Proof of YouTube Censorship!

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Chris posted this 17 August 2021

My Friends,

I have Proof of YouTube Censorship!

I have made several comments on my YouTube channel, on my own video, this video:


Here is the proof:


Log Out and check again, or use another browser not logged in, and look at that:



Gone! My Posts have been Censored on my own Video, on my own Channel... Freedom of Speech, Gone, Big Tech, Gone Totalitarian! They are Communists!

My Friends, Beware,


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Sndrfll posted this 17 August 2021

Hi Chris, censorshop is likely to happen these days. In my personal opinion it's not worth to let your energy be drained by these circumstances. We can be happy that you provide this forum as a valuable place for exchange and resources Let's try on focus on our goal to spread knowledge and experiences

As I pointed out in my personal message I think it makes little sense to fight against something but instead to replace it with something more valuable like we try to do: Regarding Youtube censorship I suggested you to add a LBRY / ODYSEE ( account.

It can be linked with your youtube channel so that it automatically mirrors all your uploaded content to LBRY.

LBRY / ODYESS is decentralized and blockchain based, so it's really hard to delete or remove content. You can even use it for blogging.

This is just my 2 cents on the topic of censorship

baerndorfer posted this 17 August 2021

As Gerard Morin said some time ago... 'youtube is a piece of shit. we have to use it like toilet-paper.'

and i think he is right

i removed 95% of my videos from youtube because i got several warnings in the last weeks for some reason i do not understand. i think Odysee is a good place but there is no option to publish a video 'private'. so if i like to show you guys a video which is not for public then odysee is not the right tool. or did i miss something?

chris your content on the energy stuff is not something, that youtube will publish.


Melendor posted this 17 August 2021

Hello .
YouTube,Facebook,Google , Twitter , Whatsap etc
They are all one and the same.
They are pure evil.
Do not get your hopes too much on YouTube will be disappointed.

I really hope that the Bucking coils will work  one we can slowly go off grid , 10%...20% etc and not invest money into the corrupt.


Morin is dead...some people say.
He showed in one of his video and 200 KW transformer and he stated that  "The AMP does not come from the power company on those small cable line....but the AMP is made inside our homes.All that comes from the power company is V aka Potential ""

Hope I got that right.

Keep up the good work guys.
Stay safe.

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Sndrfll posted this 17 August 2021

Hi Baerndorfer, you are right about the missing unlisted videos. They have password protected videos in their development plan

@Baerndorfer: If think making knowledge open source is a high value for society. So the need for "private" video sharing should be a minimal one.

From my perspective 2020+ is the time and the year of alternatives. People are become aware of the "polite control mechanism" of the big tech companies and moving away to smaller decentralized alternatives:

Whatsapp -> Signal, Telegram

Facebook, Twitter -> Gettr, Parler

Youtube -> Odysee, BitCute, ...

Those human beings which are agile and can adapt to change will succeed (I think good old Darwin already theorized on this aspect cool)

I can only suggest to not get caught in the negative downward spiral. If the concepts shared in this forum work and people build a community to share, we can find a way upward





alannn posted this 5 weeks ago

Comments (seem to) go through an intelligent spam filter. I check if my comments appear, and sometimes by removing a word or topic it gets through.

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