New member needing help with device build

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Fluktuacije posted this 18 December 2020

Hello gentleman. I am new here, and need help from you guys to make this little device work. I would only ask that builders with working devices respond (just as I would like to go to a barber that is not bald or take financial advice from someone that is not broke). Jokes aside, you can see my setup at the picture. I have several straightforward questions so please- concise answers only, no philosophy, visionary speeches and the rest.

1) The question mark on the picture. I don't have scope so I don't know weather my signal generator is outputting both positive and negative when I put it to rectangle wave form- this is why I put a diode at the output, to only get the positive "impulses". My question is weather the input should be only positive (swing the magnetic field in only one direction in the core) or both positive and negative (like a pure sine wave or any other wave form).

2) My partnered output coils are wound one clockwise, the other counter clockwise. My question is: what is the resulting inductance when in correct configuration (bucking mode) - smaller or larger inductance (first or the second picture)?

You can see that I use a small instrument to see the power draw by the amplifier - not the most precise way to measure input power, but good enough I guess. The load is a halogen 10 W (12 V) light bulb.

I can get the bulb to bright full power no problem, but it is a usual transformer effect. I have tried many combinations of flipping the coils, reversing the diodes, many different frequencies, duty cycles, and wave forms, and I have not seen a single anomaly, let alone over unity.

Please guide me in the right direction. The primary coil is 100 turns, and the secondary 300.

Also, I am honored to be here.

With regards,

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Chris posted this 18 December 2020

Hi Fluktuacije,

Thank You for posting your progress! What you have is a great start! This is Important! Everyone must start at the Start! Little Steps for Little Feet! If I may, a cheap Oscilloscope is well worth the investment if you have the capitol?

We will help you as much as we can! This small path forward is important for everyone that wishes to take this on!

I would recommend first, to replicate The Mr Preva Experiment and learn from this! There is a lot to learn in this very simple experiment! Then I would recommend replicating either: Fighters ZPM, Jagau's Ferrite at work or my Experiment: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment.

The more in this field you do, the faster you will learn! As I said, we will all help! Thus the Community we have here!

The Moving Magnetic Fields are the key, many threads on this forum explain this, please visit: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

Many threads explaining where this Energy Comes from! Many Videos! Many documents, we have more information here, than any other site on this topic!

Please understand, we are not wanting to repeat everything all the time, many threads have the answers already, but if you get stuck, please ask! Or PM Me!

Most out there, have no idea how far along we are! We have many members here that are further ahead than most, World Leaders! By Far! Members here are Experts in every sense of the word! So please take others advice!

Looking forward to seeing your progress! Thank You for Sharing!

Best Wishes,


Fluktuacije posted this 04 January 2021

Hello guys!

I have made a new transformer.

The POC each have 250 turns of 0.8 mm wire and are wound CW and CCW (as you can see on the photo). On top of the output coil (left in the picture) there is a 25 turns primary with 1.6 mm thickness (wound opposite to the POC).

I'm driving the 25 turns primary with 12 V battery and Mosfet that is switched from a signal generator (10% duty cycle and anywhere from 100 Hz to 3 kHz).

The configuration is the same as Chris's video 7. The upper coil on the picture has only a diode across it, and the bottom POC is the output with the bulb (12 V 10 W) and primary wound over it. I can't get it to light up. I've tried all diode configurations.

This is the schematics used.

Please help me,

With regards.

Chris posted this 04 January 2021

Hello Fluktuacije,

Do you have a scope shot of your Output Voltage or Current?

Thank You for Sharing!

Best Wishes,


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Fluktuacije posted this 09 January 2021

Sorry for the late reply. I've been working on it for hours today, and have gotten some sort of linear triangle output on an old scope, but it remains the same when the upper coil with diode is unplugged. I'm so sad. I've rewound the thick wire primary in opposite direction, changed basically all the polarities and diode orientations possible and nothing. I've put a bigger load (less resistance) and I get no effects. Is it the core fault? Because it is not ferrite, it is from a standard 50Hz power transformer. I've ramped up the input voltage up to 60V and nothing. I've literally run out of things to do

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Vidura posted this 09 January 2021

Hey fluktuacije, May I ask if you continue using the audio amplifier? If so , you should loo for a simple MOSFET switching device, the Audio amplifier is not suitable for this experiment, as it outputs AC. Try to always post setup, parameters, and eventual changes as accurate as possible, otherwise we don't know what you have on your Bench. It will be much easier to assist you. Also ascope shot is very useful , not important if from an old single channel scope, you can change the probe to different measuring points, and post an image of each. The core should not be a problem, John had good results with a silicon steel core also. Looking forward for more information , so we can help. Vidura.

Chris posted this 09 January 2021

Hello Fluktuacije,

Do you have a scope shot of your Output Voltage or Current?

Thank You for Sharing!

Best Wishes,



Fluktuacije, Please see: Help with using the Forum for help uploading Images.

Perhaps try following Instructions here on this Forum?

Instead of ignoring my post, perhaps if you help us to help you, then Members may take a bit more time to help you?

Fluktuacije, are you active on another forum under another Name, perhaps?

Best Wishes,


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John posted this 11 January 2021

Hello Fluktuacije,


nice to see another member trying this experiment with the same core as I did. As Vidura wrote, I may confirm that in this experiment core is not the problem. 

It will be very useful for all of us to see more shots from a few points of the circuit. It doesn't matter from what oscilloscope type they are, but you have to describe traces. Is your transistor switched correctly ?

Have a nice day.


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Chris posted this 18 December 2021

My Friends,

I have Banned Fluktuacije for continuously harrassing me, in attempting to purchase a Working Machine! Please report to me via PM if you have been harrassed by anyone asking for similar things!

I have made it very clear, this Technology is NOT FOR SALE and we would not be Selling anyone anything!

I am getting tired of being harrassed by others not willing to do the work and follow Instructions we have given!

Reading this Thread: New member needing help with device build and Fluktuacije's other Thread: Help needed in replication, both threads along the same lines, incomplete and not following Instructions given, and recommended: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

Call it a tough move to Ban Members for this, maybe it is, but the way I see it, is that serious Researchers will put the effort in and follow instructions if they are serious.

@Fluktuacije - If you can PM me a video showing me you are serious and making an effort, I will reconsider the Ban.

Best Wishes,


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