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Chris posted this 04 June 2018


This Thread is for discussion of my Thread: 

Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


I have my Thread locked, the reason is for future coming posts and the show my work. There is a level of understanding required to make this work, and this will make no sense to most unless a level of understanding is achieved first.

I have tried to create threads that support this thread, as this thread will be the most important of all, but as I have said before, "another Demonstration will not help" and it truly wont help, unless one understands the concepts I have shared for so many years now.

Don Smith's Demonstration did nothing to progress others:


Graham Gunderson's Demonstration did nothing to progress others:


Tinman's Demonstration did nothing to progress others: (Brad has lost the ability to recreate his original work)


My Demonstration will do nothing to progress others, unless others have learnt the concepts behind the device!

All these devices use Partnered Output Coils!


Working from the Output back to the requirements is the best way to learn what is really needed to achieve the Output in the first place.

At the same time, please remember, I also am still learning, I am trying to share what I have learnt, I believe it has great value, I think you will also, when you see the end result!


Important supporting Threads:



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Vidura posted this 04 June 2018

Hello team!

Great Chris to open this thread for all who wishes post or discuss anything related to POC. I think that it should be clear for most of us that there has been varios abouth unity energy devices, which actually works. It is also obvios that it is not possible to achive this with conventional tecniques and theories. In order to harness the  energy which is omnipresent, unexhaustable  and free we have to create an unbalance, break the symmetry . This has been shown by many brilliant researchers. Now one question is what is the best way to achive it practically? We know that there are here in the forum and all over the world a lot of people are trying by different means to replicate some of this known devices and many others researching for new methods. 

I beleave , and this is the reason for wich i joined this forum , the most important thing is the team. to share information , experiences , learn from each other and support anyone if help is needed. Finally iit is likely that there will be more than one of this devices working, as in other areas of tecnology is a huge number of devices for different applications.

As Chris stated it is most important to understant the principles behind this devices in order to make them work. Not less important are to test as many possibly useful  devices, tecniques and experimental setups. A third possibility to have success in my opinion is intuition, as sometimes including persons which are not experts, maybe almost without specific knowledge can disover very important things.

Now this is a lot of "Speech", I just want to wish all of you success  in your proyects ,or inspiration just by following  the threads.


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Chris posted this 05 June 2018

Hi Vidura, and All,

Completely agree and thank you, your'e right!

I have Zero Connections with Investors and Zero Business Dealings. What I am sharing is what I have found, this is my work and it just happens to be the same as many before me. I have realised this after I found what I am sharing, as you could imagine, one could not know until one had already discovered. This is a re-discovery and I am doing this the way I think is best for all.

I have been blessed with many others sharing Independent Replications! Its worth noting, this is Industry Standard for new Technology, Independent Replications are the Ultimate Verification!

The Primary Action is simple, using a small amount of Electrical Energy is a requirement. This is the Regauging Part. Two things are achieved during this phase:

  • Create a Magnetic Field.
  • Electromagnetic Induction invokes a Voltage on the Output Terminals.

The Secondary Action is simple, this is where a very High Stress area is created, this Free's Electrons from Atomic Binding Forces and Accelerates them down the Wire.

This Action is the Jack in the Box part, where the Coils Fight between each other, they Buck, a Magnetic Standing Wave which is Magnetic Resonance:

This simply is two Magnetic Fields, each travelling in opposite directions, ( E ) which I have defined as Current, which is pretty much in Phase with the Magnetic Field ( B ), because each is analogous to the other.

If you can imagine, this is the same action as the Magnet Falling down the Copper Tube:


This is important to see, the Currents are created simply because the Magnetic Field is moving, or changing in Time ( t ) relative to the Copper Tube. This is the "Generation" of Electrical Energy!

We have this same scenario, each Magnetic Field is moving, or Changing in Time ( t ) relative to each other.


Jagau posted this 05 June 2018

Hey friends

I find an interesting definition of MAGNETIC RESONANCE 

   ( Interaction phenomenon that can occur between
    a radio wave and an atom or ion when the latter is also subject to a
    constant magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs only when the
    frequency of the wave has a very precise value proportional to the magnetic field. )

This brings to thinking, we have here 3 different component.
An already present radio wave subjected to a constant magnetic field with a precise frequency.
I did not see it like this, I'm now thinking?




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Marathonman posted this 05 June 2018

I can not and will not comment on the whole electron wire thing as i am not here to disagree but what i will say is i whole heartedly agree with the action of a small energy is required for Regauging.  using some of the output to reinitialize the input or rather maintain it is the way it is. a standard geny does the very same thing as it uses a very little to feed back to make more output until the output is maintaining the exciters and the load. it does so over time not instantly which is so overlooked.

the primaries initialize the magnetic field (high stress area) but after polarization the the power to maintain the load is reduced to just the IR2 losses.

excuse me if i am wrong but i see as once the fields are established they are easily maintained by a gentle nudging of the primaries to maintain the load and the minimal feedback is by no means a drawback compared to the outcome whether in resonance or not.



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Vidura posted this 05 June 2018


here i will post a link to a article which reveals important details about the standing waves in magnetic flux.The Autor is James W German, and there are some testing results from Olaf Behrens. It is stated that the standing waves of magnetic flux not only occure in coilarrangements, but in any type of generators , motors, transformers causing the well known effect of CEMF - CMMF.

According to this it is not enough only creating the Stressfield by opposed  like poles, in order to harness excess energy the Standing wave has to be unbalanced or totally avoided.

have a look at he article and test results here:


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Marathonman posted this 05 June 2018

Thanks for the article, I will agree with that as the Figuera device is kept unbalanced so this could have merit.

on a different note i found a gold mine. maybe this could be of use with bucking coils, if not good fine just the same.

here is the link.,%20Waves%20and%20Impulses,%20and%20Other%20Transients%20-%201911.pdf

and here is a wealth of info. 



Vidura posted this 06 June 2018

I hope that i'm not going to far from the scope of this thread,  but i was reveving a couple of times the patent of James German and i just cant understand  the effect of the connection of the rotary flux swich L3 with the aluminium part, he states that the standing wave is only produced when the two ironpeaces are connected, when supported by nonconductive material no standing wave is set up.

if sombody can explain me i appreciate. 

Chris , if this does not fit in this topic feel free to move it to an other thread.

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Chris posted this 07 June 2018

Please Note, this and some reply posts are from the Thread: Finding the LL resonance frequency

I wanted to put this in a separate post.

It is possible and can be beneficial, to add another Coil - Three Coils in Total.

Keep all your Polarity's, add a Coil same winding direction as your current Input/Output Coil, and keep the same Pulsing Polarity.


Where the Red Rectangle is Input On Time. 22% Duty Cycle. Current is amplified nearly four times. Voltage not shown, but is minimal. Just showing the basics.

This shows a pretty cool and important concept!


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Chris posted this 07 June 2018

Hey Guys,

Thanks for sharing, its quite Ironic.

I was told by someone that used to work with Floyd Sweet that he, Floyd Sweet, used to be a lacky, or lab assistant, for Steinmetz.

I dont have any evidence to support this and I can not prove it, but imagine...


On another topic, for future reads, please see: Finding the LL resonant frequency

CD_Sharp has done some excellent work here!


Chris posted this 07 June 2018

@Vidura, Took a bit to find.

Your data is excellent, thanks for sharing. To add tho this, some data also well worth a careful read: Generator of electricity according to the scheme Gramma and Description of Φ-Machine and Φ-Transformer - Alexander V. Frolov



Some names in there I bet that wish they weren't! Check out the dates! More than 20 Years ago!


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Vidura posted this 08 June 2018

This designs ar really worth some testings, the most intriguing question is how could such a lot of valious information made dissapeared , deleted , rediculosed  for so many time??  

these days i will get some ironpowder which is intented for make some cores i wanted to test,i think i'll try the toroid , could be interesting use opposed coilset as primaries?

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Chris posted this 08 June 2018

My Friends,

I do not wish to confuse you, but this is worth thinking about:

  1. Magnetic Field Time Rate of Change. 
  2. Field Density.
  3. Turns N.
  4. Cross Sectional Area, either l ⋅ w or π ⋅ r2
  5. Core Permeability.
  6. Core Speed, part of 1.
  7. Magnetic Field Direction of Travel at Time ( t ).

All these factors play a role.

I encourage you to use My Calculator Electromagnetic Induction. Look for the Voltage, try to work out your Device dimensions and use those to work out where you're at.

For example. in my last image, my dimensions are:

  • 180 Turns each Coil.
  • 186 Hz approximately
  • π x 0.852 = 0.0227 cm squared

My rough calculations give me a very close approximation using Faraday' s Law::

  • Area: 0.000226980069221863 Meters (m) Squared or 0.0226980069221863 cm squared.
  • Theta: 90 Degrees
  • B Initial: 0.0001 Tesla
  • B Final: 0.0452 Tesla
  • Delta B: 0.00184262420194308 Tesla
  • Delta T: 0.00537634408602151 Seconds
  • Voltage: 0.342728101561413 Volts

On my budget DMM I get:


A very close approximation, 0.3842 - 0.342728101561413 = Error Factor of 0.0415 approximately.

So, this gives us a huge advantage, knowing exactly what we need to look at doing to improve our Output!

I used the calculator attached below, in zip archive to calculate the Magnetic Field.


Attached Files

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Chris posted this 08 June 2018

My Friends,

To increase the Voltage, we have three things we can easily change:

  1. Core Size, known as Cross Sectional Area.
  2. Magnetic Field Strength, limited to Core Saturation.
  3. Turns on the Output Coils, limited to Space on the Former.

Other factors also, but are all dependant on Material:

  • Frequency of the Pulses, limited to Core Speed.
  • A very sharp Pulse, like a spark Gap pulse. This can be dangerous and a bit tricky to get right.

Note: If I double my Cross Sectional Area, ( 0.85 x 2 ) my Output Voltage goes from: 0.3832 V to: 1.371 V.

There is a required fiddling, its hard to get it right first try, but what I have given you is a good head start. Also, please remember, there are many ways to get the voltage up, to increase the Output. Remember, Amplitudes always increase at Resonance.



P.S: Sorry if my posts seem a little strange today, I am off colour...

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Chris posted this 08 June 2018

My Friends,

When I said:

Note: If I double my Cross Sectional Area, ( 0.85 x 2 ) my Output Voltage goes from: 0.3832 V to: 1.371 V.

I would also like to make another Quote, in the hope this is further understood:

By increasing the area of the Wire Exposed to, or occupying the fluctuating Magnetic Field,
Sparky doubled the output.

Lab Notes - Taken by Darryl Roberts for Aesop Institute 1985


The Voltage actually is 3.6 Times greater, and Current is subject to Voltage, please remember, Ohms Law: I = V / R


I want to make special note, please everyone be very careful. We are dealing with Electrical Energy which can be very dangerous. Take special care and please ensure all devices are off when you and your equipment are doing tests. I take no responsibility for injury to person or equipment, but I do encourage immense care.


Chris posted this 09 June 2018

My Friends,

Please remember, many ways to make this work exist. I am currently following one set of guidelines.

I try to make quote of others before me, to pay my respects to those, that have have led the way, and made great progress, before me.

Don Smith was vague but was 100% correct, Ruslan is another, I want to point out some important facts from Ruslan today:

All these systems operate on the basis of standing and traveling waves. It is necessary first to catch the motion of particles in the coil.

We know from experiment that this is accurate and true! Magnetic Standing Waves not Electric Standing Waves.


Now for removal: 1. The coil is connected via a diode bridge. No parallel capacitors !!! 2. You need from Tesla only one half wave. Otherwise Tesla will take what she gave, back !!!


You need to swing the swing in the coil of energy removal. It is there that we push the current.

We know that the excess of Current is "Generated" or Pumped by the Opposing Magnetic Fields, the Copper Wire is put under immense pressure! This Free's Electrons and Accelerates them down the Wire.

As I have pointed out in the past, Science has the Magnetic Field and Transformers, Electromagnetic Induction wrong! 

With unity coupling, transformers can have a very efficient transfer of Electrical Energy. We must ask the question, what, is actually transferring, what is transforming, from what to what?

We know that if we take a length of wire, fold it in half looping it back on itself, then coil, this wire on a former, then there is almost no magnetic field when a voltage is applied. An example of such a coil:

Very little magnetic field is present, but a lot of electric field is present. Because there is almost zero magnetic field, this coiled wire looks like a resistor, it is resistive and not inductive, presenting voltage and current wave forms that are pretty much in phase, as one would expect to see.

An important note: An inductive element with in phase voltage and current is now non-inductive.

Let’s change this situation slightly, let’s say this is our coil of wire now:

We now have a standard, unity wound transformer! An AC voltage is applied to one coil. A load is applied to the other coil, Electromagnetic Induction is equal and opposite, Lenz’s Law, output current is 180 degrees out of phase to the input current. Voltage and Current will move toward an in phase condition as more load is applied and the core saturates.


Ampere Turn for Ampere Turn, the typical Unity Wound Transformer is Non Inductive, by definition! Does it sound like we fully understand Electromagnetic Induction? No of course not! In point of fact, its been deliberately confused and corrupted so most can not understand it!

To continue: the reason we only take half the Wave, is simply because we push a Magnetic Field in, and Nature pushes the Magnetic Field out again, Like the Waves on a beach roar up the beach to the shore line, the same volume of water must return back to the ocean again. We do not disturb the Wave coming up on the beach, we use the existing Forces in Nature to provide Force on the way back out again, this is where our Input is Off, disconnected from the Circuit.

This fact, proven experimentally, proves that the Magnetic Field does in-fact change under Load Conditions. This is pointed out above!

If you want to read from this quote: Ruslan Kulabuhov


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Chris posted this 10 June 2018

My Friends

I can see where some confusion may lay, I wish to be clear and avoid any possible confusion!

All Circuits and Experiments I have talked about are Parallel Connected Coils, there is a difference from Parallel Connected to Series Connected Partnered Output Coils!

Where OT stands for Output Terminal.



Don Smith talked about the Winding Difference, he was a bit vague:


Please remember Don Smith was under all sorts of Financial agreements. I have none!  What Don said is not entirely correct! I have found the differences he talked about are not only Winding Direction but also Winding Connection based differences. Two things you need to know:

  1. Opposing Magnetic Fields produces Current
  2. Changing Magnetic Field produces Voltage


One can have Partnered Output Coils with 20% of 1 and 80% of 2 and still gain Energy! However, different Coil configurations are required!


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Vidura posted this 12 June 2018

hello, when i wached the video from the antenna wave propagation which Chris has posted in the thread "finding the resonant frequency of LLcircuit"  i noted that in the sine wave animation from B  and E fields the fase is shown incorrectly, it should be by 90° out of fase, as when voltage is at max. the currant is  zero and viceversa. The same in this image, the fase angle should be 90°  not 180°

If im wrong and there is a faseshifting due to the bucking coil setup please correct me.

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Chris posted this 13 June 2018

Hi Vidura,

You are correct. In a Resonant Circuit Voltage ( E ) and Current which is typically depicted as the Magnetic ( B ) is normally 90 Degrees out of phase:


In LCR Resonant Circuit analysis, at the Zero cross of the Electric, the Magnetic is lagging by 90 Degrees. In power analysis this is Reactive Power, some time called Ping Pong Power, what is sent out comes back, and at a perfect 90 degrees, no power is dissipated.

Now, for power to do real work, Voltage and Current must be in phase. At Zero Degrees. A Voltage applied across a Resistive Element will have a Current through this Element according to Ohms Law. Current will be transformed into Heat by the Resistor, and as a result power is lost or dissipated.

We must now say, that Wave Theory is entirely dependant on Resonance where Voltage and Current are out of phase!

If I told you that this is not necessary, that Voltage and Current can be in phase under certain conditions, then the Wave Diagram would make no sense if I had drawn it 90 Degrees out of phase:

I have in some places made note, and defined E as Current which technically is incorrect as you have pointed out if one puts on the Classical Hat

However, most people draw the EM Wave Propagation this way today, simply because it is easier to visualise.

If I can recommend, do The MrPreva Experiment, and this experiment will show some very cool things, one being that a Resistive Element will exhibit in Phase Voltage and Current even if the Coils are exhibiting Resonance.


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Chris posted this 24 June 2018

My Friends,

I would like to point out, many years ago, Published on 2 Nov 2014, nearly two years old, I released a video on YouTube: Solid State Generator - How to Build and tune a Solid State Electrical Generator!!! - Low Level OU


This Video ts the only Video on my YouTube Channel that sates that the Output is Above-Unity!

I do not show definitive measurements and I do not intend to. However, age per view, it is one of the lowest on my channel.

I have stated before, and this is really important, when the Input Signal changes from Square Wave to Sinusoidal Wave, you are "Generating" Electrical Energy at this point, you are moving into the Resonant Frequency.

Remember what Ruslan Kulabuhov told us:

The first rule: Wind the coil 40 meters. 2. Find out its resonant frequency (1/4 wave) Inductor 1/4 = 10 meters of the same wire (for example, 2.5mm) Connect the generator to a 10 meter coil, drive the rectangles at a frequency of 1 MHz and crawl higher until 40 meters do not appear sinusoid.


Now, although this video does show the basics, its not very clear. But, I urge you all, the basics, they are:

  1. An Input Coil
  2. Partnered Output Coils
  3. Find the Resonant Frequency


I ask you all, if this is what you want, an Energy Machine, please make careful detailed study of what I am trying to share. It is very important.


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Chris posted this 25 June 2018

My Friends,

Pointed out above, with the Electromagnetic Induction Schematic and Turns on a Transformer, The Magnetic Fields in a Transformer have a specific relationship to each other.


I have asked the question before: "Why is our Voltage so low? Why such a large Voltage Drop?" - None picked up the Ball.


Of Importance, Turns and Winding Directions also have a specific relationship to each other:


Buck Boost Transformer

Notice for each Turn that is Bucking to the Primary, Voltage is reduced.

  • AC Voltage Input = 122
  • AC Voltage Output = 110

122 - 110 = 12 Volts reduction. This is really important to see. Remember what I said

Two things you need to know:

Opposing Magnetic Fields produces Current
Changing Magnetic Field produces Voltage


Amplifying Voltage

Voltage is very easily Amplified! Standard Transformers do it every day, 10 : 1 Ratio will give an Output of: 22 Volts for 220 Volts input. A Step Up Transformer is just the other way around, 1 : 10 Ratio. 22 Volts input will give 220 Volts Output.

It is the Change in the Magnetic Field in respect to a Conductor with Turns N, simply: E.M.F = -N dΦB/dt


Amplifying Current

Really important to note, we have seen many experiments that show Amplifying Current is a very easy thing to do! All our recent experiments show such simplicity in the Magnetic Field interactions. These, the exact same effects we see as Self Induction in a Coil:



Bucking Magnetic Fields do not allow for Changing Magnetic Fields. For this reason, Voltage will be low. Much like our investigation of the Common Mode Choke.

EDIT: To clarify, in Context, from my above quote:

One must remember, a Voltage or E.M.F is induced via Electromagnetic Induction, Changing Magnetic Field, so an Output Coil with 10 Turns Clockwise and 10 Turns Counter Clockwise, means Zero E.M.F will be induced, thus the term Non-Inductive.



If you study Tariel Kapanadze's Grenade Coil:



You will find that Turns Counter Clock Wise are greater than Turns Clock Wise, and this Coil, which should be thought of as two separate Coils, is Series Connected Partnered Output Coils: CW and CCW respectively.



My count works out to be around 1 : 3 ratio. This is why Ruslan told us:

I repeat, you need to make the voltage on this harmonic not 10-20 volts, but higher by an order of magnitude. Approximately up to 50-60 volts and get the same dancing effect at the output.

One third of 200 Volts is 60 Volts! I hope you can see this important fact!

Of course, not forgetting:

The output voltage will be 195-200 volts.


The Coils Turns Opposing: 1 : 3 ratio like the KapaGen, we have seen before: ( Andrey Melnichenko )




Tariel Kapanadze also gave Credit to Andrey Melnichenko: ( @37:13  /watch?v=3utQUdGDMmU  )



Please Remember, there are many ways this can work! This is really important to keep in mind! However, as Don Smith said:



It is possible to have all Amperage or all Voltage from these Coils. One must take a logical approach and keep this in mind.

For most, this post should answer a lot of questions.



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Chris posted this 27 June 2018

My Friends,

Evidence is sometimes overwhelming:



For all who have been following, you have the "Knowledge of the Coils".


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Vidura posted this 28 June 2018

About coil windings: A detail about the different types of coil windings: as Chris posted in his pdf about the different types of configurations for the POC there are basically three ways of setup for the hardware: CW-CW, CW-CW(1coil flipped), CW-CCW. Here we have to be aware of a winding detail. If we would use pancake coils the second and third configuration would be exactly the same. It's important to know that most commercial coils are wound in a manner where one layer goes for example right to left add the next layer reversed. Only when there is a odd number of layers ther will be a difference between configurations two and three, otherwise it is cancelled out or the difference is negligible. But if the winding are made all layers in the same direction,and after each layer the wire is crossed back to the beginning side, the difference between the CW-CW(1flipped)and the CW-CCW setup will be much greater.

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Vidura posted this 28 June 2018

Here I wanted to add a few things more about the windings. Most of commercial cylindrical multilayer inductors are wound as helical windings, or ortho cyclic windings, due to the better space density of copper wires, these use 80-90% of the available coilformers volume, but for very thin wires also the wild winding types are commonly used.The latter has random wire orientation regarding the lateral direction. While the first mentioned has alternate left-right winding direction.The single layer windings will have a unique behaviour when flipped ,compared with the opposed winding direction(CCW in the given example).The contrary occurs with a multilayer coil with even number of layers, which will react neutral when flipped around. If I have made any logical error in this posts please correct me, critics are welcome.

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Chris posted this 28 June 2018

My Friends,

"The Knowledge of the Coils" you have, goals must be set. Focus on the Currents, making sure they oppose each other.

Resonance is a key factor, amplitudes always increase at resonance! Remember The Mr Preva Experiment!

At resonance input will also be at its minimum, generally, this depends on the device geometry and configuration.

Take steps to increase Amplitudes. Remember, a Coil at Resonance, the power is Reactive, Ping Pong Power. You use none, all that goes in, comes back out again.




My Friends, you are a lot further ahead than you may realise! Our simple, cheap, public experiments are about to make the entire establishment look like a bunch of complete Dummies! 


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Chris posted this 29 June 2018

My Friends,

A basic Circuit we have seen before and covered in part:


Now we understand Partnered Output Coils and how the Currents in the Coils are not as conventional as some layment scientists or engineers would have you believe, a simple circuit like this perhaps might make a little more sense!

Some of the early Akula Circuits had the same basic layout, remember what I said, DC Electrolytic Capacitors back to back can be used for AC Resonance!


Simplifies to the same basic circuit, something like this:

You will remember, The Mr Preva Experiment, how the Currents needed to be 180 degrees out of phase. Its the same.


cd_sharp posted this 29 June 2018

Chris, do you think Akula uses RLC resonance in conjunction with LL resonance in his lantern NO 4?

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 29 June 2018

Chris, do you think Akula uses RLC resonance in conjunction with LL resonance in his lantern NO 4?


Hi CD,

Yes, RLC Resonance brings on Inductive Inductive Resonance or Magnetic Resonance.

This is also seen here: ( @ 0:15 )


The famous Image:

In some cases Magnetic Resonance does not always mean Above-Unity, Turns, the "Generated" E.M.F is not sufficent to over come all losses and add energy to the System, however adding turns is easy!



cd_sharp posted this 02 July 2018

Friends, this means it's a parallel connected bipolar capacitor having half the capacity (2200uF / 2 = 1100 uF), exactly like MrPreva experiment.

So, there are three oscillations taking place:

  • the natural RLC resonance between the bipolar capacitor and coil L1, which has frequency f1
  • the natural RLC resonance between the bipolar capacitor and coil L2, which has frequency f2
  • the DC current switching using the Q1 transistor at frequency f3

Frequencies f1, f2 and f3 must be correlated somehow.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 02 July 2018


I believe you would be correct. Diodes and DC Pulse being the differences.


Chris posted this 02 July 2018

My Friends,

I have posted this many times, and its time for a reminder. CD this may be very beneficial for you. An Earth Ground can be in many cases critical.

Some years ago I did an experiment, that proved to be very important. Using Partnered Output Coils with a Center Earth Ground and driving them with a H-Bridge I found a very interesting effect at a frequency I did not expect to see!


Note: The Magnet is not needed.

Some of my Notes:

I think I have found a way to switch Flux where it becomes resonant at a particular frequency and at resonance uses very little current!

5 Volts Input, Duty is 50%

My resonance Frequency is: 1.208KHz

When in Resonance, it gets very noisy - Before Resonance I use Current, it drops off as I move into Resonance. My meter shows no Current draw, no milliamps

I have a sensing Coil on one leg - Voltage on the Coil goes up showing higher Voltage at resonance as one would expect

Input Voltage becomes nearly Sawtooth, Triangle Wave - but is in-fact Square, H-Bridge Switched DC

*** Found Oclliscope Earth Clip Lead to Ground is causing effect!
Measured 44.1 ma going to Ground.
Measured: 22.36 ma into Circuit.


My friends, please do not forget, nearly all the Circuits we have studied have an Earth Ground! Not all, but nearly all. This is important. I found a small piece of video by Don Smith that also correlates with my findings:


Ref: Donald L Smith 1996 Tesla Symposium @21 : 39


Video was going to be added but seems someone has smashed me with Copyright:



Note: Copyright Claims that are fraudulent, some of the Videos removed are from other channels that have been around for many years in the Public Domain! E.G: "Donald L Smith - International Tesla Symposium - 1996" has been publicly available for many years! Check out the Don Smith Resource Channel! ( 4 + Years ago ( https :// /channel/UC0tu2-2OJCrmbdyGYzui6jw ) )The original Copyright owners have likely passed away by now! I wonder what I can claim as my new founded Copyright? 

So please remember, the Earth Ground can sometimes make all the difference to your Inductive Resonance:




Hopeful1 posted this 03 July 2018

 Hello all

Call me naive, ignorant or whatever, but how can Rick Friedrich or anyone else claim copyright on someone else's video almost 30 years after it was put on youtube.?



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Vidura posted this 03 July 2018

@Chris It is well known that virtually all testing and measurement methods have a influence on the tested circuit. As you show in your experiment specially the scope ground connection has to be considered. I use my scope floating without ground connection, but although it acts as virtual ground.A good way (not without influence, but much less)could be the usage of CT probes for current measurement. There are some method for diy made from small toroids, which I thought to test, as the original CT scope probes are quite expensive. @mrblobby The combination of grounding with diodes and capacitor shows very interesting effect s, see teslas "charge funneling"

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Chris posted this 03 July 2018

@Chris It is well known that virtually all testing and measurement methods have a influence on the tested circuit. As you show in your experiment specially the scope ground connection has to be considered. I use my scope floating without ground connection, but although it acts as virtual ground.A good way (not without influence, but much less)could be the usage of CT probes for current measurement. There are some method for diy made from small toroids, which I thought to test, as the original CT scope probes are quite expensive. 


Hey Vidura,

I should explain further, My Scope Ground is how I descovered this effect, but in applying the required drawn Earth Grouns in many schematics to a seperate Earth Ground, there is a specific Resonance that can be seen and isolated to the Coils and the Grounding of the Terminals shown. It is a very unusual effect and is also shared by many others:


Hand Drawn Don Smith Schematic




Also many others, Tariel Kapanadze, and more. This effect should not be passed by, it is important!


Chris posted this 03 July 2018

Hi Chris, doesn't Don mention adding a diode or capacitor to the Earth grounding? 


Hey MrBlobby,

I suggest studding the videos, the ones some random has laid claim to.

Ref: Donald L Smith 1996 Tesla Symposium @21 : 39


Saddens me how some people think they are so entitled! What I call it the God complex! Of course I am not talking about you!


Vidura posted this 03 July 2018

Chris, you are perfectly right, I notwd that you found the effect with the scope ground connection. I have used just a ground connect wire and touch different points of the circuit and observe how it reacted. I referred with my last post more to overcome undesirable influence and limitations of connecting multiple probes due the common ground of the scope.

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Chris posted this 03 July 2018

My Friends,

I want to push the importance of the Sawtooth Wave on the Output, this is the same as the Magnet falling through the Copper Tube Experiment!

We have seen already in the Thread: Asymmetrical Regauging



I want to share some references to other material:


Don Smith: 



Bradley aka Tinman:


Before Diode:



After Diode:




Graham Gunderson:




It is important, the Terminals of the Partnered Output Coils must be at the maximum difference in Potential, Not all the above examples used an Earth Ground. Ground Earthing one end and finding the Resonance is only one way to do this! Other ways exist to increase this potential.



It wont take much to get the Output Terminals ( OT ) at a higher Potential Difference than Earth Ground. 

Please take special note of these facts, they are very important!


Chris posted this 11 July 2018

My Friends,

If I may,a reminder and a clarification:

If the Magnetic Field that's created by the Input is large enough, thus the Potential gained is large enough, then the Partnered Output Coils will interact longer - This is seen on the Sawtooth Wave - the Gradient of the Hypotenuse is the Work Period, this is the Work Period, where the Magnetic Field and Voltage Induced starts off High and decays over time.

Like the Magnet Falling through the Copper Tube, this is a slow gradual decay:


The Rate at which the Magnet Falls is greatly slowed! But the Time at which the Magnet takes to fall through the Tube is constant, this is a Sawtooth Wave. Time on the X Axis and Magnitude on the Y Axis, we start with a High Amplitude, the Magnet falls and the Amplitude decays at a gradual but linear rate. If we Re-Gauge, bring the Magnet to a high potential, place the Magnet back where we started, then we get the same pattern again. The Re-Gauge period is always much smaller than the Work Period.



We must not forget, it takes very little energy to bring the Potentials up, the Voltage up. This is the Re-Gauging part. To Re-Gauge is to bring the amplitudes, Voltage and magnetic Field up as high as possible.

Then the Work period is done by the Partnered Output Coils!


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