESTION: Why would Partzman experiment and share results over there, out of the sight of all here?


This paper will explain a means that will defeat or reduce the Lenz effect to near zero in a common transformer with two windings.


Guidelines to Bucking Coils. Lenz’s Law Free Power Extraction. Ring any bells?


Been doing this, since 2011... Introduced here, 2015, now, everyone is using this technology, without giving any credit whatsoever to those before them!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
   Chris Sykes


Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group - Moderated!

Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


It is quite upsetting that others can so blatantly take advantage of this, of what I have shared, and some 5 Years later, take the credit for their amazing results and write a paper explaining how amazing they are and how they made such amazing discoveries! Damn!

Wow, the silence here is deafening  ??? !  So what's the problem?  Y'all don't believe it, don't get it, or don't give a $#%*?  If you detect a slight amount of frustration, congratulate yourself!

Anyway, for those who like stuff that rotates, here is a real world application of my post #40 that can easily be built to prove the concept in the form of a reluctance generator.

Take a coil, place it on a core that has a gap and we'll call the normal inductance of this arrangement Lg.  Next, fabricate a rotor with at least two segments that has a thickness that will reasonably fit in the gap in said core.  This rotor can be made of a ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic material of one's choosing.  With the rotor positioned in the gap, the coil inductance will now be Lr. 

With a ferromagnetic rotor, Lr>Lg.  With a paramagnetic or diamagnetic rotor, Lg>Lr.  Aluminum in 3003/H14 makes a nice choice for a paramagnetic rotor and can yield reasonably high Lg/Lr ratios and is easy to work.

The rest is academic if you are a builder and understand my post #40.

If you build it, at least give me some credit.


Ref: partzmans board ATL


WHAT???? Credit???

Fighter and I have seen this several times now, others on the other forums are actively copying our work and taking credit for our work themselves. This is publically known, I have been sharing this since at least 2011, 2015 actively on in the form of: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy

Partzman's paper attached below:

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
   Chris Sykes

Attached Files

Chris posted this 04 June 2020

My Friends,

PM even uses my Naming Conventions:

All (Whoever you are),

Let's leave the sims for a moment and return to the bench.  The following is the result of bench testing a parametric coil assembly biased with a constant current as previously disclosed in my RLE papers.  I am withholding the build details of the coil assembly at this point in time and only wish to demonstrate the POC.

In reference to the schematic, L2 is the constant current inductor feeding the parametric inductor L1 and for this example, the constant current is ~500ma.  Lc is the control inductor and is biased for this example at 300ma.  When the current in Lc is 300ma, L1=Lmin and when the current in Lc is zero, L1=Lmax.

The next figure is the energy cost to charge Lc to 300ma which is 2.355*75.05e-6=177uJ.

The next two scope pix show the inductance profile Lmin and Lmax respectively of L1 with Lc=300ma.  We see Lmin=2.18mH and Lmax=5.12mH.

The next two scope pix show the operational current measurements prior to and following the change in inductance of L1 respectively.  Prior to the trigger point at 40us, L1=Lmin and following the fall of CH3(magenta) at ~82us, L1=Lmax.  From these measurements we can do the energy calculations.  The starting energy in Lmin is UL1min=.5099^2*.00218/2=283.4uJ.  The ending energy in L1max is UL1max=.5103^2*.00512/2=666.6uJ.
Interesting number, no?

We have not mentioned the energy required to charge L2 but that is not necessary because it will only be charged one time and will maintain it's current level or increase as is shown in this example.  The energy gain in L2 for this example is UL2(gain)=(.5103^2-.5099^2)*.1028/2=21uJ.

The last scope pix is the energy recovery in Lc during it's field collapse into the dc supply V3.  Here we see the recovery energy is ULc(recovery)=155uJ.  The initial energy cost to charge Lc is 177uJ leaving a net cost of 177uJ-155uJ= 22uJ.  Since the differential between the energy gain in L2 and the loss in Lc is 1uJ, it will be ignored and we will simply compare the starting and ending energies in L1 for any gain.

So, the starting energy in L1min is 283.4uJ and the ending energy in L1max is 666.6uJ therefore, the COP is 666.6uJ/283.4uJ=2.35 which is very close to the ratio of the parametric inductance values as I had predicted based on my previous simulation research in RLE. 

This POC demonstrates that a gain can be generated in a properly arranged parametric inductor powered by a constant current source.  I do have a theory as to how the gain is achieved but that is for later.


Ref: partzmans board ATL


Currently I can not see my name mentioned at all, as if he is claiming all this as his own invention.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Fighter posted this 04 June 2020

Chris, do not worry. Everyone here knows who talked first about partnered coils. Any simple search on Google shows the same, try searching for "partnered output coils".

Let them steal, even if it's not fair still what they do means propagating more our technology. And that's actually our goal, even if they don't realize that they're actually working for our goal.

Personally I don't mind even if as you saw they're talking also about ZPM-like devices. No one can patent this as we all know what happened to anyone who tried to patent OU devices before (see as example Bearden and MEG).

This technology is in public domain now and anyone checking the source of this technology in the past will get the same results pointing to you and/or to our community.

We don't need their acknowledgment about the fact that's our technology. Anyone interested about the source will easily find it: you and our community.

Let them steal, let them work for our goal...

Be safe my friend,


baerndorfer posted this 04 June 2020

people who are really interested in the truth always end up at the source. one earlier the other later. the source is here

thank you chris

Jagau posted this 04 June 2020

Hello Chris

I think the members of the aboveunity forum know that it is you who is the initiator of the project you are referring to, you should not doubt it. Everyone here knows that this is your work that we talk about so proudly here.

I don't need to go elsewhere to see what other members here have done and put online.

I don't think there is any other site that claims AU projects that work, here we have the proof and that's enough for me, no need to look elsewhere.


Chris posted this 04 June 2020

My Dear Friends,

Thank You all so much!!!

Although seeing this sort of thing is disheartening, there is a positive side: Partzman reported anywhere from COP = 1.1 to COP = 4.70

This is another successful independent replication and verification of Partnered Output Coils.

Partzman is very skilled in Electrical Engineering, one of the top engineers over at the other forums, so this is a positive.

Please my friends, all reading, this does work, what I am sharing, what Members here on this forum are sharing with you, does work, we are the leaders in the world, we are the original sharing this information! What we are sharing with you is the real deal, Partzman has proven this for you.

Please join us, share your work, and please help the World Be Part of Something Better! Together, we can make this World a better place!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Dear Friends!


cd_sharp posted this 06 June 2020

Hey, guys,

This message is for all the lurkers. Generally, when someone is confirmed by friends, that's a MAYBE, but when confirmed by people that criticized that someone, that's a CERTITUDE.

Now you have CERTITUDE. Now there is no excuse for watching how a few people are trying to make this world a better place, but not helping. You have much more than you need to make a difference. So, please, join, share and make a difference!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 06 June 2020

Hey CD, My Friend, you are wise!

As we all know, it is a real struggle over there! Many just don't want to have to think for themselves. Some comments over there are just unbelievable, one example:



You all know why I do what I do, to share, to spread the love, to get more people that are interested in moving ahead, on the right path. There are a lot of people blind to the Light, enlightenment is a long was off for some people, this is the reason I try not to twist others arms, letting them make their own minds up and give them an unbiased option to join and move ahead!

We here, know how far behind they are!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Chris posted this 07 June 2020

My Friends,

As always, and by reputation, members are again attacking me, attempting to provoke me, that situation again we all here have seen many times before:


Hey Chris, your attitude is cr*p and everyone knows it. You've cause a lot of fire and disruption on this forum. You have nothing pal.

Ref: Dansaway post


So Chris,

I would assume from your commentary on the Sweet device that you can demonstrate a replication that performs as he claimed? If so, let's see it so we all can be convinced there was no conditioning involved!


Edit: If you won't or can't show us a demo, then please refrain from telling us how the device worked!

Ref: partzman post


Sour Grapes... I was thinking Smudge deserved more respect, rather than posting off topic attacks toward me, on his thread, a normality here!

Smart people, ones that can read, know already that others working on my work, do in point of fact have working Above Unity Machines, many people have come forward over the years, so this sort of challenge is merely a provocation, one that comes from Sour Grapes. It does not take a rocket scientist to see my successes come from the Deep Study of Floyd Sweets work, thus, a mind using common-sense would therefore say, Chris's work is in point of Fact based on Floyd Sweets work, Floyd Sweets early machines using the exact same technology, Chris, Me, I am sharing with you! But alas, some people are not that smart!

Floyd Sweet Did Not Condition his magnets, John Bedini even said so:


If Anyone can prove me wrong, then please do so! I would bet money on it, they can not, ever, prove it! The Magnetic Field was not moving as was described! There was no Conditioning, I have experiments to prove it!

I post this here, away from Smudges Thread, simply out of Respect for Smudge. Others clearly showing no respect, attempting to start fights on Smudges Thread. Failed!

P.S: I challenge partzman to prove me wrong! The burden of proof falls on the Claimant, claiming Magnet Conditioning requires Proof, and if no proof can be given, then this must be dismissed as fact! Pushing Fiction as Fact is in no way Scientific. So if there is proof, present it or accept Fiction!

Why wont trouble follow me here? There is no Rocket Science to this, Stefan would love to hear about these trouble makers I am sure! Protecting his forum from trouble I am sure is high on his list!

Ref: Me EMJunkie


It is funny. how they act and react, especially in the face of evidence! I mean how many times do they need to be exposed to Independent Replication? How many times?

Like I said, its just a case of sour grapes!

I would have thought they would have had a bit more respect for Smudge! Partzman and Smudge were supposed to be friends, I believe work colleagues from way back. They either worked at Chava or MPI for Mark Goldes as I understand it.

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,

Chris Sykes

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Chris posted this 19 June 2020

My Friends,

It seems after a fair amount of effort, some are starting to see the Light. It may be, some Members of may be joining our success list soon.

There are those that fight every step of the way, but more are starting to understand the logic and processes to make progress forward.

Of all people, our old friend Onepower has posted a very surprising post:

With respect to partnered output coils...

I understand myself and Chris have had misunderstandings and disagreements in the past however I hold no grudges with anyone and try not to judge. That being said my disagreement was not with his work but more so with his language and how he treats other people in some instances. I wish he would tone it down a little and I think it's important to separate our work from any personal feelings. For creative people like those of us here it is doubly hard as our creativity and emotions tend to drive us forward... I am no exception.

On the work Chris has done, I got a better chance to look at his theory and video series and in my opinion it's pretty solid work. His reasoning is sound and flows smoothly from one concept to the next. As well there is none of the hocus pocus or distractions and he stays on point, well done. All too often we see video's or posts which are incoherent offering no insight or justification which is a problem.

On the technology, I have seen similar layouts or variations of it before in patents and in the literature dating back to the 1900's. I believe the Akula/Kapanadze technology uses a similar coil topology in there circuit which some call a grenade coil. In any case it is a recurring theme in many technologies thus obviously has merit in my opinion. However as we know the coil(s) configuration is only half the battle and switching and energy flow dictates what will happen and why. I like the layout however based on my own work the closed core material can become problematic later on. A core gap with a magnetic sensor or pickup coil added to the control electronics could be beneficial.

Here it's important not to get too caught up in any one layout or theme and we should focus on what the layout and circuit are accomplishing as a process and why. It is the combined effort of every aspect of the device which drives the process however once the exact process is known any number of better or simpler variations could be built.

Food for thought, and based on my own work I think Chris is moving in the right direction. I have my own work and cannot get involved however I would suggest those looking to take on a project consider jumping on board. I am critical of everything and everyone in my nature with respect to science and engineering however this should not be considered as personal. I simply question everything and I think there is evidence to suggest this is a good project and it's about time in my opinion, well done.



Ref: Onepower


You, Members here, My Friends, are hero's! It is you that has made History! You have broken Ground where those before us have not been able to! You have changed the future for Generations to come!

I wish for everyone to share their progress, it is time now to flood the net with real working, machines, but drip feed, with simple cheap experiments to show others how to do it. 

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 29 June 2020

My Friends,

Whats for sure, I am wasting my time at I don't like failing, but I just might have to chalk that place up as a failure. No one is keen to learn, no one wants to learn, in fact I don't think they can learn! Sadly. wink The joint is full of, Simple, Learning Impaired Bio Slushies!


With the exception of a few of course.

I am so pleased you, My Friends, have seen the light, and this really is the only place focused, moving forward, and got serious Researchers, dedicated to making progress forward and learning new things! Thank You My Friends!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Atti posted this 04 September 2020


I have nausea from people who feel more moral or superior to anyone else in the world.
From those who look down on the other person because they speak a different language.
Because he thinks differently. The ability to solve the problem is different.
Because he is not a technocrat but is respected by nature.

They raise problems all over the world (they exploit everyone unscrupulously for financial gain, if they have to take material goods by arms, if they have to take so-called democracy by arms) and then try to convince everyone that they alone know world peace or world peace. bring their knowledge to everyone.
The thousands of years of culture do not matter. They do not understand individual cultures
way of thinking.

(The biggest problem is that they don't even want to know. Of course, if one person or group of people invades another's life or living space, you have the right to defend it!)

The color of the language of the world determines not only the way of thinking but also the tasks of life or destiny. Every human being and every species has a different task here on a planet called Earth.

If we were to step on another planet with this mentality. Then we would meet a life that lives there but has a different look and mindset than we would pass on to them? How would we help each other? How can we work together?

I am ashamed of myself for being human.

Chris posted this 04 September 2020

Hey Atti,

We humans have many problems! I feel as you do! We, each and everyone of us, needs to be an Ambassador of the Planet!

We have so many problems, we tend to attack what is either different or what we do not understand, through lack of effort of interpretation or lack of intention to understand.

I post over there from time to time, trying to show others whats possible when one wants to think outside the box, but many fall outside our category for the above reasons.

It is hard to see eye to eye when they have to make an effort to understand the other person. I mean we have had one or two falling outs, we have managed to over come through our effort to understand each other. Others are not so empathetic.

I love all Humanity, but I do get tired of Humans that let Humanity down. It is the same in the Animal world, a small few let the majority down. I have times of regret for actions I have done in the past, but as we grow, we improve! I think that's our strongest attribute! Its called Evolution. 

I shared a video here today. For all of you I am happy to go a little deeper into Actions of Coils. I am not so happy to help them, they are not able to appreciate the finer details.

The truth is, we are Light Years ahead of other forums! If we can pick up 25% of them, the ones that want to learn, then great. If not then great also.

Do not fear My Friend, this is complete, and everyone here has the answers they already need! Anyone can read those details and learn the experiments. Some will not make the effort.

You are a good man! Please do not worry, they are not worth the effort!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


cd_sharp posted this 04 September 2020

Hey, Atti

I am ashamed of myself for being human.

I feel what you're saying, buddy. Whoever wrote those insults is not representative for humanity. I trust that the vast majority of human beings are not inferior and retrograde individuals and do not attack other people based on cultural differences.

What we have here is many levels above anything they ever had at and they know it. That's why they do trash talking.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Augenblick posted this 05 September 2020


The biggest problem is that they don't even want to know.

This is the key, which makes it near impossible to reconcile with them. There is no dialog, no logic.

Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

  • Disregard for right and wrong
  • Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
  • Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others
  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure
  • Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated
  • Recurring problems with the law, including criminal behavior
  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty
  • Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead
  • Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence
  • Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
  • Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others
  • Poor or abusive relationships
  • Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them
  • Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

         - Mayo Clinic

Not so long ago, children were taught The Golden Rule, the ultimate respect. Today, there are no values taught except to cherish the gains gotten via sociopathic behavior. This is not a disease, but a perverse mindset. In school it is child abuse: intellectual barbarism, taught by union protected misanthropes.

I stepped into the rant room briefly, and stepped right out. Perhaps it should be renamed, The Rat Room, or The Hate Parlor. One would expect an appropriate rant would be to stick to objectives, to hash out scientific data and technique, examine fraud, and discuss possible troll behavior (by paid actors) rather than subjective insults and useless political chest beating. ... Runt Room for those with Little Man Syndrome, regardless of one's physical height.

What's missing is a hierarchical method for evaluating AU/OU. ... Chris has set down some valid goals, rules and practices (with occasional cheat-sheets) to follow. This is a start toward respectable scientific method. We can do better if we want to develop a bona fide scientific community.

Let's stick to science and kick the personality wars to the curb. We are already one in our goals here at AU. Let the fish fry at other forums. Escapees can google for better seas to swim. imho


... in the blink of an eye.

Chris posted this 07 September 2020

My Friends,

Augenblick is right! Most other forums are filled with Lunatics that have no idea on how make any progress!

I have cleaned out a lot of posts on, to make a statement.

I have left one post only in the thread: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group - Moderated!

Post history is important for me, and I often reference posts, but in this case, I see no point on this thread. I have left the post about Traitors on the thread: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy

The place is filled with traitors and trolls! It is pointless to progress there!

The people that wish to progress, will have to find US via other means as Augenblick said!

I mean we have tons of members! We can do this on word of mouth!

We control what goes on here, and here we shall progress! They have Zero Control Here! We will erase them if they come!

It always has been clear to me, will never succeed, there are too many Rats! I know this is clear to you all also!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


H2opower posted this 08 September 2020

I left the OU forum because I just got tired of the same old same old. People complaining about how I shared my work when I shared what I was learning in real time as I learned it most of the time. People whom don't know how to stay on topic and would bring their theories that were from another thread into mines because more people were watching my thread while seemingly ignoring theirs. And far too many people who just wanted to bury what it was I was saying so that it wouldn't see the light of day. 

I can't say that I hold grudges but the trust factor is gone as those folks that I talk about have truly earned it. Given a chance to turn over a new leaf they willing chose to do harm to me instead. I don't trust them which makes it hard to be around them. I got tired of people having multiple accounts have a conversation with themselves on my thread to make it seem like someone had their same point of view. And I really got tired of people faking it, "Oh I got 30 kv to my cell" not knowing that at that time a differential probe hadn't been invented yet that could read such high voltages. I remember playing a game on one of them, this one in fact that claimed to be getting 30 kv to their cell. It cost me $20 bucks and I created a Go-fund for that person to be able to get a differential probe and he took the bait. I put a lot of effort into campaigning for him to make his Go-fund a success. He ended up cheating and got the next higher differential probe instead of the probe the Go-fund was for, but he was so excited to finally have a differential probe that he totally forgot about his lie and told everyone that he was able to measure a bit over 1.4 kv going to his cell. I then took great pleasure in posting a screenshot of him telling everyone that he was getting 30 kv to his cell thus should be listened to over me who was only getting 8.2 kv to his cell. 

That was a well spent $20 bucks just to take him down and expose to everyone the liar he truly was. Do any of you remember that, it was on the Ionizationx forum? But people like him just keep coming out of the woodwork and I wasn't about to spend over $10k trying to expose them all. Anyway, I was banned from Ionizationx for getting attacked by some racist people. 

But Russ took great pleasure in banning me too: 

So, I have had my dealings with these types of people and just got tired of it all. Even a friend, Max Miller, banned me but swears he did no such thing knowing full well all I could do on his forum was log in as he set it up that way as a way to tell people he didn't ban me. 


But this is what I have to say to them all:

Chris posted this 12 September 2020

My Friends,

@Edward - I feel your pain, many, in the hundreds have Trolled me and what I am sharing. Some see the Light, and become your friend.

On this topic, I saw a post today by Partzman, attempting to shroud the Thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT, in a poorly contrived: "measurement error" vale:


I have said, I dont know how many times, that thread is an Educational Tool! Its not meant to be showing anything but a simple, valuable, experiment. Zanzal especially can vouch for this fact! 

I just want to point out, Partzmans thread: partzmans board ATL has now been made private, no public access! I find this very odd behaviour!

I mean we all saw Partzman was claiming anywhere from COP 1.3 to 6.82, I think it was, now nothing and its private? This was in the micro watt level, so not even enough to run a led. His effort to make judgement on My Work is very strange after hiding his!

We have a road in front of us, so many make un-educated, non factual judgement on us and our work, its real sad! If they could just see what we have seen!

They struggle, like worms in a Fry Pan, to make me look stupid, in front of all of you! Ever wondered Why?


Other peoples wild assumptions, are unjust and perversely bias, no real value to any educated person! This is what we must keep in mind!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 13 September 2020

My Friends,

I really want others to get up to speed, like you all here. I want us, the Human Race to Evolve, to HAVE and move away from NOT HAVE! Thats no way for a Race to Evolve, its a means to hold a Race back!

I posted this today to, knowing you all know this, I thought it might be valuable for new comers:

CLEMENTE FIGUERA's Asymmetrical Transformer!


PRINCIPLE OF THE INVENTION - Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns, while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.


Study of the Simple Electric "Generator", will help all move forward, its all we are doing, is building a Solid State Electric "Generator". It runs itself because we know how it works and use Asymmetry and not Symmetry.

An Electric "Generator" with little to no Shaft Torque, Drag on the Shaft, is a Free Energy "Generator"! What is the Cause of Shaft Torque? T = F * r * sin(theta)

Brute Force Science, is Brute Force Ignorance!

It truly is that simple!

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these dire times,
   Chris Sykes


Imagine the future, if we all have Free Energy Sources and we all know how to build them, no monopolies on Natures Forces!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 21 September 2020

My Friends,

You all know this information, its all on pages here, but I want to post this here for completeness:


Hey Partzman,

Thank You, this is one of your most logical, professional posts, I have ever seen, so Thank You for this!

Please Note: We use Diakoptics for the simplicity of Understanding, yes later there are methods of improvement, but simplicity for now helps others.

An Analogy:

Pick up both hands in front of you, slowly, over the course of a second or so, clap your hands together. then allow your hands to fall away, moving back to the start position.


You will note, this analogy is the same basic action as the Induction Phase in a Transformer, or in an Electrical "Generator".  We see a "Rate" (dt) at which Change occurs. Matching: dphi/dt. We see Magnitude, size of your hands. We see the same Induction Phase in a Generator. Each Partnered Output Coil is the others Primary and Secondary.

If you like:

   1: One Partnered Output Coil is the Rotor Coil.
   2: One Partnered Output Coil is the Stator Coil.
   3: The Input Coil Simulates the Rotation of the "Generator" Shaft. It is the Catalyst for the "Rate" (dt) at which the Magnetic Fields must Change (di/dt).

The Force we see as Torque (T = F * r * sin(theta)) on the Shaft of the "Generator", we say Lenz's Law, but it is not, it is entirely Magnetic in Nature, not of Potential Difference (EMF or Voltage), where Lenz's Law predicts the - of EMF or Voltage, in Nature, must be balanced with its own Magnetic Field in Super Position. This is what Partnered Output Coils achieve, Super Position of Magnetic Forces (diP/dt - diS/dt = 0) to completely counterbalance Shaft Torque. Some would say Lenz's Law Free Generator.

Always think of this:

Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction.


The Input Coil brings the Partnered Output Coils Voltage up as fast as possible, Asymmetrically, and then is switched off. During this time, both Coils have a Delayed Phase Conduction. Non technically, they Slap together, as in the above Analogy. So, the Coils must buck at the instant of Conduction of the Diodes. It may surprise you, this is well before the decay side of the phase. The "Rate" (dt) at which the Partnered Output Coils Slap Together, dPhi/dt, is important, this "Rate" (dt) is best matched to the "Rate" (dt) at which the Coils are Resonant, as maximum Voltage can be gained for almost no Impedance (Z), XC and XL cancel each other.

All of this information is available on my website, freely given in different pages.

Most of this, you know. But for other readers.

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these Dire Times,
   Chris Sykes


I think it is very important we all help others that want to learn. Try the best we can. Some that did not believe us before, will see the light! This information must be available for all! No one must be aloud to take advantage of it, and all must police this!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 02 October 2020

My Friends,

An interesting turn of events:

For new articles about this  topic,please go to Chris´s own forum at:
Thanks.Regards, Stefan.

Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group - Moderated!


Well, I am getting many emails that here is going on only libel and flame wars...
As Chris has its own forum, maybe it would be better, if he will continue with his stuff only on his own forum... I will close his thread and link to his own forum...


I think Stefan has handled this much better than he did last time! I am not banned, I have done nothing wrong, even though the Trolls make wild claims I have, I can still post, only to other threads as Stefan has locked the threads currently active and related. Even the Rant Room thread, where all the Trolls Attack!

It is amazing, how things turn out. I mean, the way this has gone, think about who benefits and who does not.

It's a real shame Stefan has removed all the important, helpful Images, on the Treads!

For sure it is hard work over there, its very visible when the Trolls Rush in and Attack! Very visible!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Rakarskiy posted this 02 October 2020

Chris, if there's a goal, it shouldn't matter. Trolls almost blocked productive topics on all Russian-language forums of our subject. Enough information to implement such a setup" (and my efforts, too). The question of opportunities: professional and technological.

In the global system, there is an unspoken (unofficial) ban on devices for Autonomous generation of a closed type of small capacity that are applicable in the household.

A lot of people were cooled by the fervor, reality. 

You must be able to count! On the example of Russia, I have already shown the level of income for electricity for the household sector. Approximately 130 million consumers, with an average of 130 kWh per person per month.

Electricity is a COMMODITY, and what we do contradicts the foundations of the consumer world-eating system.

Chris posted this 02 October 2020

Hey Rakarskiy,

I will never let Trolls take over this Forum! Ever! I promise!

I agree, and I have a plan, this is just a small part of it, showing others, there are options, as you are, and no one has to pay for Energy!

My Plan entirely depends on the Population of the Globe and how quickly they pick up the ball and run with it! It depends on them as to the results we see.

The information is there, its been there for a long time, its just, a portion have not yet grasped its simplicity.

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 02 October 2020

My Friends,

My Objective:

Spread the word to others, Researchers interested in this field, to get our numbers up!

This has worked, we have gained Members and also Site Visits are higher. The Ball Rolls My Friends, and Trolls have again become visible to the community, many of the same names as last time, some new names! The good thing is, the Objective, is to get the word out there and get the Ball Rolling which is what we have done! Sooner or later the Trolls will get Squashed if the don't Run!


I have sent Stefan the following message:

Hi Stefan,

I don't blame you for what you did. Locking the topics was the easiest way forward, especially when you have two thumbs bent back.

It seems the trouble makers you have here, are still continuing:

It is a shame! You have a good forum, its just a small bunch of trouble makers dictate the behaviour. The rush in like Schoolyard bullies, and keep getting away with bad behaviour. 7 of 10 posts on all threads on your forum were about me, attacking me, or attacking my work.

I have thick skin, I don't care, but this does not reflect well on you My Friend.

10 of 10 of My Members, are because they want to get away from the Trolls! They want a place where they can work in peace, the progress on my forum is phenomenal!

If you had a productivity score on each Member, 75% of them would be in the Negative.

I write and tell you this, because I think you handled this last problem quite well under the circumstances, and I wish to let you know the other side of the story.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
Chris Sykes


I do not, in any way, wish to degrade Stefan's Forum! I merely wish to point out why so many leave, for a Better Option, that is Here. We work on real Technology! We work in Peace! We Help Each Other! We have united under one Race, For Humanity, to work for a better future!


Educate, Unite and Share with your fellow Brothers and Sisters, before its too late! We have all the information you need here! Members wiling to help other Members, all as One!

We truly, can only do this together!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Chris posted this 02 October 2020

My Friends,

Beware the language of the illuminati:

We tend to destroy everything first,
and then build from ashes.

That is our nature!

Can we build?
Of course we can!


Those that wish for Destruction, then to Rebuild, to reach their Goals, that is very much an Illuminati message! Very much! We have covered this before, the messages in the Denver Airport, all Illuminati! Destroy and then Rebuild.


What's Burning?

Beware My Friends, they will try to infiltrate us! The Illuminati are EVIL to the Bone!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Chris posted this 13 August 2021

My Friends,

This effort was Futile, I knew it was Futile, I just wanted to show everyone the result.

Well, here is yet more proof, we have many, the minority, but enough Agent Provocutors, working against us:


My Messages have been left Moderated, even though they have yet again broken the agreement! August 05, 2021 to August 13, 2021, some 8 Days with no moderation.

Get the feeling that they play with no rules? Well, we have left them for Dust now!

So you know, Stefan asked me to stop posting on, he asked nicely. He said he was getting complaints about me.

I said to Stefan, I would be happy to no longer post to his forum, as long as my Threads were locked and left locked. No one was attacking me or my work...


Twice now, we have had each Thread Un-Locked and posted to, many of the posts attacking me and Partnered Output Coils.

Isn't it funny how things work out, seems they, the ones that work against us, their time is VERY SHORT Now!

We have already Won! They just have not realised they have Lost!


Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

My Friends,

Yes, still my Post to that other forum, is still sitting in Moderation, more evidence that they are doing the best they can to silence Us!

We have shown the public, we have an active campaign against us, to Silence Us! They're loosing very fast!

Check it out, Here is the link, post is moderated and thus hidden to the General Public, except for what I have shown you above!

Cant get to the link? Well what a coincidence!

Not very smart are they!

Best Wishes,


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