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Chris posted this 04 June 2018


This Thread is for discussion of my Thread: 

Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


I have my Thread locked, the reason is for future coming posts and the show my work. There is a level of understanding required to make this work, and this will make no sense to most unless a level of understanding is achieved first.

I have tried to create threads that support this thread, as this thread will be the most important of all, but as I have said before, "another Demonstration will not help" and it truly wont help, unless one understands the concepts I have shared for so many years now.

Don Smith's Demonstration did nothing to progress others:


Graham Gunderson's Demonstration did nothing to progress others:


Tinman's Demonstration did nothing to progress others: (Brad has lost the ability to recreate his original work)


My Demonstration will do nothing to progress others, unless others have learnt the concepts behind the device!

All these devices use Partnered Output Coils!


Working from the Output back to the requirements is the best way to learn what is really needed to achieve the Output in the first place.

At the same time, please remember, I also am still learning, I am trying to share what I have learnt, I believe it has great value, I think you will also, when you see the end result!


Important supporting Threads:



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Vidura posted this 04 June 2018

Hello team!

Great Chris to open this thread for all who wishes post or discuss anything related to POC. I think that it should be clear for most of us that there has been varios abouth unity energy devices, which actually works. It is also obvios that it is not possible to achive this with conventional tecniques and theories. In order to harness the  energy which is omnipresent, unexhaustable  and free we have to create an unbalance, break the symmetry . This has been shown by many brilliant researchers. Now one question is what is the best way to achive it practically? We know that there are here in the forum and all over the world a lot of people are trying by different means to replicate some of this known devices and many others researching for new methods. 

I beleave , and this is the reason for wich i joined this forum , the most important thing is the team. to share information , experiences , learn from each other and support anyone if help is needed. Finally iit is likely that there will be more than one of this devices working, as in other areas of tecnology is a huge number of devices for different applications.

As Chris stated it is most important to understant the principles behind this devices in order to make them work. Not less important are to test as many possibly useful  devices, tecniques and experimental setups. A third possibility to have success in my opinion is intuition, as sometimes including persons which are not experts, maybe almost without specific knowledge can disover very important things.

Now this is a lot of "Speech", I just want to wish all of you success  in your proyects ,or inspiration just by following  the threads.


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Chris posted this 05 June 2018

Hi Vidura, and All,

Completely agree and thank you, your'e right!

I have Zero Connections with Investors and Zero Business Dealings. What I am sharing is what I have found, this is my work and it just happens to be the same as many before me. I have realised this after I found what I am sharing, as you could imagine, one could not know until one had already discovered. This is a re-discovery and I am doing this the way I think is best for all.

I have been blessed with many others sharing Independent Replications! Its worth noting, this is Industry Standard for new Technology, Independent Replications are the Ultimate Verification!

The Primary Action is simple, using a small amount of Electrical Energy is a requirement. This is the Regauging Part. Two things are achieved during this phase:

  • Create a Magnetic Field.
  • Electromagnetic Induction invokes a Voltage on the Output Terminals.

The Secondary Action is simple, this is where a very High Stress area is created, this Free's Electrons from Atomic Binding Forces and Accelerates them down the Wire.

This Action is the Jack in the Box part, where the Coils Fight between each other, they Buck, a Magnetic Standing Wave which is Magnetic Resonance:

This simply is two Magnetic Fields, each travelling in opposite directions, ( E ) which I have defined as Current, which is pretty much in Phase with the Magnetic Field ( B ), because each is analogous to the other.

If you can imagine, this is the same action as the Magnet Falling down the Copper Tube:


This is important to see, the Currents are created simply because the Magnetic Field is moving, or changing in Time ( t ) relative to the Copper Tube. This is the "Generation" of Electrical Energy!

We have this same scenario, each Magnetic Field is moving, or Changing in Time ( t ) relative to each other.


Jagau posted this 05 June 2018

Hey friends

I find an interesting definition of MAGNETIC RESONANCE 

   ( Interaction phenomenon that can occur between
    a radio wave and an atom or ion when the latter is also subject to a
    constant magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs only when the
    frequency of the wave has a very precise value proportional to the magnetic field. )

This brings to thinking, we have here 3 different component.
An already present radio wave subjected to a constant magnetic field with a precise frequency.
I did not see it like this, I'm now thinking?




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Marathonman posted this 05 June 2018

I can not and will not comment on the whole electron wire thing as i am not here to disagree but what i will say is i whole heartedly agree with the action of a small energy is required for Regauging.  using some of the output to reinitialize the input or rather maintain it is the way it is. a standard geny does the very same thing as it uses a very little to feed back to make more output until the output is maintaining the exciters and the load. it does so over time not instantly which is so overlooked.

the primaries initialize the magnetic field (high stress area) but after polarization the the power to maintain the load is reduced to just the IR2 losses.

excuse me if i am wrong but i see as once the fields are established they are easily maintained by a gentle nudging of the primaries to maintain the load and the minimal feedback is by no means a drawback compared to the outcome whether in resonance or not.



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Vidura posted this 05 June 2018


here i will post a link to a article which reveals important details about the standing waves in magnetic flux.The Autor is James W German, and there are some testing results from Olaf Behrens. It is stated that the standing waves of magnetic flux not only occure in coilarrangements, but in any type of generators , motors, transformers causing the well known effect of CEMF - CMMF.

According to this it is not enough only creating the Stressfield by opposed  like poles, in order to harness excess energy the Standing wave has to be unbalanced or totally avoided.

have a look at he article and test results here:


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Marathonman posted this 05 June 2018

Thanks for the article, I will agree with that as the Figuera device is kept unbalanced so this could have merit.

on a different note i found a gold mine. maybe this could be of use with bucking coils, if not good fine just the same.

here is the link.,%20Waves%20and%20Impulses,%20and%20Other%20Transients%20-%201911.pdf

and here is a wealth of info. 



Vidura posted this 06 June 2018

I hope that i'm not going to far from the scope of this thread,  but i was reveving a couple of times the patent of James German and i just cant understand  the effect of the connection of the rotary flux swich L3 with the aluminium part, he states that the standing wave is only produced when the two ironpeaces are connected, when supported by nonconductive material no standing wave is set up.

if sombody can explain me i appreciate. 

Chris , if this does not fit in this topic feel free to move it to an other thread.

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Chris posted this 07 June 2018

Please Note, this and some reply posts are from the Thread: Finding the LL resonance frequency

I wanted to put this in a separate post.

It is possible and can be beneficial, to add another Coil - Three Coils in Total.

Keep all your Polarity's, add a Coil same winding direction as your current Input/Output Coil, and keep the same Pulsing Polarity.


Where the Red Rectangle is Input On Time. 22% Duty Cycle. Current is amplified nearly four times. Voltage not shown, but is minimal. Just showing the basics.

This shows a pretty cool and important concept!


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Chris posted this 07 June 2018

Hey Guys,

Thanks for sharing, its quite Ironic.

I was told by someone that used to work with Floyd Sweet that he, Floyd Sweet, used to be a lacky, or lab assistant, for Steinmetz.

I dont have any evidence to support this and I can not prove it, but imagine...


On another topic, for future reads, please see: Finding the LL resonant frequency

CD_Sharp has done some excellent work here!


Chris posted this 07 June 2018

@Vidura, Took a bit to find.

Your data is excellent, thanks for sharing. To add tho this, some data also well worth a careful read: Generator of electricity according to the scheme Gramma and Description of Φ-Machine and Φ-Transformer - Alexander V. Frolov



Some names in there I bet that wish they weren't! Check out the dates! More than 20 Years ago!


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