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Chris posted this 11 November 2020

My Friends,

We have focused on "Understanding" on this forum for a very long time! It is hard to Gain a proper Understanding!

Richard Feynman said: "Little steps for little feet". Its true! It takes a while for an understanding to be achieved! For this very reason, we must take things slow! Allow others to gain an understanding in their own time.

This all comes bask to Electromagnetic Induction! If one understands, well enough, Electromagnetic Induction, then gaining this Understanding is very much easier! Remember: All the greats before us, knew Electromagnetic Induction inside out!

I would like to point you to a thread, on one of the other forums, and if one were to take the time to read the posts here, one will see the immense lack of understanding Members have compared to Tinman: Coil Antics


Some of the replies are not even close to the mark! Some replies really should not have ever been posted! One member, was Banned Here for causing trouble, just posts total non-sense, distracting the thread and just is of no help what so ever!

You can see, Tinman is trying to help these people! How much Help will he offer before he gives up because no one really learns anything or even remotely understands what he is trying to teach them? Tinman, reading between the lines, clearly does not feel comfortable with one of those members!

Recently, I bought to your attention Newtons Laws of Motion again: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction, in an attempt to remind you, of the Lack of Asymmetry in the publically accepted Science of Newtons Laws of Motion!

The easiest way to understand this technology is in the Form of Force and how Force can be Asymmetrical!

Best Wishes,



P.S: We have covered all of this information on this forum! Here: A Coil, the Current and the Voltage is part of it, as is Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction and many other threads.

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thosewhocandothosewhocantteach posted this 12 November 2020

I  don't understand this experiment yet, what to predict and what will be measured, but is it in the lines of this?

Power conversion  in the middle of the coil at the bloch region, when the field collapses, EMF creates the new dipole (reversed) and the led is at the center of the dipole (consuming power without MMF)?

I'll give it some more thought.

H2opower posted this 12 November 2020

First things first. In order to start in on all of this it take quite a bit more than just the desire to learn or want to make a difference in our world. You must get the proper tools for the task at hand, IE, oscilloscope, differential probe, and other needed tools. You must also learn how to use them as I see it far too often that some gets an oscilloscope and doesn't know how to use it or interpret what is being shown on the scope. I mention the energy under the curve and most have no idea what I am talking about but are too pride filled to admit it and thus run around faking it. I hate to be the one to tell all of you this but no amount of faking it will solve a problem/mystery.

If you don't know something make it your priority to learn and understand it. 

Learning how to use a oscilloscope: 

Learning how and when to use a differential probe: 

Understanding the energy under the curve: 

The reason why I mention this at all is on my thread I mentioned I seem to be the only one getting high voltage to a Water Fuel Capacitor (WFC) and someone's response to that was to show a video of them putting a light bulb of some kind in the water bath as proof of them too getting high voltage to their WFC. In the world of the real that video shows nothing as no instrumentation was used to show the waveform or voltage amplitude in any way, shape, or form in a measurable way. 

I talk about the need to get a "Differential Probe" and most again seem to get lost as to why it is they need to get one. In the technology I focus on the Voltage Intensifier Circuit is a isolated circuit thus you can't introduce a ground to that circuit as it will mess the way it works up so how do you read it? Answer, by getting a suitable differential probe for the task at hand. For if you introduce a ground in that circuit it will take it and you will get no voltage build up on the plates of the capacitor which is a AC waveform not DC. 

This brings me to understanding the energy under the curve. Again most have no idea what I am talking about and instead of asking me questions about it run around faking it acting like they understand when in reality they haven't a clue. The energy under the curve is the area bond between the curve shown on the oscilloscope and the zero line. Positive area represent positive current flow through a circuit, negative area represent negative current flow that is energy being taken from a circuit. When I show a waveform like this I expect everyone to understand it.

This shows energy being draw from the water capacitor in blue and energy being pushed into the water capacitor in red. The vertical lines represent a single square wave pulse being sent to the VIC transformer. The example graph shows that for a single pulse no current is flowing through the water bath as the two energies cancel each other out, but it also shows the capacitor has voltage potential on it's plates. When the waveform looks like this:  the oscilloscope is showing you that this is pulsed DC electrolysis as all that energy represented by the area under the curve went through the water bath is positive. 

This is showing a very clear example of the energy under the curve and just what I mean when I say it. Knowing these things is a must when dealing with these technologies in our field of study as you must know how to properly interpret what is being shown on the screen of an oscilloscope. No faking it allowed!

I hope everyone now has a better understand of the instruments we use to view these technologies we deal with now as what good is a tool of one doesn't know how to use it?


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thosewhocandothosewhocantteach posted this 12 November 2020

I already was wondering how your fuelcell research was progressing. :-) Stan Meyer's steam resonator with the knowledge of the POC would be a nice Proof of concept.


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cd_sharp posted this 12 November 2020

Hi, Jcil !

I don't understand this experiment yet, what to predict and what will be measured, but is it in the lines of this?

If I may, think about a diode that's conducting, it's forward biased. We generally have a mindset that the current flowing through a diode or an LED is always in the same polarity as the forward biasing, greater voltage on the anode and lower voltage on the cathode. There are cases when a diode is forward biased, so it's conducting, but the current is in the opposite direction. It's an awesome phenomenon.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 12 November 2020

Hello Edward,

Many threads here on this forum cover in great detail what you have covered already! I do however wish to thank you for reiterating this topic. More information for Readers the better!

All existing Members know this inside out and back to front.

The scale of what Members here, have under their belts, would be, to some, un-believable, others here, very much within reach.

For only a few Dollars, one can have a working machine, in an hour or so's work, as long as they have a basic understanding of what we are doing! Those that do not understand what we are doing, those that have not taken the time to gain this understanding, will attempt to refute what we are doing, simply out of ignorance of what really is possible.

We are really not worried about those people, as they are free to believe what ever they wish, we have no desire to persuade them in any way! We will not tolerate their uneducated opinions here however. They are free to do and say what ever they wish else where!

The technologies we both work on are not that different when you approach this from the right angle! You are using H2O, Water and Separating the H2 and the O. We are Separating the e- (The Electron in Outer Orbitals) from the Atom itself and Accelerating these Fundamental Electrons, down the wire at close to the speed of light. Disputed in some Science arenas today, however, the very definition of Current: 6.24 x 1018 Electrons per Second past point P1 is equal to One Ampere, does in point of fact dispute their very own fuddled Science!

It is also important to note, Antenna Theory is fundamentally important in showing that the Velocity (Charge in a Vacuum) is calculated to be close to the Speed of Light in the equations: 

f = C / λ


  • F is the Frequency in cycles per second
  • C is the velocity factor 299,792,458 meters per second (Speed of Light)
  • λ represents wavelength in meters


Therefore, it is very important to come to ones own educated decisions on the fundamentals in Science and not allow for after the fact science mishaps to confuse ones Scientific path.

It is clear you pride yourself on Science and getting to the bottom of real scientific concepts! I can only imagine you will agree with this post. What is clear, is many others on other forums will not agree. A Scientific Shame to say the least!

In saying this, the amount of Resistance, or Push Back, I have seen is dwindling! The same few, Paid Disinformationists are still active on other forums, but others are seeing the Light and what really is possible!

We should be Excited! We live in times where we can, if we push and do the right things, make for Real Positive Change for the Masses! I know I am!

I know in my heart, tomorrow will be better than today if we all do this together! - Newtons Laws of motion are always handy to know! Action by its very definition means we should always expect a Reaction! Science skips the term: Counter-Reaction, but this can be followed by the Reaction if one uses the Reaction in the right way! This is where we get: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction from.

@CD - You are very Wise My Friend!

Best Wishes,


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Forushani posted this 13 November 2020

Great Post


I learned a lot


thank you 

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H2opower posted this 13 November 2020

Chris my post was generally aimed at those that get the right tools to see theses technologies we work with but don't understand how to use them. Science is by it's definition always changing as a theory is only good until a new better theory comes along and explains it better. Somewhere down the line someone came up with these "Laws of Science" which goes against the definition of science altogether. Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. This is the definition of science and it tells us that one must experiment and also be observers. 

Good science is good observation. In my early days when I was a mechanic I was taught how to troubleshoot problems and over time I became very good at it. I used this know how to solve the mystery of this water for fuel technology. I had to learn how to build things correctly, how to use the tools needed to get the technology up and running correctly, and how to do many other things like calculus, physics, chemistry, electronics, strength and materials, drafting, CNC machining, and the list goes on. A lot of times when I speak I do so anticipating that everyone that I am speaking with also knows a lot about these things. The reality though is not many understand these things but like to appear as if they do. 

When I was working with Max Miller I learned this the hard way as we had our setups set up the exact same way so we could work in parallel. I told him that I was seeing the temps rise, which means we have to go back and do it again, and he told me that his wasn't so something wasn't right as how could that be if both our setups were the same? I had to conclude that he simply wasn't being truthful with me through troubleshooting the problem of our different observational results of the same thing and I stopped working with him for if you aren't going to listen to what your experiments were telling you then what's the point? It didn't make matters any better when he showed a video with good enough quality where I could actually see the heat waves coming out of the resonant cavities. You see I witness accounts of Meyer's technology working talked about the technology running for a half hour and the temperature hadn't changed. Thus if the temperatures were rising in my experiments as that tells me that I had to go home and do it again as I obviously wasn't doing something right. Since Max wasn't being truthful I dropped working with him like a hot potato as you can't advance your understanding that way as you will not be asking the right questions anymore because of the lie.

Long story short Max stayed where he was in his understanding of this technology and I ended up solving it as asked even more questions and figure out why the water was getting hot and Meyer's wasn't and it all has to do with the graph I shared showing the red a blue colors of the waveform. Understanding the math behind that waveform shows clearly that is Meyer's primary method of amp restriction but not his only method. But I had to first learn how to read the readings of the oscilloscope and do the math in order to understand this. I also had to not just look at the pictures and carefully read through Meyer's PDF file for in writing Meyer talks about the waveform having both positive and negative components to it but in the photos all he would show was the positive waveform which many tried to copy in their work which lead to failure as they didn't understand what the reading on the oscilloscope was showing them.

Now the reason why this observation is important comes from eye witness accounts of Meyer's work in this video: 

Anyway, I thought those videos would be helpful as they help people learn to make use of the tools they have properly so that they can benefit from them the most. 


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thosewhocandothosewhocantteach posted this 13 November 2020

Hi Edward,

how did the VIC end up like?

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H2opower posted this 13 November 2020

I will talk more directly about the technology here: as to not take over this thread. 

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