Self Powering Above Unity Machines

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Chris posted this 12 August 2020

My Friends,

Today I want to discuss a topic covered many times, but rarely covered in this context: Self Powering

Akula's Circuits gave us a whole new perspective on the Power Arena! The following Circuit especially, is one of my favorites:


I never saw this circuit / device run. I wish I had the Video! However, Circuits following this Circuit are very much the same, most are in-fact the same, at least of the Lantern!

If you have a Video of this machine, please share it here?

There is a Feed Back and Feed Forward Loop in this circuit which is ingenious!

Remember: Its all about the Coils! How they Interact together!

L1 and L2 do exactly what we have learned in my thread: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment. Its important to realise this!

With a very short Duty Cycle on the Input, we have the ability to gain Energy over Time! We already know how to do this, if you don't, go back and study the fore mentioned thread.


When the Mosfet is On:


When the Mosfet is Off:


The only difference is the Dot Polarity. When the Mosfet turns off, the Current tries to continue on its path. I call this Inductive Collapse.

Note: Inductive Collapse by itself is not Above Unity!

However, when we have a Standing Wave, and when the Voltage, Potential, is greater, then we get Above Unity Results. The Capacitor C1 must always remain fully charged once we get this condition happening! The Ground is very important, closing the Loop if you like.

L2 Charges C1, and when we have Magnetic Resonance, feeds back through L1, to help Power the Load. I have greatly simplified this Circuit for the purpose to show you how to self Power a circuit like this.

L2's entire Voltage Potential is across C1!

L2 must gave a greater Voltage Potential on it so as to keep the Capacitor Charged!

NOTE: That's why the turns ratio: 15 : 45 or 33%, notice close to the 25, or 1/4 wave, is used. A dual Purpose.

C2 shown below is really just a Smoothing Cap, or containment vessel, reducing dangerous spikes.


Of course, this is one of many ways! Ruslan showed us a very obvious method:


As you know, the rectangle marked as BTT12V powers the Machine.

Simply returning some of the Output, back to the Input Power Module. This is very obvious, and most of the time will work fine. Sometimes however, there can be Grounding problems, as soon as you attach your Output to Input, your Machine Stops working. This is something to be aware of.

Most of you already know this!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,



EDIT: Don't forget, Energy is sent back through your Input, to charge your Source, Battery or Capacitor. So Self Powering means, only a small amount of energy send back, or Fed Back to keep the machine working.

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Jagau posted this 19 October 2021

A very important thread for those who want to learn and study.
The subject is closed but how important it is.

 Non-Inductive Coil Experiment


As for the Akula circuit, it also facines me again.
To bring a surplus to the input,  Akula has mastered a concept that only he knows (for the moment).
Ferroresonance or something else, we are in search mode.


Chris posted this 18 October 2021

Thanks Brian,

I was hoping to get a copy of Akula's original video.

I have not seen these videos, thanks for posting!

Best Wishes,


Brian posted this 18 October 2021

Chris you asked above for videos of this device. I hope it is ok to add links to YouTube account where the video is?

This is a working copy of the device.

Andrii Slobodian spent time with Akula which is where he learnt how to build it.

There is a fair story behind why it did not get developed further, but it did work.


ISAV Akula Copy - Video 1


ISAV Akula Copy - Video 2

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Augenblick posted this 14 August 2020

I agree ...small scale solar, with LION batteries.

Solar intermittent charging/discharging on a partly cloudy day tends to damage lead-acid battery plates.They bend back and forth.

Invested in a +/- 24V 30kW 300 lb. dual charger-inverter set before Y2K: then Trace, now Xantrex  Batteries are two fork lift type that weigh 1/2 ton. The photovoltaic part of the system never had a cost advantage over 20 years. The system is used for whole house backup without solar cells, as a mains/hybrid gas UPS during power outages. Never could use the central AC and the electric stove together. Well pump, gas heater and lighting was OK.

The real challenge for AU is heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and stove. Lighting appears to be doable.

Keep watch, and keep safe.


... in the blink of an eye.

Chris posted this 13 August 2020

My Friends,

We all know, we need a small kick, from a battery or something similar, to get our machines working!

I want to suggest a small solar panel, these are awesome and can be used for so much! Cheap these days: AU$51.25


I want to be clear, I am not a fan of Solar, its a dirty landscape technology, what do I mean? Well look here:


An example of Pollution and Waste at the most extreme example I have ever seen! Whats the Shelf Life for Solar Panels, used to be 10 years, I think some are now 30, imagine in 30 years time, where is all this waste going to go?

I totally disagree with this scale of Solar!

However, a few solar panels on your roof, I agree with. There is a necessity to do your part, and right now, Energy from a Solar Panel, to start your Energy Machine is the only real, sensible option.

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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