Investigation about magnetic resonance

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cd_sharp posted this 06 October 2019

Hey, guys

This is a related to this video from Chris:

I was trying to get the resonant frequency down to a more accessible value. I failed to do it, but look what comes up:

It's a 47uF bipolar capacitor at the free end of the primary coil. I'll have to find out your opinions about this. Why is the induced voltage greater? What is a cap doing that amplifies it?


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Chris posted this 06 October 2019

Hey CD,

Excellent find! In the old days a Ground used to be considered a large copper place, not always buried in the ground, sometimes in the air

I believe your Capacitor is acting as a ground of sorts.

Excellent experiment! Thanks for sharing!


Zanzal posted this 07 October 2019

Hey cd_sharp,

I've noticed in past experiments that adding a virtual ground (a large metallic mass) would generally cause this effect. Try attaching it to water pipe or antenna or even a frame of a metal workbench (if it is safe to do so - careful here) and see if you get similar results. I always assumed it had something to do with free electrons. Maybe the idea being that its easier to move a greater quantity of electrons at less energy when they are more plentiful or something like that. I think it would be interesting to find out whether it is mass or surface area which is most important. So then it is probably like Chris said, the capacitor acts as a ground.

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