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Chris posted this 24 August 2021

My Friends,

The Jan 17th Move and Maintenance was a mess. I was mislead and lied to.

What we currently have in place, Infrastructure wise, to get back online is very delicate.

The last few days has been very hard to keep online, downtime was really bad, I am sorry.

I have spent a lot of money on Telstra Boosters, Modems (I am McTechO), and Cabling, and so on. It has been a large undertaking for such a simple task, getting a Website back Online.

We have a VPN (PureVPN) with 4G WiFi Technology in place, which is the best I can get at the moment.

I have spent many hundreds of dollars for a very unreliable Internet Service!

It also seems, we have a lot of DDOS Attacks, Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attacks currently, which does not help!

I am going to ask, if you want better Service from, more reliable Site Access and faster Page Loading, with better Support for your Videos Images and other media, I dont like asking, but I have no choice to ask for Donations.

If you help me out with this Internet Service issue, I can spend more money on a Better Service.

I am going to Order Starlink as I stated in the above link, its a much faster and much more reliable Service. This will make page serving very fast and Media much more reliable.


Perhaps a Bank Transfer may be more reliable? PayPal Removed due to De-Platforming me.

  • Bank:  Bank of Queensland
  • Name:  Christopher R Sykes
  • BSB:  124-001
  • Account:  21580359



We, You and I have already changed the world, lets finish what we started and show the world whats really is possible!


Best Wishes, and Thank You for helping us out in a time of need!



P.S: Please report any issues with PayPal as they are not very reliable anymore either. Thank You! Currently I have not recieved any donations since the site has been bought back online. I was told some have, so please report and I will keep you posted on progress.

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Chris posted this 24 August 2021

Thank You So Much:

  • Raivo
  • Baerndorfer
  • Fighter
  • CD_Sharp
  • Jagau
  • Wistiti
  • Forushani
  • Flemming Olesen
  • Brian


I really appreciate your help! Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Fighter and CD_Sharp for Aboveunity Member Forum Backup Site. They have done excellent work! Please also Support Them also.

Best Wishes,


Fighter posted this 24 August 2021

I want to take this oppertunity to thank Fighter and CD_Sharp for Aboveunity Member Forum Backup Site. They have done excellent work! Please also Support Them also.

Thank you Chris but I think I'm speaking on behalf of Cd_Sharp too when I'm saying we don't need support for now.

The backup forum doesn't involve any costs (therefore its basic functionality and the lack of complex features) and it's a pleasure on our side to help our great community in difficult times. The backup forum will always be there when needed.

All the support should concentrate and go to to you for

Be strong and safe,


Chris posted this 24 August 2021

My Friends,

I am clearly a threat to them, I wonder why? They are terrified of what I am doing here!

De-Platforming is now Common! Lots of people doing Good and Right Things, are Targeted!

This is how much trouble I am having, a small drop to show you they are trying aggressively to stop me and what I am doing:


and clicking on See Details:



I got this email:

You can no longer use PayPal

Following our review, we've permanently limited your account as we found potential risk associated with it.
You'll not be able to conduct any further business using PayPal.
Based on this decision, if applicable, you're no longer eligible for Seller Protection as per our User Agreement.

This will apply to all existing and future cases you receive.
Any bank account or card information that's linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed or added to another account. You can still log in and see your account information, but you can't send or receive money.
If you have money in your PayPal balance, we'll hold it for up to 180 days. After that period, we'll email you with information on how to access your money.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


I have been De-Platformed by PayPal, I thought something was going on. 

I just got this message:

Dear Christopher Sykes,

We appreciate your interest in PayPal. Unfortunately, our decision to close your account is final.

PayPal reserves the right to close any account reported to be involved in possible fraudulent or high risk behavior. In the event of a dispute, PayPal will seek to recover the funds from you by debiting your PayPal balance. If the funds from your PayPal balance are insufficient, PayPal reserves the right to collect your debt to PayPal by any other legal means.

If you have money in your PayPal balance, we’ll hold it for up to 180 days. After that period, we’ll email you with information on how to access your funds.

In order to protect the integrity of the PayPal service, we can't disclose the specific criteria that we sometimes use to limit access to accounts.

For more information on reasons why we might limit access to accounts, please refer to the 'Closing Accounts and Limiting Account Access' section of our User Agreement. You can find the User Agreement for PayPal Service by clicking 'Legal Agreements' at the bottom of any PayPal page.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


PayPal Account Review Department



Copyright © 1999-2020 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved.

The PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence number 304962. Any information provided is general advice only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

Please consider the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement available at before acquiring or using the service.


I am squeaky clean, Excellent Credit and Zero Criminal Offences, I Pride Myself on being Good and doing Good, Fair and Just, their implication against me is Fraudulent and Fake! I will be taking this further!

NOTE: PAYPAL ALERT: Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. Announces that a Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against PayPal Holdings, Inc. and Encourages Investors to Contact the Firm


Seems PayPal is in a LOT OF TROUBLE at the moment!


It is obvious I am a threat to them, they have chosen to shut me down on PayPal to make life somewhat harder. I think they are not very smart, they have just shown you, what they are about!

They are Tyrants and they will go down with the rest of their ship!

I will keep you all informed, so please do not worry, Thank You All My Friends!

Good Wins My Friends, never forget that, Good Wins!

Best Wishes,


Jagau posted this 25 August 2021

I will make a transfer to your bank, you will tell me if it worked


Chris posted this 28 August 2021

My Friends,

@Jagau - Thank You My Friend, Thank All of You!

Down Time is just ridiculous at the moment! I am so sorry!

I have Systems in place to reset everything, and logging results. There is a very specific pattern to the Outages, its seen predominantly at certain times. An almost predictable, possibly malicious series of events.

I have said before, they are trying to stop me, and they keep failing, failure is in their nature, because they just are not very smart!

They have different levels of deterrent, starting with Trolls, which we eliminated very quickly!

It moved on from there to various other attacks...

Now we are having Network Infrastructure Attacks on a consistent, predictable basis!

They have De-Platformed me from PayPal, hahaha stupid aren't they!

They actively try to stop us, but we are just too strong for them, they can not fight the Good we actively fight for here! They just can not Stop Us, no matter how Hard They Try!

My Friends, soon I will be announcing a change, in the field of more stable, more reliable Website Access. I will keep you informed!

Best Wishes,


Vidura posted this 29 August 2021

Hey Chris, thanks for all your efforts. Unfortunately I am not able to transfer from Argentina, this is almost impossible, would take months to get the permission. Also they have restricted my PayPal account. Anyway I am noticing that the site works much better lately. So soon as I have time I will update the threads, hopefully we will not come across for having different opinions about some things 😉 Best whishes, Vidura.

Fighter posted this 29 August 2021

hopefully we will not come across for having different opinions about some things 😉 Best whishes, Vidura.

Different opinions are good, that's normal when doing research.

We're in an uncharted territory and we all are aware in the last 100 years they hidden a lot of information from us.

The thing is we should not take these different opinions personally.

I know I've made this mistake several times but I passed over

It's okay, at the end of the day we are a team, we all know we have very valuable people in our team and we all have the same purpose.

Even if sometimes we're exploring different paths, we all travel in the same direction and we all gonna meet in Rome as YoElMiCrO said

Be safe and strong,


Chris posted this 29 August 2021

Hey Guys,

I agree with both of you! At the same time, we must be very aware of what we are dealing with, in my opinion. Focusing on specifics and Facts! I try really hard to be specific and not to be confusing in any way, although I may not always be successful, its something I try with all my effort!

I am a very firm believer in avoiding Confusion and keeping things Simple where possible. Confusion and spreading confusion is something I have battled with from Day One, because of all the Lies Told surrounding the Floyd Sweet VTA!

Humanity as a species has a VERY Bad habit of lying to try to hide the simplicity of the Truth! We must at all cost avoid this it is detrimental to the Species! Honesty and Generosity is the best practice for a Successful Species, evolution comes very fast, we must keep up with it to Survive!

Broken Promises is another area of focus the Human Race needs to focus on. Lies Told sooner or later catch up with the teller!



My Friends, Thanks to Your Support:


At 139.39 Mbps, Starlink's download speed easily beat the country-wide average for fixed broadband of 70.81 Mbps. Starlink's upload speed was slower than the fixed broadband average, but still respectable (29.35 Mbps vs. 52.56 Mbps), and Starlink's latency was higher (53 ms vs. 13 ms)


This increase is going to be a massive improvement from what we currently have:


Also, I have built a System, still a work in progress, to Monitor the Network and keep it fully operational, logging all Network issues and attacks. I will be publishing attack information if these malicious attacks do not stop, and also will be making an official complaint to the Apnic and other Internet Regulation body's.

My Friends, we will become even Greater than before, before our Outage, bigger, stronger, faster and even more reliable!

Our Online Streaming Media Service will be better than before! Faster than before!

We will be Big Tech soon! We have already left the other Energy Forums in the Dust!


We Are Light Years Ahead of the Rest!


Together, we can change the World, we already have!

Thank You ALL for your Support!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 31 August 2021

My Friends,

Here is another case of De-Platforming from perhaps the world most famous Living Generals:

Chase Bank cancelled General Flynn’s personal credit card over “reputation risk”


Really, its the same bad excuse they gave me!

Those trying to be in control are failing miserably and need to be replaced immediately!


Goodbye Elitist Looser's! I mean Bottom Dwelling Scum!

Yep, Joe Diedin his own porridge!

Best Wishes My Friends,


deleted posted this 31 August 2021

Why don't you host your website on a VPS and just keep using fast youtube  (or one of the alternatives) for video's while setting up a good back-up system for when shtf?

Like this

Chris posted this 31 August 2021

Hey Alannn,

Hosting on any platform other than My Own is at best Risky in todays world!

De-Platforming is so common today, and the AWS Cloud Service is owned by the very same Spooks that want to stop us. As are many of the others Cloud Services!

Here is a single example of their attempts to hang onto control. Yes, when one wants to win the game, and has to cheat to do it, they sooner or later get elininated from the competition! So, we play our own Game, and stop them from Playing!

We have to be smart and not let ourselves get trapped in their Web of Deception!

Best Wishes,


deleted posted this 31 August 2021

Telstra or starlink could deplatform you for hosting  on their IP range, but I don't believe such a thing would happen, unless Musk considers you a danger to his Tesla company lol you're also not hosting an alt political platform which they apparently quickly deplatform. A VPS is virtual private server with a linux installation which you can use however you want, wiith a public IP assigned to it, so I guess its security is your responsibility. I'd give it a shot, if they take you down because someone complained about the site contents, migrate the data to another VPS, but I don't see it happening. It's not expensive, speed is high and there is no data limit.

Jagau posted this 31 August 2021

Hi Chris

As you are a computer expert, the forum will improve I am sure. I trust you and thank you for all your patience, there is no doubt in my mind, do not let yourself be influenced by those who do not have your experience and knowledge.


deleted posted this 31 August 2021


Wow. it never was about the virus.

Yeah you are right, better watch out. Take care & be careful.

Chris posted this 06 September 2021

My Friends,

The last few days have been extremely unstable!

The attacks on my Internet Connection have been very severe!

I am very sorry everyone! I have been doing the best I can to get us back online as fast as I can, but sometimes its one thing after another and this means we have a lot of down time!

I hope very soon, we get the Starlink Package! This will help!

Best Wishes,


Forushani posted this 07 September 2021

Hi Chris

I want to say thanks for my small part. I was on your patron since I first found you guys. During the downtime, I could not find you guys and later you mentioned there was a backup site which I never found.

I will send a donation and want to thank you and the team for all your hard work and dedication. I am based in the US and if there is anything I can help with from here. I will be happy to assist.

Bank transfer I ternationally us a little difficult. Have you considered maybe Bitcoin?

Good luck

Chris posted this 08 September 2021

My Friends,

I want to Thank You All! Your Support is Awesome and very much appreciated!

Although we currently have some Down Time, I believe we have managed to reduce it some already. I believe Starlink will help immensely and make the Website very much more Stable.

Stability will allow me to share more information and of course the amazing speeds will be ground breaking for us!

YouTube, Good-Bye, we will have enough bandwidth to have our own YouTube here at! The File-Manager I built will give us some very broad experiences and abilities right here in your Adventure!

I have shown you here: Member Only File Upload.


We are the absolute coolest and most advanced ever! We truly are Light Years Ahead of the Others!

My Friends, I Thank You ALL Again you are awesome! We are Awesome!

Best Wishes,


Jagau posted this 10 September 2021

The site needs your help.

There are several ways to donate in order to stabilize the site,
lastly with

it has been very easy and safe and they do it in 80 countries around the world with the currency you want.
You can easily donate, it's time to express yourself in a concrete way.
I love this site and believe in its purpose.



Wistiti posted this 11 September 2021

Hi Jagau.

I have downloaded the Wise app for some donation. They ask an address... Do you have this information?


Thank you for your help!

Jagau posted this 11 September 2021

Hello wistiti
In our case in Canada, it will be easier and easier to go directly to this site.

Follow the instructions its is very easy to used and Chris already has an account on this site.

his account is:

If Needs more help send me a PM will help you.

On pourras se parler en francais, salut Wistiti, tu n'as pas a télécharger aucune application.


YoElMiCrO posted this 12 September 2021

Hello everyone.

Yes, it's definitely time to help Chris and ourselves.
This site should as long as the internet remains On-Line.
It is the only place where you must do for us, Humanity.
That's why I want to make my contribution too, I will let you know by PM.
We are an elite team in the network, as you say the only ones who
we advance in AU!.
Thank you Chris for your efforts.


Jagau posted this 13 September 2021

1000% agree yoelmicro
It is our future that we are talking about here, it is very important


baerndorfer posted this 14 September 2021

just wanna let you know, that the speed is perfect now (14.Sept 09:00) cool

Chris posted this 14 September 2021

@YoElMiCrO and @Jagau,

Thank You My Friends - It is World Changing isnt it! Knowing what IS Possible when you have the right People around you and are heading in a Direction that counts! It is World Changing, we Know for sure!

We ARE Light Years Ahead of the Others!


@Baerndorfer - Thank You My Friend, Glad to know it is better! I hope soon it will be even better again! Very much Faster!


It is interesting to note, most of the down time we experience, is my Night Time, so I am unable to bring the site back online in a timely manner, its been a Manual task, monitoring and fixing.

Recently I have built a Manager to automate my task to some degree:


This automates some of the process, however it is not infowlable! I do still have some issues.

As always My Friend, still doing the best I can! We can only improve from here! This My Friends, is thanks to all of you!

Best Wishes My Friends,


Chris posted this 21 September 2021

My Friends,

A small Update.

I have the Starlink Order in and the deposit has been paid. Starlink has given me an ETA:

Starlink is targeting coverage in your area in mid to late 2021.


I am expecting the email any day now, and hopefully only a week or so later, get the Package, then we will be very fast!

I have seen reports of speeds up to 240Mbps Down and 25Mbps Up. Its going to be very much faster, and the Media Service we have built in, Uploading Videos for Members Only, will once again make our forum Shine!

It is still useable, but very slow and a bit problematic if the internet drops out.

I have made some more improvements to the Automated VPN Manager:


I think this has helped me a lot, saves me a huge amount of time!

My Friends, I feel some Glorious Days Ahead! Very Special Things are Coming My Friends!

We, once again, will put the other forums to shame, all their Highly Educated Members, and they cant figure out the most simple puzzle of all! I always say: Think Simple, Keep things Simple, this video explains it well:


We have the answers! We are just working out the details. All here that have put in the Study and Work, know what we have! To these people:


Lets leave Them in the Dust and make Humanity what it was supposed to be: Free and Independent!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 29 September 2021

My Friends,

Recently we have had a few strange problems. Possibly related, I cant be sure...

It appears to be one problem after another! Odd that I just fix one problem and another arrises. I am sorry, I am doing the best I can to give you all the best possible experience here!

I ask for you patience and Thank You for your patience!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 30 September 2021

My Friends,

We had some pretty big storms yesterday / last night, it appears to have broken the Internet, at least access to the internet from where I am.

Currently relying on Telstra, Australia's largest Service provider to fix the Issue. Service restored: 12:47PM AEST




Please note the times of this post and the outage details. Power Outage, not for me it wasnt!

Thank You for your patience!

Best Wishes,


Melendor posted this 01 October 2021

Hey Chris.
The forum is running 90% of the time very well.
Sometimes is out for a little bit, but hey...that is better than the server problems you have had the last couple of months.

About the power Outage....I understand...
Perhaps the power company should come to you and say ..""Hey Mr. Sykes, could we please borrow some power from you ,to get our power plant online? ""  LoL

I hope the starlink dish will come soon,because I have seen very good reviews on YouTube. 1000% improvement in some cases.

I wish you all the best
*Melendor the Wizard

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Chris posted this 13 October 2021

My Friends,

We have had storms again, and it seems to play havoc with my internet Access. 4G via Telstra. Very Poor Service!

I am sorry My Friends, I know this is a real Pain! I spend a massive amount of time trying to get this back up and running as soon as I can! I have Systems in place to try to automate some of this, but it is still a manual task to do some things!

I hope Starlink arrives soon! Really want to get a good internet service! Will keep you posted, a video asap on the arrival!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 12 November 2021

My Friends,

In the last 10 hours or so, I have had some technical issues, I am sorry for the down time! I hope this is all fixed up now!

On another note, Starlink is still giving me the notice:


Best Wishes,


Jagau posted this 12 November 2021

Starlink here in Canada

starlink satellite coveage area

Starlink in Australia explained


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Chris posted this 25 November 2021

My Friends,

The Fake Supply Chain Shortages and Fabricated Inflation, that our so called Leaders have put in place, is the problem, an Update from Starlink:

Thank you for being a supporter of Starlink! Over 14 million people have inquired about Starlink service in their area and today Starlink is available in over 20 countries (and counting).      The Starlink team has been working hard to expand service and increase capacity while continuously improving quality of service. We will be able to accommodate more users per area as we increase the number of satellites in orbit.    Check delivery timelines in your account   Silicon shortages over the last 6 months have slowed our expected production rate and impacted our ability to fulfill many Starlink orders this year. We apologize for the delay and are working hard across our engineering, supply chain, and production teams to improve and streamline our product and factory to increase our production rate.   You can check estimated delivery times by logging into your account page on You will still receive an email from the Starlink team when your order is ready to ship, and you may cancel your order at any time for a full refund of your deposit.   Latest Starlink now in production We recently released the latest version of Starlink which was designed for high volume manufacturing. The latest version of Starlink has comparable performance to the previous version and will begin to ship globally next year.   Expanding to more countries across the world  Since our October 2020 launch in the United States we have expanded our service to 20 additional countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, and Croatia. Pending regulatory approval, we are planning to launch in an additional 45+ new countries by the end of 2022.     More satellites in orbit with newer technology  We recently completed our 31st Starlink launch with our latest generation of satellites that are equipped with inter-satellite laser links, which enable our satellites to transfer data between each other. Once fully deployed, inter-satellite laser links will make Starlink one of the fastest options available to transfer data around the world.   Thank you for your continued support!    The Starlink Team


Elon, come on old mate, please, I have been waiting for ages now.


Notice of Vote of No Confidence to All World Governments!


Honestly, our Governments are TOTALLY USELESS Aren't they! I officially Fire them:


Get them OUT and send them to JAIL!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 07 December 2021

My Friends,

Seems we have had some technical issues in the last 12 hours, slow or not working at all! Apologies!

My Internet is so terribly useless!

I cant wait for Starlink!


It is coming, but has been delayed some due to shortages. See above.

Best Wishes,


dale morgan posted this 10 December 2021

Hi Chris and Everyone,

I'll really be happy when the Starlink is operational. A little patience goes a long way. I have lots. I've always had a mental problem about putting videos on YouTube. Anymore I feel like it will make me a target. I haven't been to the secondary site because I can't show my work properly. Getting old isn't for Sissy's.

Hoping for good days to all,


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PayPal De-Platformed me!

They REFUSE to tell me why!

The content I am sharing is not only unique, but is changing the world as we know it! Please Support Us!

Perhaps a Bank Transfer?

  • Bank: Bank of Queensland
  • Name: Christopher R Sykes
  • BSB: 124-001
  • Account: 21580359

Thank You So Much!

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