Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment

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Chris posted this 08 October 2019

My Friends,

I am going to show a small experiment, one that follows the works of Andrey Melnichenko and even Tariel Kapanadze's works and as we know many others.



We have discussed here before, the fact that H3 is H3 simply because H1 and H2 cancel out: H1 + H2 + H3 = H3, why is this so, because H1 is Positive and H2 is Negative! We have seen this equation before: 1 + -1 + 1 = 1.

I think with Fighter's success recently, its time for some hands on!

  • First Layer: 88 Turns.
  • Second Layer: 43 Turns.


Layer One:


Layer Two:


Turns Direction:


Layer One Inductance:


Layer Two Inductance:


Non-Inductive Connected:


Layer One Resistance:


Layer Two Resistance:


Closed Loop Resistance:


My Coil, like Andrey Melnichenko's, is 0.33 + -0.33 + 0.33 = 0.33.

Two thirds of my Coil is canceled out. My Circuit looking like this:


  • L1 and L2 are Non Inductive.
  • L3 is Inductive.


If this Coil is carrying 1 Ampere of Current, and exactly one half of the Coil is Non-Inductive, then Turn for Turn, only 45 Turns will create an M.M.F, which is considered as 45 Turns x 1 Ampere = 45 Ampere Turns or 45At.

Science tells us, that Turn for Turn, where we have Non-Inductive part of the Coil, this part of the Coil does nothing! Creates no Magnetic Field, therefore does nothing.

However, from Experiment, we know that this part of the Coil DOES do something! Remember Floyd Sweets paper: Nothing is Something, this is the same!

At Resonance, we have a perfect Standing Wave! We know this as Magnetic Resonance! Where each Magnetic Field is 180 Degrees out of phase:


Now, straight away, we should see a problem! Why? Kirchhoff's Current Law says the Current must be equal at every node, but we have Turn for Turn, one Coil that is Inductively Zero, and another Coil that has only a part of the Induction canceled!

In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right. Current to the right is:

I = da+ / dt + da- / dt

Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.


Each node does not equal the other, so the Circuit must balance out, Current is Increased as the Standing wave shows us.

Remember what Induction is? See here: Non-Linear Inductance

Induction gives us an approximation on the Coils ability to carry a Current: L = ε / di / dt

By Bringing a Coil arrangement like this into Resonance is our task.

Where each Electromagnetic Wave travels in opposite directions. One through the other in the same space.


Space itself is the ability to accommodate energy. Consider for a moment the following illustration:

A signal (energy) is transmitted from point A to point B. A and B are separated by a finite distance. Consider three periods of time:

  • The signal is launched from A.
  • 2) The signal resides in the space between A and B.
  • 3) The signal arrives at B.

If (3) occurs simultaneously with (1) we say that the signal has traveled at infinite velocity. The signal has never resided in the intervening space and therefore there exists no space between A and B. A is virtually at the same point in space as B. For real space to exist between A and B it is necessary that a signal travelling between them be "lost" with reference to both points for a finite period of time.

Now we know that for real space to exist between two points a signal travelling between them will propagate at a finite velocity c, ( c = 1 / √με )

If a signal will not travel between two points, as in the case when c = 0, then we can also conclude that there is no link or intervening space between them. 

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


Floyd Sweet tried very hard to make c = 0! What does this mean? It is simply a Standing Wave, a Team Wave was used:

It is a simple matter using the equations E / H = √με and c = 1 / √με for a team wave to get rid of H and c and so convert the first equation into the well known equation for energy density in the so-called electrostatic field.

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


I have pointed out: Why 'C' is equal to One in these Devices.

We have a lot of data!


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Chris posted this 01 December 2019

My Friends,

On the 16th January 2020, I would have been sharing what I have learned for five years, publically. I have shared from 2005, my experiments on my website:, but as a figure, supporting what I have learned, sharing with others, and making myself available for questions and support, it will be five years.

We have had some successes! We have faced many battles, with Non-Believers, or Skeptics. Not that I want to battle with them at all, I just want them to stay on their side of the fence and let us be! Let us work and progress, as we so desperately need to!

After some lengthy planning, by changing the Game, we have managed to isolate Trolls from our progress!

We no longer suffer the Trolls, they have lost their war. Now out of a Job!

The other forums still suffer from Trolling, simply because they are not properly Moderated! is unique, we are Light Years Ahead of the other forums! We have technology they have not yet even dreamed of!

They copy our work, simply because we have forced their hand! We have played a game of Catch Up or be Left Behind, and made a mockery of, as time progresses!

I have released this series of videos to commemorate this Five Year Anniversary, to show all Readers and Followers what I have been telling you is True and Correct!

Now, all of you, the ones that have Read, and Followed my work, are getting results!

After saying this, its not me making this work, its you! All of you, working to make this world a better place! Those of you working hard to understand something as simple as it is, to make progress and share their work, its you making a difference.

Please, all Readers, join us, make a Difference, Be part of something Better! Share your work here, you are SAFE HERE, I promise, just ask our other Members.

Dont forget, what I am showing you is exactly the same as an Electrical "Generator". There is no difference, except we have gone to an Asymmetrical configuration!


Chris posted this 08 October 2019

My Friends,

I am going to show Transformer Coupling, to drive my Experiment.

Input Coil Turns: 2 Layers 37 + 39 = 76 Turns.

The Input Coil:


Input Coil Inductance:


Input Coil Resistance:


You can see, I have less turns than the single Layer on my Output Coil, first layer, but the Inductance is higher:

  • 84 Turns compared to 76
  • Inductance of 395 compared to 412


Geometry, the Length of the Coil plays a role here.

The Resistance is almost the same: 0.4 compared to 0.4, no visible difference.

Next, I will show the drive on the Coil, from my Switching Unit.


Chris posted this 27 October 2019

Hey Jagau,

Just a single DC Pulse, 10% Duty Cycle of 3000 Cycles per Second.

Its very easy to replicate, only getting the Diodes in the right polarity is the important thing. Worth using a Re-settable Fuse just in-case.


What I have shown is just the start!

It is the beginning of a new world of Machines!

Patience and some very serious thinking will be required to further what I have shared. I know we here have all done the reading, got the background, we already understand what I have shared, we all know the importance and what exactly to look for! So, I am here, any questions please post here or PM Me.

I would prefer to keep technical questions here on this thread so they can help everyone!

My Friends, we begin! A journey to the future!


Chris posted this 15 November 2019

My Friends,

A new video with some info:


Hope this helps!


Chris posted this 06 February 2020

My Friends,

Mohamed asked me for specifics, I have covered in detail in the videos if you watch, which I recommend, but following is a list:


To start:

  1. Three Coils, One Input Coil, 22 Turns 1.6mm, Two Output Coils, 0.8mm I recommend around 180 Turns.
  2. I have provided Circuits, see below.
  3. Frequency 3,000 Hz @ 10% Duty Cycle.




Putting a Diode on your Input, blocking Energy coming back to your Input is not a good idea! Try different Load's, the Load Resistance can make a difference! This is another reason this can be a bit fiddly. I used a 12V 300ma globe. This load is one of my better ones.

Make sure your Input Switching is clean and sharp.

Use a Core that has a reasonable Cross Sectional Area, CSA, remember it's the Magnetic Field, the Volume of it and how fast it changes in time that is important here! My Core, in the video is:


Length x Width is Area of a Rectangle, so: 49 x 23 = 1,127‬ square mm's. Your Coils Impedance, and the less it is the better, but remember, you need Voltage, get it up! Don't go to high though, its far to dangerous other wise!

This is info that's already available on this and other threads.

I hope this helps some!


Ourbobby posted this 08 April 2020

Hi Guys,

                Have eventually got my Meg replication built!!. Winding the secondarys' took a bit of time getting them wound smoothly with the fine wire. Anyway, these are my first photos and first connection! Have not looked to see if my coils might need swapping yet. The Yellow trace is a 100:1 probe the Blue trace is 10x probe. The yellow trace is on the CCW coil. At least i think it is CCW, always get a bit confused with the winding direction. Showing just over 1kv.

Incidentally, i have put a thin plastic separator between the C sections.

So this works!  I shall look at it for a short while to see what it tells me. Reassuring that I can build something that works!.




Atti posted this 17 April 2020

Some thoughts ....  

Chris posted this 24 October 2019

My Friends,

A learning video, making discoveries and working toward Magnetic Resonance:


I show many problems, and give some answers! We have a new video coming soon and the next one will be just a little better again!

We must do the small experiments to move forward!


Chris posted this 28 October 2019

My Friends,

What we have learnt in this thread, and of course in preceding threads, here at, give us the very basis of the future technologies to come! We are truly Light Years ahead of the other forums!

Other forums are actively coping our work!

The point of this post: Stick to Facts and hard data!

Soon, if not already in progress, we will see misleading information released by other prominent members of Other Forums! They will happily Mislead you if you let them! Don't let them!

We must turn a Symmetrical Transformer into an Asymmetrical Transformer!



To make this work, all you need is:

  1. Three Coils, two can be used but this method is not my preferred method.
  2. Two Diodes.
  3. A Core that you have enough room to move the Coils around.



They may tell you that you need:

  • Magic Magnets.
  • Magic Diodes.
  • Magic Wire.
  • Magic Input.
  • Magic Core.
  • Magic touch...


Of course we all know what BS Stands for! Don't listen to them! Ignore everything except the facts I have laid out!

My Input is like so:



The Circuit in the Video:


Which is this:


This is the other Coil, some of the data is off screen:
This is Asymmetrical Regauging:



The Input was DC 12V @400ma. Above is the Output, some data off screen, my 10x probes are not enough to accurately grab all this data.

This is just a very simple, successful experiment! Andrey Melnichenko was right, but just had the implementation wrong in the pdf he shared. I have implemented: How to build your own Above Unity Machine using the knowledge I have gained in this Thread and others. This works as I have shared for many years!

Is science and the world going to move forward and learn from these simple experiments on this and other threads? I hope so!

I hope this helps! Its easy and Simple, no need for any complication!


dewetw posted this 30 October 2019



I love the work that you guys do, but I don't always have the time to experiment myself. However, this time I did and I got the effect that you are talking about - the saw tooth. I played around with it lots and got mere perfect saw tooth on both output coils. Other setting made output coil 1 way deliver more than output coil 2 and I can also go slightly to the other side. I even got to settings where one output coil ramps up during the off part of the applied pulse.

Now, I never saw any result where I am getting more than about 0.82 COP. How important is the core material? - I am using a high frequency ferrite transformer core, N87 material I think. Output coils are about 35m of 0.5mm enamel copper wire each. Input coil is about 12m of the same wire to give that 1 to 3 ratio that you mention. I have played around with gaps between the core halves and even removing them altogether, one side and the other and both. Those cores stick together when in contact and powered up.

My driver is based on the CREE Wolfspeed and supplies a negative going pulse very efficiently. I can easily switch into the megahetz range while only costing about 15mA at 15V to drive the mosfet - I use ZXGD3005 after the mosfet driver to drive the gate even harder/more quickly, works beautiful. Shortest pulse I can generate is about 30nS. I am using non-inductive resistors as loads. Diodes: UF5405

Is there something I am missing?

What direction should I head in next?

Core material?


Coil setup:


Driver circuit:


Output coil 1 giving more then coil 2 giving more:


Some saw-tooth under different settings:




Chris posted this 09 November 2019

My Friends,

A small review:


Many experiments shared, Seven Videos in total on this thread, one with a successful result. I need you all to help me do this, I cant do it for everyone else. 


Vidura posted this 09 November 2019

Hey Chris, Sometimes I feel like you that there should be more responsive actions. But the universe has it's own timing, every now and then the things stuck and all seems to be difficult and all the efforts we put seems to be in vane. But then in the next moment everything changes, and without doing anything all begins to flow again . I know the effort you put to keep the forum running and sharing your experience. By the way i had a very busy time as well , so it was not possible to continue contributing . When ever I can i do it with all my love and dedication. So be patient my Friend, certainly all the efforts will bring their fruits on time, and it will help to make the world a better place. Vidura

Chris posted this 13 November 2019

My Friends,

Remember, Don Smith, Floyd Sweet, many before us, the lessons they taught us: Use the Right Hand Grip Rule to see what Don is Saying!!!


Dont let this slip by, you may never get the chance again!


Chris posted this 18 January 2020

My Friends,

Someone is preaching to me! The latest message:


Some people are so narrow minded!


Why is some person I do not even know preaching nonsense? Oxygen is one of the worlds most deadly Gasses, however we need it to breath! Without Oxygen a Match Stick could not light! What is wrong with people?


Jagau posted this 18 January 2020

Hi Chris

They write this because they know we are close, so it tires a lot of people.


thaelin posted this 04 February 2020


    No matter Chris, stand by your convictions. Never relax your rules here and this will always be the place to share and prosper.

I have since left most of the other places available due to the fighting and mis-info things going on. I still have a version of linux that was made strictly for research purposes and it had a strong set of rules to belong to it. They were always open to other ideas and versions but would not tolerate any indiscretions towards any other member. It worked well and that is how a research place should be run. Voice your opinions and then discuss it with your peers. Keep it sane and proper and you will always be in good standings with the rest.



I have since started working on a type of motor-generator system with added goodies and as it starts to come together, I will start posting progress here. Not sure if non-members will be able to see it, but will hope they can and share it on the other places that I will not go back to.




Chris posted this 05 February 2020

Hey Loz,

All of us have good and bad results. Its normal. Even now sometimes I have to work at it for a while before I get a machine working. Its hard to pin down the exact causes! Sometimes too many turns, sometimes not enough, sometimes tuning is hard, sometimes easy.

Sometimes getting the best result is a lot of fiddling. But, when the Machine is ideal, for example when the wave form is optimum, and one does not have too much dead time and so on, then normally this means your'e going to get good numbers.

Above, the dead time, we saw some examples:

From here.


I pointed this out to Atti also:


You could increase your Frequency, as there is some dead time at the end of your scope shot, in the waveform:

The post Here.


Sometimes this is a sign you have too many turns on your Partnered Output Coils also. When we have good waveform, like this:


We get much better results!

As we know Wave Amplitude is an indication of Energy, V x I x Cos( Theta ), and so by increasing the Amplitude, is beneficial. The old: Current ( I ) = Voltage ( V ) / Resistance ( R ). Increasing V increases I.

All of us can help, no matter what! Let us know how your'e going and we can share our experiences. You have had a taste and know what its about, so if you follow the same rules as before, you wont have any trouble.

Best Wishes, have an excellent holiday!


Chris posted this 17 April 2020

Welcome back Atti!

@Everyone, I have invited Atti to come back, we have had a discussion and we have come to an agreement.

Welcome back and Thank You for sharing Atti!

Best wishes,


Atti posted this 19 April 2020

I forgot the drawing drawing.

Chris posted this 07 May 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

YoElMiCrO is right!

This video may help some:


The Noise, the Knocking, the Vibration, its an indicator. I also show here, a similar thing:


Remember Floyd Sweets Sponge:


When the Core starts getting noisy, you have a very large Magnetic Field Opposition, you know your'e getting close! Coil Polarity can play a role!

Best wishes,


Jagau posted this 09 October 2019

Excellent Chris

I think the junction between L2 and L3 will give you double the input power?


Chris posted this 09 October 2019

Hey Jagau,

When you say:

I think the junction between L2 and L3 will give you double the input power?


I think the Current will double, but double from what to what, I will show more soon.

Best wishes


Chris posted this 11 October 2019

My Friends,

Its taken a while, I have been pulled away a few times and also had a few other problems to deal with.

The following Video is Long, so beware. Its also a video aimed for beginners!


I hope these experiments prove to be useful to others!


Chris posted this 13 October 2019

My Friends,

As I said in the last video, I needed to drop my turns down on my Input Coil. This is an Image:


So now I have an input Coil of: 12 Turns.

This is a difference of: 76 - 12 = 64 Turns. Also because, as was also stated, we have whats called Unity Coupling now, we should get much better Coupling from Input to Output.

Remembering, we do only have an effective 45 turn to 12 turn Coupling. So that's a step up of: 3.75

A video is currently being processed.


Fighter posted this 27 October 2019

Yep, they're talking directly about bucking-coils and I recognize a ZPM schematics there. It's funny how that guy "remembers" about a paper he "wrote" few years ago about bucking-coils. Sure, buddy, whatever you say... laughing

(link to larger image here)

And this guy Smudge reminds me of someone we had here who refused to share his work but was very ironic and acted like know-it-all, don't say who Sure buddy, you "did" a lot of research and put a lot of "effort" in renaming from "Romanian ZPM" to "Magnetic Delay Transformer", congrats ! laughing

(link to larger image here)

Let them copy, there is a higher-purpose in what we do here, don't care if these copycats give us credits or not...

Chris posted this 27 October 2019


My Friend, your'e right, there is a "Higher Purpose"!


@All Readers,

Asymmetrical Regauging is a CRITICAL aspect to Energy Generation, We always have a Regauge Period, then a Work Period. This is Critical, and also, this needs to be Asymmetrical!



I am thinking this video might be too early to share, perhaps we might not yet understand it. I feel previous Videos may not yet be understood properly?

In the following Video I show Asymmetrical Regauging: 10% On Time and 90% Off Time



This is it gals and guys, this is the Lollie!

IMPORTANT: Now, please understand, one can have Asymmetrical Regauging and still be Below-Unity! Some Fiddling is required! The Coils Slapping together Creates a Voltage, then the Current can be calculated: I = V / R


Chris posted this 28 October 2019

My Friends,

An Asymmetrical System is critical to making this work!

I think we need to start thinking about the Magnetic Field, particularly the Magnetic A Vector Potential, or here, and how far past, what we think of as a Boundary, the Magnetic Field can really extend!

I posted HERE some information about this many yeas ago:


Does a Magnetic Field extend past the Repulsive Force of another? Where is it that interaction of Fields are Really Occurring?


What we see today, in Experiment, shows that more than one Magnetic Field can Propagate through a Core at any one time!

This is so very important!


Chris posted this 09 November 2019

Hey Vidura,

My Friend, you are very wise! I have said a few times now wink

Thank You!


@All I have a new video, just a look at what we got in Video Seven:


I hope this helps some!


Jagau posted this 15 November 2019

Second trial   



The frequency is lower about 2.7khz and I am getting closer.  


Chris posted this 09 December 2019

My Friends,

Independent Replications have been done, some are above-unity, some on the verge. None the less, what I have shown has also been successfully replicated by other Members of this forum! With a little more work, Members will improve their Machines!

Please join in, help us change the world!

CaptainLoz last experiment is a taste of what you can achieve:


We are here to help you, join us, and we can help!

Fighters work, The Romanian ZPM,  is also another way to use the same technology, its also an excellent example of above-unity.

Please understand, this is only the start, its a taste of whats achievable!

The other forums are so far behind, We are Light Years Ahead!

You are Safe Here, we have Zero Trolls!


Chris posted this 16 December 2019

My Friends,

Energy is always considered the Total Area Under the Curve. An example of this Area Under the Curve is:



No matter how you do it, the more Area Under the Curve you can achieve, then the More power you have, and if your'e smart enough, you can do it for free! 



In a standard transformer, if the Secondary is loaded, then the Secondary carry's a Current that changes in time!

This Current Changing in Time, is equivalent to a Magnetic Field changing in Time!

I want to quote:

An alternate explanation for the current gain in the UDT is to consider each secondary winding as acting as the primary winding for the other secondary winding when an output current is drawn because the two secondary windings generate geometrically opposing fields.

Ref: A Free-Energy Device by Paul Raymond Jensen


Most of you are likely tired of me repeating myself! Please understand, I am also doing this for the new comers.

Much work to do, much to learn, much achieve...


Chris posted this 11 January 2020

My Friends,

We are a step ahead. We have a greater knowledge in the area of Energy and soon to come EM Propulsion. So we are lucky. 

I would like you to take a few minutes to watch this video:


Energy is critical in the advancement in the Human Race! We must take time to understand these simple cheap Energy Technologies.

Please, work hard, think hard, be strong, use logical thinking. look for the effects and work to improve the effects. Before you know it, you will have output much greater than the Input and its so absolutely easy!

We are Light Years ahead of the other forums!

Best Wishes,


Mikkoli posted this 18 January 2020

Iam new here.

My knowledge in components is wery limited but i know physics.

Isnt this similair to the mr prevda experiment.

I Saw a video with the second coil beeing a tank curcuit rewinding the polarity isnt that electron field friction?

Friction energize the electron and speeds it up? It should be related to spinn no?

Ive seen alot of free energy methods but i think its wery relevant a easy to make pdf is made and spread across the net with partslist including.

Even if we all use money to survive its beeing used more and more against humanity with debt based constallations goverments seem to gone mad overpopulation overconsumtion became a issue. There is no competence to create biocirculat economys becouse everything is beeing monopolised to a few and they wont let go of their monopolys.

As its written i guess judge the wicked by their fruits they profit from suffering and by poisening earth. I Cant say anything else have been the consequence of opressing free energy tech.


I Do think this tech can be boosted using sparkgaps tank curcuits and the casmir effect.


Can i ask if the output needs to be recified?

il go trough all posts as soon as i got time to get more into the methods.


Bless you all for trying to free humanity.

The truth shall set you free, i do think that everyone working within this area knows the meaning of the phrase and its deepth probably on a whole new level better than most.

Zanzal posted this 18 January 2020

@Chris, I don't think the person who expressed concerns is wrong to have concerns, but I disagree with the idea of keeping it a secret. If there are problems with a particular approach then those problems can be studied and solved like other problems. We can't solve the problems we don't understand. If AU research is not allowed, then that means our understanding can not advance.

Sure those that know might claim its for the best we don't know, but why should we listen? It is just as plausible they don't want us know for their own selfish reasons (worried their stock prices might drop or their bitcoin will not have any value). And if it were true that there are real dangers we as a society must face them. I do think caution and study are good and it is very reasonable to think some approaches might have undesirable side effects, but promoting ignorance or obfuscation is not good.

Vidura posted this 18 January 2020

Hey Friends, Just a small example: Someone invented a knife, it can be used for various purposes, it can be very helpful or it can be dangerous. Possible that it can be used to hurt or kill someone. Hence would it be a solution to stop fabrication of knifes? To keep the fabrication process secret? Only a sick or scared mind would think to take it to harm someone else. And of course only people that get a personal profit or have made agreement with the mighty ones would try to keep this technology secret. Actually there exists so many weapons of different types, enough to extinguish all humanity. So I don't think that a still more Powerful weapon would change the situation, it depends on the evolution of people, to learn to take care for each other and the planet. In a peaceful society nobody would want to damage or hurt anyone, so the most powerful technology would not present any danger. Sorry the off topic 😀 Regards Vidura.

Fighter posted this 19 January 2020

Why is some person I do not even know preaching nonsense? Oxygen is one of the worlds most deadly Gasses, however we need it to breath! Without Oxygen a Match Stick could not light! What is wrong with people?


There are only two possible scenarios:

  1. The guy is sent to stop what we're doing; they know we already have the key for overunity but this time it's not only one guy working in secret which can be threated and eventually annihilated, this time is a bunch of people experimenting and sharing to hundreds of people (lurkers); this doesn't match any known scenario from their book so they have no standard approach; so threatening doesn't help, they try to use the reason we're doing this (for the good/future of humankind) against us; therefore the "concern" expressed by the guy about how the ZPE technologies can harm the humankind. Let's see, every year is a record on temperature, extreme typhoons, the entire Earth is on fire, countries are fighting each other for controlling and getting fossil fuel resources, the air is more and more unbreathable, the oceans acidity is increasing killing the aquatic life and soon the oceans will not be able to absorb CO2 anymore, the arctic ice is melting releasing more CO2 captured during millions of years and I can continue with all these; actually it's a chain reaction already in progress, a perfect storm (search the meaning of "perfect storm"). And the guy's concern is that giving clean, unlimited free energy to the humankind will be more harmful than what's actually already happening on the planet ? Right...
  2. The guy is not sent by anyone, he discovered overunity tech in 2008 as he says and since then he preferred to stay on his own ass watching his own planet going to hell just because he has concerns about how ZPE can be used to damage the humankind; that means he's just a coward and will not make any difference.

In both scenarios I would just ignore the guy, he's just trying to stop or at least delay our research.

Chris posted this 01 February 2020

My Friends,

I just love Coincidence! It appears others are waking up! The thread I started is top of the list right now, again. One Troll is not liking the attention it is getting!

I would like to ask you all of a favor: Would you mind going to the thread Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy and directing others, willing to learn here, to this forum?

Please don't put your accounts at risk by getting into arguments / debates with the Trolls! 

People that are waking up, need to know the truth! We need to do our part and help where we can. wink

Best wishes,


Captainloz posted this 05 February 2020

Hi Chris and all,

I wish I had more results I could share.  I know I haven't been contributing.  It is so hard to stay focused on one thing! I tried many different experiments with the ferrite toroid cores I had set up, but none of them worked out as well. So I bit the bullet and invested in a Metglas core from Mouser.  It arrives tomorrow! I'm looking forward doing a MEG replication.  However it will be a few weeks because I'll be away.  I hope to be contributing again soon!

Sorry to hear about Atti 


Chris posted this 09 February 2020

Hello and welcome Baerndorfer,

Please don't get hung up on the term: "Non-Inductive" its important we think broadly about this and apply the right thinking and concepts to the experiments I have shared.

It is impossible to cancel all the Inductance in Coils, even with the best wound Coils, there will always be some Inductance.

So, the meter will never read Zero, some Inductance, stray, or parasitic Inductance will always be present.

It may be of benefit to read over a document I put together some time back: Does Science truly understand Electromagnetic Induction

Many of us here can help if you need us, so please ask, please create your own thread if you wish, the best way to move forward is to experiment, prove and dis-prove the simplest things.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 11 February 2020

My Friends,

This post is a specific post about the broadness of the technology I am sharing with you.

In the old days when Akula was sharing information, his comments on Bucking Coils and Standing Waves and so on were hard to decipher but were there if one took the time to observe!

What I am sharing is broad!

Fighter has shown how broad this technology is!

Don't limit yourselves to one narrow path! The concepts are all the same, yes the same! The same ideas, same concepts. I will explain:

Akula tuned the Frequency and Duty Cycle to maximise the Magnetic Resonance, increase the Potential in the Coils and as we learnt in The Mr Preva Experiment, the Currents are Equal and Opposite. The Input to Output ratio is achieved by Tuning the Frequency and Duty Cycle, this video shows a similar device, but uses the same concepts:


The same basic idea, Coils, as the Mr Preva Experiment:


The Asymmetrical Regauging process is the same. Its all the same processes! Same concepts! A short pulse, Duty Cycle at a particular Frequency, when the Coils are Magnetically Resonant is where we gain Energy, Excessive Electromagnetic Induction occurs, well beyond the Unity Boundary!


Timing is a difficult task in these circuits, but others have achieved success, its not beyond reach, but be prepared for a difficult task. Working with the Coils, Partnered Output Coils, learning them first and then moving forward after learning how they work is the best path forward.

My Advice: Get the Coils working, then build the Circuitry around the Coils! Stick to the basic concept here, Electromagnetic Induction, to amplify both Voltage and also Current, don't let any complication creep in!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 14 March 2020

My Friends,

An Important Post today. Today, a Paradox, only explained in Experiment.

Any Electrical Engineer will tell you: "The way a Coil is wound does not make any difference to the System." This statement is not true. In my thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT, I gave experimental proof, the Winding Direction is important! 

In this particular Circuit, Configuration Two in bucking mode appears to be the most beneficial! CW/CCW Coils.

  • 0.680 volts RMS
  • 192.1 ma mean
  • 196.4 ma mean

Compared to where Bucking does not Work, not very well anyway:

  • 0.587 volts RMS
  • 55.18 ma mean
  • -19.97 ma mean

and the next best configuration after Configuration Two, Configuration One:

  • 0.624 volts RMS
  • 150.9 ma mean
  • 172.2 ma mean


There are three configurations:

  1. Coils wound in a single direction in the same Axis.
  2. Coils wound in a single direction in the same Axis, but one Coil flipped End for End.
  3. Coils wound Clock Wise and Counter Clock Wise respectively in the same Axis.


NOTE: We have detailed Tariel Kapanadze's Grenade Coil and how part of the Coil is Non-Inductive by Definition, yet it Amplifies Voltage and Current many times! COP = ∞

The experiments I have shown, show the same basic things as others before me have:


@9 : 46 in the following Video, Listen, the Noise is a giveaway!


The most simple experiments are the most important! Every single machine I have ever seen, the Inventors all started with studding the Electrical "Generator", all of them!

Akula, just before he got the Lanterns working: "ТПУ от акулы 0083 часть 2"



PRINCIPLE OF THE INVENTION - Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns, while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.

Because we all know that the effects that are manifested when a closed circuit approaches and moves away from a magnetic center are the same as when, this circuit being still and motionless, the magnetic field is increased and reduced in intensity; since any variation , occurring in the flow traversing a circuit is producing electrical induced current .It was considered the possibility of building a machine that would work, not in the principle of movement, as do the current dynamos, but using the principle of increase and decrease, this is the variation of the power of the magnetic field, or the electrical current which produces it.

The voltage from the total current of the current dynamos is the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced. Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them; but in the first case, a greater source of mechanical work than obtained electricity is required, and in the second case, the force necessary to achieve the variation of flux is so insignificant that it can be derived without any inconvenience, from the one supplied by the machine. Until the present no machine based on this principle has been applied yet to the production of large electrical currents, and which among other advantages, has suppressed any necessity for motion and therefore the force needed to produce it.


The induced voltage in the winding obeys Faraday’s law as quantified by Neumann

Ref: Floyd Sweet - The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator.


Many others also! We have been told:


I am trying to tell you the same thing, I use reference to show I am only re-sharing something that others have already tried to share, at least in part.

The point here is the Curl of the known Fields and how this Curl can be represented! To get some idea, about the Curl:


The Right Hand Grip Rule can be applied in a few different ways, to predict Current, or Magnetic Field and even the Magnetic A Vector Potential.We must move down the the Core Level, pretend we are standing on the Core and can see the Curl.


If we are smart, and we are, then we can apply Electromagnetic Induction to every single Changing Magnetic Field, the Primary and the Secondary, where normally the Secondary is ignored.

Remember what we were told:


That is such an important statement!

The Coils each have a Current, and if we work the Currents such, that the Currents themselves make for a greater Primary Assist, also meaning the Primary magnetic Field is Greater, then we have exactly as Floyd Sweet Told us:

The current and potential windings require relatively little power, and are applied in such a manner
that rate of flow of moving charges may be accelerated beyond 1 ampere = 6.24 x 1018 electrons per second. Thus the duty factor of the copper changes.

I2R losses diminish and more charges drawn from the now coherent space field flow at a faster rate as current to the load. This means as more current is required by varying loads more feedback magnetomotive forces free more electrons from binding forces complimented by potential magnetic forces of the orientated, coherent space field. Thus a conductor that formerly had a temperature rise above ambient labelled as a factor of 10 would now operate at a temperature of 1.0. Thus the same gauge wire would carry 10 times more current at the same temperature. 

Even better results may be forthcoming. The energy conversion conservation is fantastic.


Your Input Coil only brings the Potential, or Voltage up, The Partnered Output Coils do all the work themselves! One Partnered Output Coil being the Coil on the Stator and One Partnered Output Coil being the Coil on the Rotor, each Coil only being excited by the Action, in our case we are replacing the Rotation of the Rotor with a small Changing Magnetic Field initially.

We have built a Solid State Electrical "Generator" - This is the best way to think of it.


Your Core can only hold so much Magnetic Field, your Coils can only have so much Current through them.

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 16 April 2020

Hi Chris,

              I bought a bunch of IRFP460's on ebaya while back. Looks like most are dud! I suppose one gets what one pays for? I have sorted through them an found a few that seem to measure ok. As a result here is my latest result. To get this, I have to measure across a much larger resistance than in Video 7 and the 0.1 ohm. Also I can get an output with a dimmed light from a 60w incandescent 240v globe. Reassuring. all I have to do now is understand how to manage the winding to produce a greater current!!




Ourbobby posted this 19 April 2020

Hi Atti,
It look to me as if my bucking coil test has a similar outcome to yourself. The exception being that you get a greater energy output. It is a confusing experiment in as much as that one can see that the standard electronics logic does not appear to fit. With my outcome, as long as I have a connection to the Drain of the mosfet, then the coils will oscillate and energy can be extra ted. I have two voltage supplies. One to supply the mosfet gate and a separate supply to supply voltage to Drain of mosfet. It is when I switch off the supply to the drain that the coil still operate and the globes still light that is the puzzle. If I disconnect the battery supply to the Drain, well the energy production ceases. So it would seem that all that is required is a positive supply connection to the Drain. In my case a negative battery terminal. However, as the battery is switched off, why does the system work?

Another observation is the ringing sound emanating from the coils! Very similar to the pitch evident on your video demonstration. I have rewound the coils for size of windings - up and down - and reset the pulse frequency range in an effort to move higher in frequency out put. To no avail! I would conclude that this is a point of interest that I should understand. But how so? When no current is being consumed through the drain, and the frequency becomes a natural setting, how do I find out the way forward? The ringing is likelyl set to the core density, so becomes a fixed item. But the voltage, well that is another issue.

Here is my simple experiment. the core is an AMCC200


Atti posted this 19 April 2020

Hi Ourbobby and everyone.

(I'd like to say something again. Unfortunately, I don't know English. It's my fault! But if the google translator translates aside, I don't pass on what I want to communicate, it's no longer my fault! Still, I try to be careful.)

I don't understand something. Why is the winding that way?
Why is the unwinding not on the two columns why is the two columns joined together (covered with black insulating tape)?
Can you make a short video of this? Or drawing?

-The frequency is low. Multiple speeds are low frequency.
-Co winding direction for one column and ccw direction for the other column.
-In short but essentially the drawing is attached.
-The power supply is from a separate circuit and the control is separate.
  -The negative wires of the two power supplies are connected!
-Drive the Fets or the timer (SG 3525 or 555 or whatever) from another circuit. It has a current consumption of about 50-300mA. I don't think exactly.
-A small light bulb tied to the feet of the Fet Drain just as an optical guide. Or it would be used to drain very high spikes.
-The air gap between the two C-shaped cores is frequency dependent!
-While there is a high load (high current) on the L2 coil at very high frequency, there will be no high current in the L3 coil. So there will not be enough feedback. From this, I think (my next study will focus on this) that no AMCC core is needed. Conventional transformer iron or hypersilicon can also be good. True, the best of these is to look for a "musician."
Listen to your voice at 0:15  

-The diode polarities do not change much for coil L3, but if the connection direction is changed for coil L2, the situation is different.

My next study was on d.c. it will be similar to measuring motor current. So the transformation is a study of the changes between L1 and L2, respectively. Especially what happens during the break. The sawtooth wave can be easily removed when the d.c motor is running or rotating.

For everyone else.
What happened happened. I'm not going to explain it to anyone. Everyone thinks of me what they want. Point.


Nagy Attila.

Ourbobby posted this 19 April 2020

Hi Atti,
Here is the circuit I was using. Too simple when I look at your circuit. The concepts at the moment that I am not getting with this circuit are, 1) whether I switch the voltage on or off to primary coil, I still get the same output. 2)As there is no voltage to the Drain, how do I get upwards on 5Kv output across the bucking coils.3) If I connect S1 and S2 in series, then my disconnected mosfet becomes very hot, subsequently if I run the S1 and S2 as separate coils then I get two outputs and no heating of mosfet.

It is interesteing that on my meters I am reading 90uT and frequency upwards of 540K. Yet My bucking coils are ringing out around 2kc's. Very challenging!

On the coil winding. I have wound across each C section of the cores. The paper and tape are for support. With this method I am easily able to test for variations on induction due to gap changes., Also, they are easier to mind when I do not have many bobbins. There seems to be no difference in output when wound on a bobbin that sits acroos the two cores and winding on each individual core. I await correction to my observation on that point.



Ourbobby posted this 20 April 2020

Hi Vidura,

               Here are some photos of the current set up. My previuos one, as discussed with Atti used .4mm wire and began shorting within the windings. This set-up, which gas the same characteristics and layout uses smaller turns on winding S1 and S2. Here are the images you requested.

Bucking coils scope shot of mosfet Drain connection no voltage applied, but connected to battery.

Input drive to gate

My EM meter, on previous coil was showing 90uT, This coil much lower output 3MHz

Frequency counter on High range showing

Frequency  counter on low range showing 416 KHz

This is the set-up as per the circuit in previous post

This is a scope shot across the load from S1 coil, showing 5Kv.

If I disconnect power to mosfet, there is no output. Nothing to show on scope except straight trace. I am using two independent batteries.



Chris posted this 21 April 2020

My Friends,

Atti, an excellent point:

Why is it wrong if it's easy?


If it is easy, then you understand it. This is the goal and why I have done this over such a long drawn out period, for the greater spread spectrum understanding of this tech.

I would like to share some quotes:

  • Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.


  • Research should be defined as, doing something, where half of the people think its impossible, impossible! And half of them think, ehr, maybe that will work.


  • When there's ever a break through, a true break through, you can go back, and find a time period when the consensus was, well that's non-sense! So what that means, is that a true creative researcher, has to have confidence in non-sense!


Ref: Burt Rutan - Famous Aircraft Designer


Best wishes, stay well and safe!


Atti posted this 29 April 2020

Hey Ourbobby.

I’m not a transformer expert, so I’m just saying my opinion. You don't have to agree with what I'm writing now.
  I think whatever transformer you take out, each one should show some effect. Now efficiency doesn’t matter, profits don’t matter. Only the existence of effects. You don't even need a diode. Only two loads. A smaller and a larger light bulb.
In this video, I use an average hypersil transformer.
(I wanted to buy a larger AMCC core but I gave it up. I don't think only such super material can be used.)
The behavior (effect) of currents and voltages is clearly visible. Some thoughts in the description.Maybe a CD can help more.

Chris posted this 08 May 2020

My Friends,

At the Input, we have to remember, there is an Energy cost! 

When I did my MEG Replication, I read a passage that did not make a lot of sense:

The experimentally-measured data was extrapolated to describe operation at an input voltage of 100 volts, with the input current being 140 ma, the input power being 14 watts

Ref: The Meg Patent.


Seeing the big Heat Sinks and Fans on the Fets, I was surprised! See here:


What I am saying is, don't be scared to spend a little on the Input! Stay in your Switching Units Parameters! But don't be scared to use a little Input Power! Its important to get the Machine working!

You must remember, as your Machine moves into Resonance, your Input will drop off as a Function of the Magnetic Fields in the Machine! The Higher the Magnetic Fields, the more is sent back to your Input, meaning the LESS Input Power You Use!


The VTA "likes" to always see a minimum load of 25 watts.

Ref: FLOYD SWEET'S VTA UNIT - by Walt Rosenthal


This is really important to see! Part of the Experiment! You need to get the Magnetic Fields working properly Together!


Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Attached Files

Jagau posted this 09 October 2019

Sorry I thought it was a replication of melnichenko when he said this


Since the current in the coils of the same, we believe the resulting voltage in the time T2 is twice to the accumulation of energy
expended at the time t1.



Chris posted this 09 October 2019

Sorry I thought it was a replication of melnichenko when he said this


Since the current in the coils of the same, we believe the resulting voltage in the time T2 is twice to the accumulation of energy
expended at the time t1.




Hey Jagau,

Yes, you are correct in this situation! As we have 2x the turns on the First Layer and the Capacitor is directly connected through the Diode, then 2X the Voltage will be present at the terminals.


This is of course only true when the Coil: L2 is shorted in the above diagram. When L2 is un-shorted, then the Circuit will only have the Voltage of a Single Coil.

I have a little more to add soon.


Chris posted this 09 October 2019

Hey Jagau,

I was called away, sorry.

We have some open doors with the above circuit, it is not clear, and in-fact it is confusing as to its operation. I want to specifically show something. The Circuit above compared to this circuit:


We are looking at some circuit differences! In fact, we have several different Circuits in the document here: Генератор на нелинейной индуктивности

What we know to be true, is the Circuit used is more like this:


Which as we know was the working model, when it was stated:

A working model by Valery,

Improving the coach, you can create the perfect coach, but first-class car - barely. (Edward de Bono)

Energy generator in the nonlinear inductance

Developed and assembled the unit with an efficiency of greater than 1. Working in self-maintaining, with the releasing enormous amounts of energy it takes to glow lamps. Valery.


We know this to be in-accurate! We know from research the circuit was the Circuit pointed out above, and again here:



You can find a lot of data here: Akula's circuits- is this the principle?


The quote:

The essence of the research: obtain convincing theoretical, computational and experimental evidence for the possibility transgeneratsii electricity from non-additive (non-linear) properties of the energy of electromagnetic fields and waves. The experiments are quite simple and easily reproducible in any special laboratory. This work is the development of some interesting ideas about the physics of Tesla radio and the possibility of generating energy from non-linearity of the energy field. The work is not contrary to modern physics, electrodynamics, well grounded in theory.

Ref: Andrey Melnichenko - Common-mode interference of electromagnetic waves and transgeneratsiya energies.


The point, I am trying to make is, we must follow the path of proof. Proof, hard data is going to be where we make huge leaps forward like we already have!

The document: Transgeneratsiya electromagnetic field energy, make a huge effort to deal with Electromagnetic Waves and specifically:

So we see that for the addition of two opposite-traveling electromagnetic waves resulting electromagnetic wave power increases by four times.


The method of operation is Electromagnetic Waves in Opposition.

I hope this research helps some!


Chris posted this 11 October 2019

My Friends,

Another Video, this time a bit of understanding on what we saw in the Experiment in the first video.


I hope this video is useful for all!


Chris posted this 25 October 2019

My Friends,

Solutions to problems come from our intellect. What is our intellect?

the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract matters.

Ref: Oxford Dictionary - Lexico


Our experience gives us the ability to use our Intellect to solve the problems we face! Today's video is about solving the very simple problems we have seen in previous videos!


With an average view time of: 8.46 minutes, I think my videos are too long?


We believe in the systematic understanding of the physical world through observation and experimentation, through argument and debate, but, most of all, freedom of will.

Ref: Stargate - The Ark of Truth - Alteran woman


I enjoy wise quotes...

Coming in video Seven, Asymmetrical Regauging:


On another note: over at one of the other forums we are seeing them copy our work to a tee, exactly, almost word for word. You can see here: I wish them luck, even though they are not giving anyone credit for the work they copy!


Jagau posted this 27 October 2019

Hi Chris

WOW I just watched your last video, impressive is the word.
I look forward to trying to reproduce that.

Thank you very interesting video


Jagau posted this 27 October 2019

Hi Chris
In order to replicate, in your last experiment i would like to know

if the output of your H-bridge is AC square wave or pulsed DC wave?


Vidura posted this 31 October 2019

Good experiment dewetw, as you asked for improvement I would suggest to reduce the primary turns and use a thicker wire gauge, so you can take better advantage of your fast Switching circuit, and get the voltage higher. Regards Vidura.

Chris posted this 07 November 2019

My Friends,

The evolution of the human race, is paramount! The first most important thing, over and above all else!

Some of the greatest minds have come and gone, left our small planet with tall dreams, giving the young hope and inspiration, these people have changed the world:


The problem is, there is far too much procrastination! To many do not believe in our future.

We humans, MUST start pushing greater boundaries. We must release the Limits we place on ourselves, and we must evolve.

Electrical Energy is at the forefront of our evolution! Manufacturing costs are detriment to Electrical Energy Costs.

We have some answers, we have already removed some Limits. Many breakthroughs have already been made. I cant do this by myself, I need you all to do it with me! To help me, to assist, to break through the Limits we must not let ourselves be bound to!

This and other threads here on this forum and material on my site: is here to help all.

Please, we must evolve! 


Jagau posted this 09 November 2019

Another good video my friend

I can feel your concern and it is legitimate.
We are fortunate to have here a clean website with polite exchanges

and since I have been on this forum, I have made a lot of progress.

Thank you Chris for everything you bring us.


cd_sharp posted this 09 November 2019

Hey, man, I'm by your side, you know that.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 09 November 2019

Jagau, CD, My Friends, Thank You!


Chris posted this 11 November 2019

My Friends,

A new video, one with a little history. Some close ups of scope shots.


I hope this helps some!


Chris posted this 11 November 2019

Atti, excellent replication! Nice work!

A few things to think about:

  • The input Coil Turns and Wire Gauge.
    • The input Coil will create the Signal for the POC's to Interact Together at the best Frequency / Duty Cycle.
  • Coils Coupling Factor to each other.
    • As you pointed out, the location and so on can play a role. Also what Coil is doing what to the other Coil is important.


You've done a good job at getting Effects! Well done! This is only the start, this can lead to a much better machine.


Jagau posted this 12 November 2019

Hi Chris

Resonant inductive coupling, 

another term that is apparent to magnetic resonance.

A very good article here from wikipedia explains it in another way.


Chris posted this 12 November 2019

Hey Jagau,

Yes you're right, but a word of hesitation, the circuits / schematics on Wikipedia are far from what we are doing, although the idea is there.

From Don Smith:


He said the same thing as few times. Remembering Don Smith used Magnetic Resonance as Floyd Sweet did, the reason I use Magnetic Resonance.


Jagau posted this 12 November 2019

As you say Chris the schema is far from what we do, it was only to demonstrate where they are.

More often we heard MRI (imaging) or another NMR (nucelar) that refers to nuclear

.A lot of terms very confusing talking about magnetic resonance.


Jagau posted this 13 November 2019

First test of Chris replication.

I think it will be better when I finish making my H brige.
With only one mosfet that's what Iget

have try with a half bridge is already better, with full bridge mabe it willbe ok

 as youcan see with 11% DTC ,2.54khz withChris schematic

others Photo to come


Chris posted this 13 November 2019

Hey Jagau,


One Mosfet is all you need. Or Half Bridge, but remember, you need a path back to your Input supply. Power will come back through the input Coil.

Are you getting a nice Sawtooth waveform? Asymmetrical Regauging?

Very nice!


Jagau posted this 13 November 2019

Yes i get a sawtooth waveform but at input coil.

What do you mean by return to input a diode maybe?



Chris posted this 06 December 2019

My Friends,

We need to be smart about this whole concept.


An Asymmetrical Transformer is not a common concept, but the ideas are the same! We only need to expand these ideas! Its not rocket Science, its simple!

Never forget, Partnered Output Coil Two, is an Open System, An Energy input to the System that is not related in any way to the Input, it is only an assist to the Input.

I am very keen to get people working on this, its is very important!


Its all simple concepts for those that have been following!

For new comers, it may not be so simple, but never let it get complicated! Because its not complicated!

The other forums are so far behind, they are not even close to the mark!

We are LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of the other forums!


Chris posted this 07 December 2019

Hey Atti,

I see you have a good heart! You are an asset to our team! As are all our Members!


I've already received similar measurement data, but it's the easiest way to start. Simple and cheap.


I am glad to hear!

Its just a case of Learn Build and Share, you would agree, yes?

You could increase your Frequency, as there is some dead time at the end of your scope shot, in the waveform:


I hope this helps!


Jagau posted this 08 December 2019

Hello Atti

I wish I could use the google translator to know what is being said

in your last video,

but the button is not there.



Chris posted this 08 December 2019

My Friends,

Again I wish to reinforce the importance of Simplicity!

We must not allow complication!

No Magnets are necessary, no special anything, there is nothing complex, or secret to this at all!

Strictly, it is Three Magnetic Fields, an Asymmetrical Transformer, Three Magnetic Fields, or Magneto-motive Force, One Positive, One Negative and One Positive.

Please, do not allow, do not introduce any complication! It is entirely unnecessary!


Chris posted this 12 December 2019

My Friends,

How close can people get without realising what they actually have?

I read an article the other day, just by coincidence, I came across the image, so i read the article: The Buck Regulator – Power Supply Design Tutorial Part 2-1

Look how close they get without realising the next step in the Earths most Important Problem: Energy "Generation"


His circuit is not far from ours:


If this guy saw our work, he would say I was so close!

Ask yourself, what can this Coil do:


If it had a Partner, what could they do? What could they do if they were both bought into Magnetic Resonance?


Chris posted this 16 December 2019

My Friends,

Noise on each line shows something I wanted to put out there. To say look at whats on each line!

Of course, noise does not mean real power!


I want to say, I want to be clear, what I am showing you does not create noise! It creates real Power! Pure power!


Many of us replicating this technology have already seen this, real power. Voltage and Current in phase and available like a Tap has Water.

Some mistakes to avoid:

  • Too many turns on the Partnered Output Coils, aim for around 40 to 200 of at least 20 gauge.
  • Too many turns on the Primary Coil. Aim for around 10 to 30. 22 Gauge or more.
  • Make sure you use enough Input Power to get our Output Power doing work!
  • Cross Section to small.
  • Core Composition to slow. Sluggish Core.
  • Bad Switching on the Input Coil.
  • Bad Coupling between all Coils.
  • Aim to get the Magnetic Fields Pumping, if they are not pumping, they are choked off, then its not working.
  • Feel the machine! Its a baby and you have to nurture it, bring it to life!


Each Magnetic Field, all three, has a job to do! They all have to work together, in unison, with a time frame that they must start interacting together. This machine is an Action Reaction and Counter-Reaction machine.


Chris posted this 08 January 2020

My Friends,

A Current in a Wire is the same thing as a Magnetic Field. The Magnetic Field Changing in Time is the Source for Electromagnetic Induction.

The Magnetic Field Changing in Time is the same as a Current Changing in Time in an Inductor.


Electromagnetic induction requires several things:

  1. Turns ( N ).
  2. Cross Sectional Area ( CSA ).
  3. Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Field ( B ).


With these three things, we can achieve Electromagnetic Induction!


What happens if we have too many turns?

  • The Magnetic Field ( B ) changes slowly in Time ( t )!


What happens if we have too small Wire Gauge?

  • Current ( I ) is restricted, slow change in time, a reduced Current Output.


What happens if our Input Coil has too much Inductance?

  • The Partnered Output Coils do not interact sufficiently to produce an Output that we require.


Balance is important in everything in life. Not too much of one thing, but too little either.


Why do we see lots of spikes in this Tech?

  • Because there is a lot of very fast transitions of Magnetic Fields ( B ) around Turns ( N ).


What does this mean?

  • Lots of extra Electromagnetic Induction.


Noise does not always mean Power!


Whats required for power?

  • Voltage ( V ) and Current ( I ) must be in Phase! This is real power.


We have many answers, the right questions must be presented for these answers to be come obvious however.


Chris posted this 14 January 2020

My Friends,

So many people tell me not to share, I get mysterious messages all the time from people I dont know!

Here is a message I got today: /2BrGejedJyU



Why are others not sharing, and telling me not to share? Whats the problem with sharing?

We need good people, here, sharing their work! We can only do this together! As a united force demanding change!

Some may say I am an activist, I only want a better future for our Children! A Free Future.


cd_sharp posted this 15 January 2020

Hey, man

I'd say one thing to this guy:

The world becomes very dangerous? What do you know, it has already. There is no greater danger than destroying the Earth that keeps us alive. Watch the Amazon forest, Australia, active volcanoes, ice in Antarctica, .. This threat is against everyone, whether it's terrorist, soldier, president, head of oil company, .. Time is about up.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 19 January 2020

Mikkoli, Welcome!

Mr John.K1 introduced The Mr Preva Experiment to our cause here. I agreed that is is a good learning tool, but was never Above Unity as it was:

Hi Chris, Guys,

I have a question for you. I watched some Russian video (

) and it inspired me to replicate the setup.
I have made one as seen on the picture below. The picture is self explaining.
You only do not see a 1 Ohm resistor I used on the AC source to read the input current.
2 partnered coils on the ferrite torroid core, (CW & CCW).

I know kirchhoff law is used mainly for DC circuits. How is it with the AC circuit as on my picture below??


Ref: John.K1 - Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


I replicated and verified the effects and asked everyone wanting to learn to replicate and verify the effects also:

Hey Utopia Now - Electromagnetic Induction only requires a Change of Flux over time.

But, I have found a Sinusoidal Wave is best - This is a gradual change over time. Easy to control and easy to use.

DC Pulsing I do not prefer, sharp peaks, which can be nasty on your equipment. This is unless a Resonance can be established.

I have shown many times the basic steps that are required, we even saw some experiments. Don Smith also tells us as do many other famous experimenters.

Quote from: Floyd Sweet - The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator

Current is deemed as a quantity or number of charged particles moving from P1 to P2 in time t, or as the charge transferred in one second by a current of one ampere. The coulomb is the charge on 6.24 x 1018 electrons. Electric fields are due to the presence of charges. Magnetic field effects are due to the motion of charges. Current is the net rate of flow of positive charges. This is a scalar quantity.

In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right. Current to the right is: I = + da+/dt + da-/dt. Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.

Superposition is Key:

See: My MRPreva Experiment - Image below
See: Don Smith - How to Generate Energy - Use the Right Hand Rule to see what Don is Saying!!!

As I have pointed out, these concepts are the start, there is a little work and a lot of understanding to this. But if you want it, then you will be more than happy to work for it.

The current and potential windings require relatively little power, and are applied in such a manner that rate of flow of moving charges may be accelerated beyond 1 ampere = 6.24 x 1018 electrons⁄second. Thus the duty factor of the copper changes.

I2 Losses diminish and more charges drawn from the now coherent space field flow at a faster rate as current to the load.

This means as more current is required by varying loads more feedback magnetomotive forces free more electrons from binding forces complimented by potential magnetic forces of the orientated, coherent space field.

Thus a conductor that formerly had a temperature rise above ambient labelled as a factor of 10 would now operate at a temperature of 1.0. Thus the same gauge wire would carry 10 times more current at the same temperature.


An example: Tariel Kapanadze, the Grenade Coil as you pointed out, this Coil is inherently non inductive as we would call it. Having little to no effect on the surrounding resonant circuitry in the form of Lenz's Law, Magnetic Reflection.

But a sharp spike does what? Injects a very fast, Magnetic Field, Time Rate of Change, inducing an EMF in the Grenade Coil, but this is too fast for any negative action. So the Coil has no choice to Engineer Current, because the Current is dependent on the Voltage. No Voltage (EMF) no Current

Of course there is more to it than this, Earthing and so on...

Chris Sykes


P.S: Voltage Transformation is Free, Step Up, Current Transformation is not, we must Engineer the Magnetic Field for Current. MrPreva Circuit, aka Partnered Output Coils do exactly this!

Ref: Chris, Me - Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


I would like Mr John.K1 to join us, but he has not.

A rectification on the Output makes it easier, gives better results for less work. Yes Governments are Corrupt, not all, but most! We have a world of problems! But we can make change:


We can only do this together! I cant do it by myself, nor can anyone else! There is no 'I' in Team!

@Zanzal - I agree! I see a world of problems, but nothing is ever going to get better if we do not push forward! We just MUST DO IT! There are WAY more positives than Negatives! I have only touched on the Energy side, not gone into other things, there are other things that we Humans desperately need! Floyd Sweet reported Anti-Gravity Effects! Well watch this:


You will see a correlation if you have been following close enough!

@Vidura - Exactly right! We must push forward! We, human beings have no choice! Most study's show crime would decrease if everyone had enough to be well off! A trend of Crime can be attributed to desperation! Those that are desperate do desperate things!

It angers me that we have been held back for so long, that we must fight for Freedom:


Tyranny has conquered us! The oligarchs using puppets as front men, we call them politicians. Humanity has many problems! Many! To solve problems and solve problems properly, hiding Truth is not an option!

And the truth shall set you free.

Ref: John 8 : 32 and above by Mikkoli


The only thing that matters is what we leave behind! We must not condemn our Children! Truth is Freedom and Freedom is to make good and bad choices. As long as we learn from our mistakes!


Chris posted this 19 January 2020

I agree Fighter, you are wise my friend!

Both scenarios are possible! We are a lot further ahead than what he thinks anyway, so either way, we still win! 


Chris posted this 25 January 2020

My Friends,

Many times I have posted on how Partnered output Coils work. Today I tried to post to the 8Kun boards. Many do not believe. Feeling the water, its easy to see that many distrust something so simple.

We, those of us that have done the work know better. I have said it before, smart people are often the dumbest! There is a deeper meaning to this statement.

It appears the promises that our old mate TinmanPower now known as OzSolarPower, have flopped as usual. A bit sad, this is what Tinman has come to, never ending broken promises! These tactics are why others do not believe those of us telling the truth!

Perhaps today we should look at the laws of Electromagnetic induction again. The series I have shared with you:


In the video's above, I have laid out a lot of information! Video Seven shows a functioning Above-Unity machine. What we have learnt in the videos, shows how the manipulation of Magnetic Fields can induce a Solid State Generator, the only thing moving is the Magnetic Fields in time!  

Many others here have replicated these effects and some have gained the results we have shown.


What have we done?

There is two processes occurring in Time:

  1. Accelerate Charge down the Wires - Green part of the Triangle.
  2. Decelerate the Charges in the Wire - Red part of the Triangle.



The Green part of the Triangle shows what I call: Reduced Impedance Effect

This is a very important part in the process! The Reduced Impedance Effect allows for the Coils to get to maximum amplitude very fast! You may remember the experiment I did, showing how much faster the Currents and there fore the Magnetic Fields can grow to maximum amplitude:






From 75 milliseconds approx, to 500 microseconds, a factor of: 0.075 / 0.0005 = ‭150‬ times faster. This is the same reason we see the Triangle get to maximum Amplitude fast, but when our Input turns off, the Output Coils change their Impedance / Reactance, and they don't allow the Current to decay immediately. The Current is forced to decay linearly over time. We have referenced this before:


Again we show the Triangle:


Remember, this is Asymmetrical Regauging:


How the Oscilloscope measures the Waveform:


Remember, we have two things we must take into account:

  1. Amplitude ( Y Axis ) = Value of the Potential Measured.
  2. Time ( X Axis ) = the time the Amplitude is non Zero during the measured time frame.


So if we have more area under the curve on the Scope when our Input is off, compared to when our Input is On, then the area shows more Power, Voltage x Current x Cos( θ ), is being measured.

Our machine has become a Charge Pump, a system that requires Regauging every X seconds, the Frequency and Duty Cycle of Operation. We have invoked the use of Magnetic Fields to pump Current in the Wires exactly the same as our old reference video, the Hydraulic Ram Pump: Energy Machine Operation


We have offset the Forces of Magnetism ( M.M.F ) so our Input is not negatively effected as much as we would normally see in a normal Transformer.


Chris posted this 27 January 2020

My Friends,

If you want Free Energy, then you need to study and replicate the above work! My last post has video information and other posts have a huge amount of information! If you study and learn what I have shared, then you can build Free Energy Machines!

It is very simple!

It is very Cheap!

Once you have the experience you can build it very quickly!

Please, share your work here! Please replicate this Technology I have shared with you! Its easy and cheap, whats a few hours out of your day? Please join us:

Be Part of Something Better!


We have many successful replications already:

  • CD_Sharp Here.
  • Vidura - under another project name - Here.
  • Jagau Here.
  • CaptainLoz Here.
  • Atti Here.


Please everyone, we MUST do this together, we cant do it by ourselves!

It is so Simple and Cheap that Science should be so absolutely embarrassed to come forward and join the Cause! The cause; to solve the worlds Energy Problems!


Chris posted this 02 February 2020

Thank You mate, I appreciate it!

I agree, let them do the work themselves, if they want to move forward they will do the work, if not then we don't really want to deal with the non-sense. wink

Thanks Loz!



EDIT: Wow the responses...

Chris posted this 04 February 2020

My Friends,

I am dissapointed!

It appears Atti, the one yelling from the top of the roof for measurements, after getting close, he drop's the truth like a hot potato, has gone ahead and deleted his prior Successful replication of this experiment, Asymmetrical Regauging! Only having the Image left I got for a screenshot:

Now, I see this as deceitful! I see this as an act of trolling! Especially after his last rant! Atti, I almost banned you because of your last rant!

Atti has deleted his post:

  • CD_Sharp Here.
  • Vidura - under another project name - Here.
  • Jagau Here.
  • CaptainLoz Here.
  • Atti Here.


Atti's link no longer works! I am very disappointed Atti has attempted to mislead us and others by his upsetting behavior! His Videos posted are now made private... No doubt a Patent Pending!

What is very clear to me now, is you had no intention to progress! Most likely a Paid dissinformationist here only to cause trouble! I should have gone with my gut feeling! You have bought a world of bad Karma down on yourself!

You are now Banned! I am disappointed for what you have done!



Wistiti posted this 04 February 2020

Really sad yes... We have seen this in the past and unfortunately will see it again in the future... some people just dont care abouts other and at the end they realize they are alone ...

With that said, I believe they are a minority and most of us have good intentions.

Anyways creating this forum with the strict rules you maintain was one of your best moves my freind!

Thank you for that!

Chris posted this 04 February 2020

CD, Wistiti, Thay,

Thank You Guys! I will maintain the Rules, it is important as you point out.

Wistiti, re:

With that said, I believe they are a minority and most of us have good intentions.


You are wise my friend! We have many more good than bad here!

Thank You Thay! It is good to hear! We do have the best community here, all of us have the same hearts! All have similar goals! All of us are tired of Trolls!

Best Wishes to all, even Atti now banned for being a Troll!


Chris posted this 26 February 2020

My Friends,

I have shared this today with other readers:

This is a general post for all interested parties.

What exactly are Bucking Coils? What is the Purpose by applying this very simple technique? This is important, its important that this is thought about in the right way!

I want to quote:

PRINCIPLE OF THE INVENTION - Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns, while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.

Because we all know that the effects that are manifested when a closed circuit approaches and moves away from a magnetic center are the same as when, this circuit being still and motionless, the magnetic field is increased and reduced in intensity; since any variation , occurring in the flow traversing a circuit is producing electrical induced current .It was considered the possibility of building a machine that would work, not in the principle of movement, as do the current dynamos, but using the principle of increase and decrease, this is the variation of the power of the magnetic field, or the electrical current which produces it.

The voltage from the total current of the current dynamos is the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced. Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them; but in the first case, a greater source of mechanical work than obtained electricity is required, and in the second case, the force necessary to achieve the variation of flux is so insignificant that it can be derived without any inconvenience, from the one supplied by the machine. Until the present no machine based on this principle has been applied yet to the production of large electrical currents, and which among other advantages, has suppressed any necessity for motion and therefore the force needed to produce it.

The thought processes of Clemente is important to think about, simply he is investigating Electromagnetic Induction!

Each Coil in Partnered Output Coil's is a Rotor Coil and a Stator Coil of an Electric "Generator" - Does this make sense?

Electromagnetic Induction is encouraged by an Input Coil, but the Partnered Output Coils are the Primary and Secondary Coils in what we would normally think of as a "Generator". I have been through this many time in many different places.

The Mr Preva Experiment shows some basic, elementary principles so one can learn how the Interactions between Two Coils occur at Resonance.

We can only do this together, I am one man, I can not do it for everyone!

Best wishes,
Chris Sykes


Best wishes,


Chris posted this 12 March 2020

My Friends,

I really want to get more moving on the idea of Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction of Coils. Aka Partnered Output Coils.

We Human Beings can become so much more! We only need make our mind up, put some effort in, and do the Experiments.


Please remember what Floyd Sweet said:


The source of energy is unlimited, the virtual vacuum of space itself structured by a motional electromagnetic field is the powerhouse.

Ref: Floyd "Sparky" Sweet Nothing is Something.


What is our machine doing? Yes it is Modulating the Magnetic Fields Asymmetrically.



I have had help, I can not explain it, but I can say I have had a hand guide me in the right direction. I ask that hand also guide others in the right direction, please.

I love this world, I love the life on it, I desperately yearn for Change, for every Human on the planet to become who we are supposed to become, we have so much more potential, we only need reach for it!

Thank You My Friends, both above and here.

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 18 March 2020

I do not have a variable AC supply to drive the Mr Preva or the non-inductive coils. I am not sure how to interpret the pulsed outputs due to obvious jittering or excess interference. I have tried tuning the non-inductive coils I have already wound. Approx 3000hz I get with a 105 capacitor. This is my output. Nice big sawtooth.

However, it seems I shall have to get a lab power supply of sorts so that I am able to control the inputs. At present, with a resistive load as the current control, my pulse at the mosfet changes in frequency as I increase voltage. As the power ratio changes. So although I set the pulse to 10%, at the mosfet output, it changes to relfect the power to the coils. Anyway, understanding this is good.

! can get a sawtooth this way!




Ourbobby posted this 19 March 2020



Here is a drawing that I hope explains the different outcomes, sawtooth and curved outcome, and L2 and L3  connection.




Chris posted this 25 March 2020

My Friends,

I need to say to all readers; On regular occurrences I get PM's Emails or other correspondence saying:

I want to build a machine that gives about 500 Watts for free...


Now I have to say, all readers MUST start at the start! That way of thinking is unrealistic, at least when first starting! 

I strongly urge all members set small realistic goals, aim for 2 - 3 watts first!

Floyd Sweet his first unit was reported to be Six Watts! Although there is no documented evidence for this figure, there is a documented figure of: 19.1544 Watts on one of Floyd Sweets First Machines. You can read that here: Floyd Sweet Lab Notes.

Please, everyone, I urge you all, this is important! Be realistic, aim for a few Watts first, you can improve as you learn more!

But don't set your goals too high, where they become un-reachable! This will be Negative and you will quickly loose interest and not learn anything! We all have to start at the start! We have to! Its how Life works!

If you set small realistic Goals, then before you know it, you will have 500 Watts Output, but you must be realistic!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 26 March 2020

My Friends,

At this stage, for some of you, this is already well known, we have already touched on this before, but:

Now let us consider the losses. Copper or Cu I2R losses remain but may be minimized by using wire of larger than usual cross-sectional area.

Ref: Floyd Sweet - The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator


What are the I2R Losses? DC Resistance Losses! We already know this, but this is verification from Floyd Sweet, hidden in the middle of the texts.

Using our Above Unity Member Calculator we can run a comparison:


By increasing the Cross Sectional Area by a factor of 10, we gain an output factor of: 49.5 / 0.495 = 100, thats a hundred times more for only 10 times Cross Sectional Area Increase!

Floyd Sweet was right! Again we have covered this before, but with a little more data this time.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 30 March 2020

My Friends,

I have given everything, When I said you have to get the Voltage up, I gave it to you all, You see a large Voltage spike here:


Fighter has shown you the same, and done the same, given you all of his work:



There are different methods to get to the same end goal, many of us have shown this technology work.

My Friends, I fear many are here reading for their own selfish benefit! Some out there claim the invention for themselves! I read a post on another forum the other day, claiming the Invention, I said something, and they got all upset.

I fear the world is still not ready for this!

Although this means the majority miss-out, the minority is all it takes to spoil the whole thing. There is still too much Selfishness, Greed, and to be honest, some days I feel like shutting the whole lot down! The only reason I don't, is I know we have such a good bunch of people here, hard working, all sharing! It is those of you that keep this all going!

I posted this to the other forum today:

Well, looks like I am going to have to ignore your comments: "MY INVENTION"

In reality, Partnered Output Coils is the subject of this Thread and were around well before you came on the scene Seychelles.

@kolbacict - I worry for you! Your posts show many problems, are you OK?

Now, I am going to put this plainly, Go Replicate my series: Non-Inductive Coil Experiment - in Video Seven you will find information that will help you the most! All videos prior are important and a buildup to Video Seven.

Video Seven:


I get tired of trying to help everyone when others are either out for themselves or not willing to help themselves! I wont be doing this for ever! You have little time left! I suggest you do a lot more to help your Fellow Brothers and Sisters!

Your Greed, your Self Service, will be your DESTRUCTION!

You have a glorious Future if only you were to Evolve!

Best wishes,
   Chris Sykes


My Friends, this is all for you and because of you! Please support this effort, make this what it should be!

We have broken Ground, this should move like a Roller Coaster, growing and Growing, getting faster and faster, but I do still see problems! Be Safe and be Well My Friends!

Best wishes,


Jagau posted this 30 March 2020

I join Wistiti for the same words, I think that says it all,
in these difficult times for all i believe the best is yet to come.
You even see google can change you got the proof this week.
A big thank you for what you bring to this forum, as a founder and for having the patience to support us.

It will be fine

Ourbobby posted this 20 April 2020

hi Vidura,

               No magic or Puzzle!. I have a faulty variable voltage supply! Reding 2v but supplying 12v straight from battery!


My apologies. 



Chris posted this 22 April 2020

My Friends,

Yes, I agree, Compliments all round! You all are doing awesome! Keep your Chin Up! Right now, you have effects on the Bench, that are not properly explained in Science!

Right now, we are working in Un-Charted Scientific Territory!

This means we are working Blind!

I urge, working with each other, being able to share, bounce ideas off each other, and work toward a greater understanding!

This is the most important part: Understanding!

Be proud My Friends! We have started a Revolution! We are working on the Edge of Tomorrow for Tomorrow, no one else on the Planet is doing what we are doing!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 07 May 2020

Well, here is a mystery! I have got my replication of Atti's set up working. Albeit, with a very high current flowing through a 12 volt globe, which suggests 60 watts. I do not get a 240v globe to show the 60 watts, only a dull glimmer of light. However, that is not the mystery.  Today, when I return to my bench, the set up starts with a crackling sound, and i gradually adjust the frequency to get the brightest point of the 12v globe. And, I get the high pitched audio sound coming from the set up. All good. I turn it off the put some probes into the set up and it has all disappeared! Nothing! I am not getting any output. I have pulses going into the same set up. Is this what Floyd Sweet experienced?


YoElMiCrO posted this 07 May 2020

Hello everyone.

@ Ourbobby.

I think there is nothing mysterious about your sep tup.
It seems to me that you only entered the non-linear operating point of the core,
where the initial instantaneous current is high, I go into ferro-resonance.
It is because of that current that the cores vibrates, so to speak, and I leave
to do it when reconnecting because you are right at the break point in high frequency.
If this is what I am saying, when it stops vibrating you lower the frequency until it occurs, then
you upload it again.
I hope it will help you.


Chris posted this 15 May 2020

Hey Guys,

CD is right, it would be great to see you guys on your own thread. It would be easier to help, and see your progress.

You guys are greatly appreciated, Thank You! Thanks for Sharing!

Don't forget the Sawtooth Waveform, this is important. POC cant have too many turns, the turns must be 70 to around 200, if the Coils have too much impedance, they don't work.

Core Cross Sectional Area can play a role on the Output, so very small cores may not work as well, but you can still see the effects!

Focus on the Sawtooth Waveform, Asymmetrical Regauging, look specifically for the effects.The Numbers will come when you maximise the Effects.

The Partnered Output Coils are a Pump, for Charge, you must get the Potential, Voltage up, but your Waveforms are not right. CD Had trouble with Polarity, so maybe this is something to look at?


Jagau posted this 26 May 2020

Hi baerndorfer

In phase 1 (switch one closed) the first 2 coils cancel each other (POC)

and in phase 2 it is to increase the inductance given that we receive the inductance from L1 and L3 and because L2 is short by switch 2, we get more energy than in phase one.

It is only a very simplistic idea to do it but it is not the right way to do it.


Vidura posted this 11 October 2019

Very well done this video, really good and simple explanation of the principles, I recommend to all to watch it, it is also good for those with advanced understanding to keep in mind the basic mode of operation, the goal to reach. Vidura.

Chris posted this 16 October 2019

Hey guys,

Well, the last week has been very busy!

I must Apologise. This video is very bits and piecy! Many distractions and a few technical problems has led to a video that may hold value, but will require a patient viewing.


A lot of info in this video, much of it is known, some is to try to encourage forward thinking.

The next video will be more helpful!


Chris posted this 17 October 2019

My Friends,

The video: "Non-Inductive Coil Experiment - Video Four" gives us a specialized effect related to a years long problem!


Please, for all members, what might be the techniques we could use to over come the worst of the problem we are seeing? To remove the effect from our system, so we can by-pass The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed?

Of course, technically, we never create or Destroy, we Pump from the Source!

I don't expect the establishment to ever understand that, not this decade anyway!


Hopeful1 posted this 17 October 2019

G'day Chris,

Thanks for the video.What I got out of it was a good lesson in reading  an oscilloscope. I have bought a good one but need some lessons in how to decipher what the wave forms mean.So thanks again for spending the time and sharing your hard earned knowledge.


Jagau posted this 18 October 2019

hi Chris

 To remove the effect from our system, so we can by-pass The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed?

Of course, technically, we never create or Destroy, we Pump from the Source!

You probably meant that we consume and return to the source of energy used?


Chris posted this 18 October 2019

Hey Jagau

Yes, exactly, there is only ever a Transformation Process.

This Transformation Process only ever Transforms one Energy to another, then a huge circle occurs, from one Transformation to another and so on...

Tom Bearden's Source Charge shows this:


I hope we all realise this.


patrick1 posted this 23 October 2019

i like your recent video series chris. good late night viewing ;=D.  - finally i finished the replication today. successful of course, but thats because it isnt OU. something i am still chasing via many means.    magnets and wire. i have working.  but transformers are a litttle out of my reach sadly ...  although every month im becoming more and more comfortable with the fact our planet does not have free energy products.  - because its really bloody difficult.

nice work with your scope too buddy.

Chris posted this 30 October 2019

Hi Jagau,

No, L1 is the Primary, this coil is approximately 25 turns.

L2 and L3 are both approximately 250 Turns, these are the Partnered Output Coils.

I hope this helps some wink


Jagau posted this 30 October 2019

Ok Chris
Well understood, thank you
On the site of metglass there is a document that will probably interest you
it's about handling and maintenance to avoid rust on this type of core.

Attached Files

Chris posted this 30 October 2019

Hey Dewetw,

Nice! Excellent documentation! Good images and also good textual description.

Let me ask you a question: In a single sentence, how would you explain the operation?


dewetw posted this 30 October 2019

Hi, I would say:

"The input pulse charges the electrical field in the coils and as it collapses magnetically so the coils oppose one another causing the current to flow longer."


I am close?



Chris posted this 30 October 2019

Hi Dewetw,

I would say pretty close wink

The Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Field of the Primary Coil ( 25 turns on mine ), Induces a Voltage ( V ), and because we have a Load, a Current ( I ) in one Secondary Coil.

The Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Field ( Current ( I ) in this secondary ) creates a Voltage ( V ) in the Tertiary Coil and because we have Loaded Conditions, we have a Current ( I ). Both Secondary Currents Oppose each other, however one Current assists the Primary.

The time, I marked in the video @ 38 : 18:


Is Important! 

This is where the Input Coil can bring the two Output Coils to maximum Amplitude as quickly as possible! This means we must look for this optimum point, Magnetic Resonance. Magnetic Resonance, where each Coil's Current is 180 Degrees out of phase, like we saw in The Mr Preva Experiment.

This point is where the two Coils reach Maximum Amplitude in the shortest possible time, the slap together, we have no Impedance of the Coils!

Here is one Cycle, marked in Red:

You can see the Ramp Up, or the Slap Together, this is important, it must be short, fast and have a good amplitude.

Compare to Tom Bearden's Asymmetrical Regauging:



We see a match.


Chris posted this 05 November 2019

My Friends,

I was hoping this thread would spur more work on. I get that everyone is busy these days, but it is work that must be done.

What I have shown is just the start wink


cd_sharp posted this 06 November 2019

Hey, man I put 15 minutes in it last night. No results so far. Stay tuned.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Jagau posted this 12 November 2019

Hi Atti

 I really appreciate your experiment


Chris posted this 12 November 2019

My Friends,

In The Mr Preva Experiment, we learned the importance of Equal and Opposite Currents in the Coils. We defined this as Magnetic Resonance. 

Take our Partnered Output Coils, two Output Coils, opposing each other.


Our task: Bring these Coils into Magnetic Resonance.

Important: The Time Rate of Change one POC see's compared to the other, is Important, because E.M.F = -N dPhi/dt

POC2 sees POC1 as the Source, remember? So, the Time the Coil takes to Change its Magnetic Field, is important, very important. Because POC1's Magnetic Field, changing in Time, creates the Voltage, or E.M.F on POC2.

POC1 sees POC2 as the Source. So, the Time the Coil takes to Change its Magnetic Field, is important, very important. Because POC2's Magnetic Field, changing in Time, creates the Voltage, or E.M.F on POC1.

We have seen these potentials can be manipulated, tricked, but this is the basic rule.


Chris posted this 13 November 2019

My Friends,

I hate to say it, a day will come, when the young, that have this technology, know it, will say;

Those dumb bastards before us, they were so dumb they could not work this out!

They paid huge Electricity Bills, and Energy so is simple and so cheap.


They will coin us as the absolute dumbest, generation of all.

I already look back, I look at the very smart people I have come across, and think to myself, surely they must know and they are hiding it. Surely this super smart person is not that dumb...

Like I said, the US Military were testing the Hendershot Motor in the 20's:


I want the next generation to know I tried, to know I made a difference.


Chris posted this 13 November 2019

Hey Jagau,


Yes i get a sawtooth waveform but at input coil.


Sounds like the Coils and the Diodes may not yet be correct. Sawtooth Waveform should be best on L3, with the Diode and current sense resistor.

The Sawtooth waveform is directly related to Lenz's Law and the Current that Follows.

I showed data on that in the thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT


What do you mean by return to input a diode maybe?


Yes, as long as there is a reverse path, a diode via Fet, D1 via Q1 or something, one can see the Input drop as one finds better and better results.


As you know, this is for others, as L1 sees a reverse EMF, Current will flow back to the 3V Source if there is a Diode, or internal Diode on the Fet. 


Jagau posted this 13 November 2019

Thank you Atti
I will read it carefully


Indeed an inverted diode, corrected the error on L3
Others better photo to come

Okfor the input i understand what you mean.


Chris posted this 13 November 2019

My Friends,

The input Coil:

I ask you, remember what we were told:


Remember what we found in the video series we have just gone through, we saw that the Change in Current is what produced an E.M.F, I have described this as Rise over Run, Tom Bearden describes it as Rise Time and Decay Time.


Why is this important?

E.M.F = -NdPhi/dt this is Electromagnetic Induction!

A very sharp Rise Time is the Change in Magnetic Field.

Our Partnered Output Coils is where the E.M.F is required.

I have provided an Electromagnetic induction Calculator:


I hope this helps some!


Chris posted this 07 December 2019

Hey Atti,

My Hat is off to you sir! Well Done!

Now, in all your experiments, have you had such results, and have you had such results from something as simple and as cheap as what I have given you?

You have one Input,

You have two Outputs, one is Opposite to the Input and one is Assisting the Input.

Well done, I am very pleased to see your successful results!

Yes there is always room for improvement wink


Atti posted this 08 December 2019

Hey Jagau.

You can read the context in the other thread.
but the point of translation in the video is:

Boday: The phenomena is exceptionally interesting. Input voltage is zero now and here these electric bulbs are lit.
Reporter: At first you switched something and  a number 7 could be seen?
B: yes, there is a given voltage to start with, then the setup gets excited and the input voltage can be switched off, for instance you see I unplug the connection and the bulbs continue lighting. So this is a completely new phenomena  which now I would not like to talk about.
R:  But I would have one more question: In your setup there are still two 4.5V dry batteries?
B: The two 4.5V dry batteries feed the control electronics only.  If you consider there are 8 light bulbs of 10W power each, altogether they are 80W, and you cannot take out 80W power from two 4.5V dry batteries. I could show you the current coming out from these batteries, it is about 30mA the control circuit consumes.
R: Basically, you change the Law of Energy Conversation with this setup by showing you gain energy from nothing?
B: Well, not from nothing but from permanent magnets: their magnetostatic energy is converted into magnetodynamic energy.  This is all I wished to tell you because this setup needs further experiments and developments to get an extremely well useable and useful device for everybody.

cd_sharp posted this 04 February 2020

Hey, man, I know you had suspicions, I did also, we talked about it. But still, this is surprising me. You did the right thing.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Ourbobby posted this 09 February 2020

Hello Chris,
I am slowly working my way through your tutorial videos' on non-inductive coils. Towards the end of video four , you state that that bifilar coil had enough charge to run a small city.
Could you please elaborate on that comment?

Thank you

Chris posted this 09 February 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

If you need help with the videos / replication, please let me know.

Please note: I have replied to your Energy question here.

I am sorry, I have to be tough on off topic posts, otherwise the forum will turn into a mess, nothing will be organised.

Best wishes,


baerndorfer posted this 09 February 2020

hello chris,

i started to watch your videos and build some coils for testing.

when i do the measurement with the lcr meter on the opposing coils it gave me a reading far away from zero.

is it incorrect to expect zero inductance on a coil which is wound that way?

i use 1mm wire for the coil which have a diameter of 50mm. 56 CW and 56 CCW with center-tap.

thank you for the brillant videos and explanation!

regards from austria


Ourbobby posted this 15 February 2020

Hello Chris,
I hope that I am in the correct thread this time. I am not sure if this is a Partnered Output Coil test.

I have been spending my evening going through your thorough set of video tutorials on Non inductive coils. Assimmilating all the information is difficult and needs time! Especially understanding the unique differences that can appear.

I have started a test sequence using the two coils with an extra drive coil. Video 7 I think. I do not have a lot of time at the present, however, I have found some time this weekend. I think my early results might be fruitful: you can be the judge. The test set up is not complete as I have to get some 0.1ohm resistors for the current sensing. I have only been working to get resonance, which the attached photo shows, might be close?

My pulse circuit has an adjustable pulse width and adjustable frequency. In the set-up, I am using an amorphous core AMCC100. There are three coils 2 coils are 300 turns #23 guage and 1 drive coil 75 turns #17 guage which is wound over one of the other coils. The large coils are CW and CCW wound. The drive coil is CCW wound on top of the large CCW. I do not know why, but, the outputs are difficult to understand. Yellow Trace is primary CCW coil wound over Blue trace which is large CCW coil. Puple trace is CW coil on adjacent side of the core. I might have expected the output from Trace purple, CW coil to have been a larger voltage or similar output voltage to the other coils. Also, Where as the CCW coils show similarities of output,
the CW coil- purple- is a little bit unruly!

I am hoping to make a donation for you soon, as I can see that your effort in recording these videos has been tremendous.



Chris posted this 15 February 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

Looking really good! Well done.

What you have is a really good start! A few things to try to help,

  • Input needs to be a very short DC Pulse.
  • You could drop your Input Coil down to say 20 turns or even less.
  • You have a lot of AC signal, which is fine if that's what your'e aiming for, but aiming for DC might be a better path forward. That means you need some Diodes on your Partnered Output Coils. See below Circuit.


Sorry about my off topic complain a while back. 

Good work, Thank You for sharing. Please PM me if you need any help!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 16 February 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

Lots of things can make a Mosfet fail. One common problem I have seen, is the Mosfet is not switched off properly. If you follow the guides above I gave. This should help!

PM Me if you need help.

Best wishes,


Vidura posted this 15 March 2020

Hey Ourbobby, It happens to all sometimes that we become saturated by a lot of information, anyway, the most valuable knowledge is that gained by experience. Regarding the inconvenience with your actual setup, if I may suggest: Try a simple experiment like the Mr Preva or the coils like in Chris' tread some coils buck and some coils don't, so you can evaluate if your switching unit is working correctly. A regulable lab power supply is useful, but not indispensable. Most experiments can be performed using batteries as well. Adjustment of voltage on some cases is needed, while the current limiting feature is mostly for protection of the equipment. If I can help with something just let me know. Vidura.

Chris posted this 27 March 2020

My Friends,

A friendly reminder of an age old technology, we only need expand on a little:


Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 29 March 2020


    Am looking at the Meg as an initial stage to understand the induction complement of the set-up of POC's. Looking at the JL Naudin build. So, I first have to rationalise the L2 windings over the middle of the C cores! For anyone looking at this. Here is my magnetic clamp solution, not perfect, but, OK for winding small number of cores. It uses two round neo magnets sold often with 6mm screw hooks.. My coupling iuses two long extention nuts 10mm to connect to winding machine and adjacent magnet.. I have drilled out two 10 mm bolts and tapped for 6mm threaded rod insert, then cut off the heads. It works!




Wistiti posted this 30 March 2020

Chris, my freind, dont lose your time and optimist by following this forum.

On my side i see great difference between the first forum you start and what we are now!


Thank you to be there, do not worry it,s more than apreciate!

Chris posted this 30 March 2020

Thank You Jagau!

I agree, the best is yet to come! We have come a long way, already, but yes, the Future will be Glorious! We only need work hard for it!

So many Good People here! I thank You All! Humanity is on difficult times and we are getting through it much better than what we have in time past!

Best wishes My Friend!


Chris posted this 06 April 2020

Thanks Thaelin!

I was going to send Elon Musk a message, he is perhaps one of the few wealthy that may listen to reason. As you say, the message will likely be destroyed before he receives anyway.

Conventional Science does not understand the Electrical "Generator"!

Shaft Torque is not the Cause of the Volumetric Flow we know of as Watt Seconds ( V x I ). Shaft Torque is the Effect, only occurring after the Volumetric Flow is achieved.

Simple Experiments give us a lot of real data, if we take the time to study what we are shown. Voltage is Free, Science agrees on this point! Current is not Free, at least according to Science. However, NI, the Ampere Turns, is equivalent to the M.M.F, and the Magnetomotive Force is a fundamental Force that must be dealt with!

CD's recent experiments show a working Machine, a DUT that is obviously Above-Unity, showing all the effects we need to observe. Current is sent back to the Power Supply, the Input, or Consumption Current, is Reduced, when in operation, which is required, the machine powers a Load for less energy that the machine required just to operate. The Load reducing the Input power, not increasing it like we have been brain washed into expecting!

We really cant make the machines any more simple, its Three Coils, One Input Coil, Two Output Coils, Partnered Output Coils, configured correctly gives Above Unity!

The start to this understanding comes in this Video: @ 30 : 14


NOTE: The whole series is important, containing lots of information.

CD has worked very hard to obtain this result! I congratulate him! From here on, improvements will be colossal!

I am happy to help anyone wanting to work toward this goal! As long as they are willing to work hard to achieve it. I have a great deal of respect for my fellow Brothers and Sisters, our Future is going to be Glorious!

We do have to work hard for it though!

Thank You Thaelin, you have been with us from the very early days! I very much appreciate everyone's support!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 09 April 2020

Hi Chocolate blanco,

                                  I am using the coil dynamics of JL Naudin's replication of the MEG.

for the driver I am using the circuit outline as postrd above using a 3524 and 4227 driver. I have been looking at my coil connections and something unusual has occurred. I have found that general pulsing with my circuit will not provide sufficient oomph for the bucking to occur. I think I have a tricky potentiometer! Because, when I get to a certain point of the wiper, I get very good pulse to the coils! As it is a tricky circumstance, it is very difficult to maintain the pulse outcome. This has indicated to me that I must reassess the drive for the coils in the unit. I am not sure if the pulse output is what I might be looking for. The globes in the attached photo are the mains voltage LED's. So they will light with Radiant output. Incandescent Globe does not light up! So i am still not doing it correctly. The voltage i am using is 12v battery.






Chris posted this 11 April 2020

My Friends,

I was having a conversation with a Friend, about Coils and Turn Direction. I would like to share my thoughts.

I have shared many images on this subject:


Others also.

Documentation is super important! Make your Coils Modular, so one Coil can be removed and re-wound the opposite way if necessary. Document the Turn Direction vs the Output! This is where you will have the best success. I have pointed this out before: here.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself!

Take your time, learn as much as you can learn, the rest will come in time! Reference and Cross Reference as I may not always be 100% Right, I have done my utmost to get you accurate correct information, but sometime my interpretation is just that, my interpretation.

Learn from those before us:

Consider for a moment the construction of the triode which includes the bifilar coils located within the fields of the two conditioned magnets. 

When the current in one half of the conductors in the coils (i.e., one of the bifilar elements in each coil) of the device is moving up, both the current and the magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

The resultant motional E-field would be vertical to both and inwardly directed.

At the same time the current in the other half of the conductors in the coils is moving down and both the current and magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

The resulting motional E-field is again vertical to both and inwardly directed.

Thus, the resultant field intensity is double the intensity attributable to either one of the set of coil conductors taken singularly.

Expressed mathematically:

E = ( B x V ) + ( -B x -V ) = 2 ( B x V )

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


Now, I urge all to study this intently! It is extremely Important! What are we looking at? Notice B is considered TWICE, as is V!

If the directions of the two signals are such that opposite H-fields cancel and E-fields add, an apparently steady E-field will be created. The energy density of the fields remain as calculated above, but the value of the E-field will double from E / 2 to E.

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


What is this? Exactly what is this? Study this, make the connection:


Lets make this Vertical, to match the Description above:

This is SO Important! Once understood, it is the Game Changer, Doors open and the World will change forever!



The VTA "likes" to always see a minimum load of 25 watts.

Ref:  FLOYD SWEET'S VTA UNIT - by Walt Rosenthal


Please don't let opportunity pass you by! What I am sharing is world changing! We are Light Years Ahead of the other Forums!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 16 April 2020

Hi CB,

You have a very good understanding on this Tech!

I have to say, and there is a lot of talk about this, the Electric Field, Floyd Sweet spoke of the Motional E Field, the Motional Electric Field, and described it in great detail in many of his documents, one such example here:

The source of energy is unlimited, the virtual vacuum of space itself structured by a motional electromagnetic field is the powerhouse.




Of all the known fields- electric, magnetic, gravitational and motional E-fieldthe only ones incapable of being shielded are the induced motional E-field and the gravitational field. The nature of the motionally induced electric field is quite unique; in order understand it more fully we must start by parting with a few misleading paradigms. When magnetic flux is moved perpendicularly across a conductor an electromotive force (E.M.F) is electromagnetically induced "within" the conductor. "Within" is an artefact of the commonly used analogy comparing the flow of electric current within a wire to the flow of water within a pipe. This is a most misleading model theoretically. The true phenomenon taking place has little been thought of as involving the production of a spatially distributed electric field. We can see that the model's origins likely arose from the operation called "flux cutting", a most deceiving and misleading term. A better term, "time varying flux modulation", does not imply any separation of lines of flux. Truly, lines of flux are always in closure upon themselves and are mathematically expressed as line integrals. It is fallacious to use the term "cutting", which implies time varying separation which does not in fact ever occur. A motionally induced E-field is actually created within the space occupied by the moving magnetic flux described above. This field is present therein, whether or not a conductor is present in the space.

Ref: Floyd Sparky Sweet - Nothing is Something.


What I always try to take away, is, the fact that we can not separate the two, there is always an Electro and a Magnetic Field. Although we might think the Magnetic Field is no longer there, it is still there. Its just hidden, or the vector Sums to Zero, but we still have the Magnetic, it must always go with the Electric, to make up the Electromagnetic Field.

One is the orthogonal Component of the Other, they really are one and the same thing. I enjoy what Sir Richard Feynman said about the Motional Magnetic Field: 


Of course the only time we have Electric and no Magnetic is when the Electric Field is Stationary. We all know a Motional Electric Field is going to have a Magnetic Component also.

I know Vidura may not agree with me on this and I would like to hear what he may not agree with, as this debate is truly a very interesting one!

Best wishes,


Vidura posted this 16 April 2020

Hey Chris,

As reply for the Subject:

What I always try to take away, is, the fact that we can not separate the two, there is always an Electro and a Magnetic Field. Although we might think the Magnetic Field is no longer there, it is still there. Its just hidden, or the vector Sums to Zero, but we still have the Magnetic, it must always go with the Electric, to make up the Electromagnetic Field.

In my present understanding I would agree to say that all the physical universe is one and the same thing, as it arises from one unique cause, and in this sense magnetism and electricity, even fire and water are one and the same thing. But from the perspective of our perception there are three forces concatenated, all three having a distinct field and vibration, and are orthogonal to each other. I will soon do a couple of videos with simple experiments, which will give reasons to re-think about some "laws" which we have taken for granted. 

Best wishes,




Vidura posted this 19 April 2020

Hi Ourbobby, really puzzling what is going on in your experiment. If I may suggest to post some scope shots of mosfet gate, MOSFETs drain separately, with and without power supply connected, so we might find out what is going on. I didn't understand what you referring the measurement of 40uT to? Are you feeding a signal of >500khz and coils oscillating at 2khz, is that so? Regards Vidura.

Atti posted this 21 April 2020


Too simple when I look at your circuit.

What else do you think should be added to keep it simple? Why is it wrong if it's easy?

Ourbobby posted this 22 April 2020

Hi Atti, 

           I am not saying your circuit is simple. I am saying my circuit is simple! You have developed avenues within your circuit. I have only made the basic model to get proof of concept. I am not critising your circuit, I am complimenting it.




Ourbobby posted this 26 April 2020

Hi All,

          If I may be so bold! I have rewound my coils to represent the coils of Atti. Although I have a larger core size, which gives its own problems with replication. I have AMCC200, on which I have wound #18 160 turns and 40 turns of 7/10mm wire. I get resonance at 30.2Khz with 25% pulse width through frequency Generator. 

To get a response to this above arrangement I am guided by Don Smith's comment of energy increase by doubling the voltage, the calculation therefore relies upon the resistance being doubled too, being based upon Ohms law.  Therefore, I am inputting  almost 15watts to P1 to get an output across a resistive load on S1 coil, 24v @ 60mA. This ordinarily might look like a simple transformer transfomation except for the high voltage generated within the coils! So I am thinking that I am using the sledge hammer approach to get an effect!.

I have also used the SG3525, due to its higher voltage opportunities. However, I am unable to effect the deadtime calculation with a resistance between pins 7 and 5, as is specified in the datasheet, and by numerous online comments regarding methodology. So I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong! And, I think that if I were to be able to activate the deadtime, then I might have an opportunity to get closer to the resonance of the device. Which at the moment is operating with 50% pulses in totem pole connection.

The other consequence, that has come to mind is that, because it takes 24v and minimum 60mA to activate the cores - magnetically. Don's method might not be appropriate. You hear them clamp together and a glow in the light glow is evident. Therefore, It is possible that  by reducing the wire guage for the larger core I shall have to rewind lower guage, which will allow lower power input? 

Anyway, these thoughts are my way of updating my progress. The tunnel still seems long, only a pin hole of light!.




Chris posted this 26 April 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

If I may, don't re-wind the coils, keep them the same, don't change them.

Do a series of Experiments, documenting each experiment. Specifically focus on "What the Partnered Output Coils are doing" - This is the "Generation" Phase.

I have listed here and in many places lists of things to do to improve on the Effects:

  • Check your Core for a Gap, if there is a gap, decrease it, if there is no gap, try to increase it.
  • Check your Input Circuit, start documenting your Circuits, per video and what you try and when.
  • Change the Primary, POCOne Coil, the Loaded Coil, to the Opposite Coil.
  • Adjust the Coupling from one Coil to the Other. Measure the Assist the Coil gives while Adjusting...
  • Measure your POCOne Current and see if POCTwo Voltage aligns up as I showed in my videos. Remember, its the Change in Current that creates the Voltage.
  • Really, look for the adjustments that the machine likes to see, if the effects drop off, you are going the wrong way, go back.
  • Measure the slope of your Input Current, vs Voltage gained on POCOne and same again on POCTwo.
  • Does your Input go Down, or go Up when Connecting POCTwo?
  • Try pulsing, with the same config, but a second switch and a small battery or something on POCTwo to see whats supposed to go on when POCTwo Assists the Machine. This will help you to get a feel for the operation.
  • Check your input does not have some sort of protection diodes somewhere, stopping the input Current coming back.
  • Measure best Standard Transformer COP, set yourself a standard Baseline to work to, and compare to COP with POC. See what Configuration assists and drops your Input.
  • Remember, the Magnetic Field by itself is Symmetrical, so perhaps best stick to the Configuration I showed in my Video. Why? The Magnetic Field has two poles, each pole has a Propagation delay, lets try to balance this delay for the mean time.

Ref: Chris, Me, posted here.


Document what your Coils like better, look for the Path Forward. Of course, this experience, the experience gained here is critical in understanding what is required to make this work the best way, and why these simple things can make a difference.

Check everything, turning up your input a little more each experiment, to see what your machines like! Look for the Effects, the Numbers will follow!

Ourbobby and others reading, note the output difference with the Fan and without:


With out Fan:

in v: 12.80
in amp: 0.722
= 9.2416

out v: 10.40
out amp: 1.639
= 17.0456

COP: 17.0456 / 9.2416 = COP = 1.84

Loaded with Fan:

in v: 12.80
in amp: 1.356
= 17.3568

out v: 10.40
out amp: 1.633
= 16.9832

COP: 16.9832 / 17.3568 = COP = 0.98


Excellent work and Thank You for Sharing!

Best wishes,


Atti posted this 26 April 2020


Really take a few more measurements. Don't take it right away.
Some thoughts.
-Only use coil L3 to find the point where your current consumption from the power supply is highest. Frequency-supply voltage with default but the fill factor should remain small. Max 30%. (I don't think dead time matters because it would only matter if both outputs of SG were used.)
-Now put the load on the L2 coil. The current drawn from the power supply should increase only slightly. But because the resistance of the light bulb changes, the current consumption remains low. Video 1:50 (That's why the incandescent method also cheats a lot!)
-Notice that the ammeter suddenly deviates but falls back.
In my opinion, this is the best working point.
-See what parameters you use in this case.

  At least the kind of transformers I've tried so far.
But unfortunately there is little experience.


Chris posted this 26 April 2020

My Friends,

When you get to Magnetic Resonance, at the right point, you will know, take the above example.

Its a bit like taking a Mini vs a V8 for a test drive.

Look for the effects My Friends, then you will see the difference, be patient!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 29 April 2020

Hi All,
Thanks for the information. I must be seriously missing the point here. I follow the procedures and the results I get have nothing in common to those demonstrations that show the results we should be looking for. The time I have available at the moment is a smallish window. With my current set up, very simple, I am only getting 30mA or so!. This is the coil arrangement with P = 43 turns, S1 and S2 having 280 turns. I reduce to P = 22 turns and my current improves to 80 mA. No matter which way I connect the loads across the coils for measuring, am I able to approximate to reading the current flow required for the first leg of the sawtooth. It makes no sense to me. Even if I use a variable resistance, I am unable to see the current flow.

Realistically, how many times does one have to manipulate a experiment, to get to the basic point of reference, based upon the information of working models shown and refered to, before they give up?

I have modelled an experiment based upon Atti's circuit, as close to his as I can get, and I get nowhere near what I am supposed to. What am I missing? Well, for a start, replications and or similar, should have a more clearly defined outline. For example. I get the what I am looking for with the period of time constant for charging the primary which transfers this to the S1. This is where we should find the current growth we are looking for. So we use a TVS diode. Without having an arsenal of these values, what range should I be looking to calculate? The transformer turns ration of the P anD S1 as a destination point? I leave it there.



cd_sharp posted this 29 April 2020

Hey, guys, Ourbobby

I am sure, @CD, you would agree this is important to understand isn't it?

Absolutely. Patience is needed. Do it relaxed, enjoy the experience! Experimenting is a pleasure.

Now efficiency doesn’t matter, profits don’t matter. Only the existence of effects.

Yes, be hungry about learning. Don't be upset about failures. Failures are not a waste of time. I'm confident great devices are waiting to be built in the future.

Best wishes, friends!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 29 April 2020

Hey Ourbobby, Atti, CD and all Readers,

Its true, CD is very Wise! Famous Aircraft Designer, Burt Rutan said:

Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.


Its so true, direction, understanding and ability come from failure! However, one must define what a Failure is! In my opinion, you have not failed! You have succeeded! You have achieved the required Waveform! The problem is only the Measurements! 

My Advice: In the early stages, do not focus on the Measurements! Focus on the Effects!

My Dear Friends, one of the reasons I say: "Look for the Effects" is simply because as you learn about these effects, you learn more of an area that is largely unexplored in Science, at least Conventional Science! As you learn more about these effects and how to improve on them, the Natural thing is to turn your input up slowly! This allows you to observe better, and be careful at the same time whats occurring. I have also said: "Monitor your Currents", this is a Magnetic Field Effect Machine! You need to increase your Magnetic Fields so you can see better whats going on.

You all are awesome! You all are part of this Historical Drive to push Humanity Forward! You ALL Should be SO PROUD!

Best wishes, stay safe and well!


Zanzal posted this 29 April 2020

Realistically, how many times does one have to manipulate a experiment, to get to the basic point of reference, based upon the information of working models shown and refered to, before they give up?

Hello Ourbobby,

We've all been there I think. At the point or past the point of giving up. Only to come back later and try again. If I may recommend a new metric for success : Learn something new about electrodynamics = success. Learn nothing new = failure. Focus on what you can learn. When you are doing your experiment and you take your measurement focus on facts not emotion. Don't anticipate success, examine your results and look for opportunities to improve them. When we talk about famous inventors like Bearden and Sweet, keep in mind those folks had Ph.Ds and an understanding that showed they earned them. Bearden acknowledged it took him years to figure out the solution. Tesla was also hard at work for many years. None of those guys were born knowing anything. They had to learn. Likewise we must learn too.

And remember you are not alone here, we're all working and sharing to help each other learn. Ask questions, try new things, challenge your own assumptions.

Ourbobby posted this 13 May 2020

Hi Atti,

           Thanks for the reply. When I increased the voltage tolerance, that is where the damage would occur. The sharp discharge.I am able to run at with some sort of oscillation at around 70 volts across the protective circuit. My input is 24v. However, although I can appear to be oscillating I am not getting any output across S1 or S2. I take that to mean that I am getting limited current through put. For some reason, I am unable to increase the current through the primary, which I am thinking is the source of my issue with serious success!

Thanks again for your assistance.




mich posted this 15 May 2020

Hi Chris considering your last post, this for let you know that i'm working :-)  I would like also to thank you for your effort so far and the others too.

In my replication at the moment nothing special resonance to see, the imput is 11V 400mA, by varying the dutycycle I don't see great piks of power on the load but a linear action, for now I build a normal trasformer with a feature that the load is supplied only by flux discharge in the core.

I try many length of coils in many configurations, I try to maximize the L3 work (the support coil without load) which for now it doesn't contribute much to the output, next I will try different cores.. or change schema..

photos of last configuration:


Ourbobby posted this 15 May 2020


Here is a photo of output when swapping terminals on coils. Twice the output 340vpp. 



baerndorfer posted this 26 May 2020

found this image on top and have a question.

can someone explain why there is a switch (S2) for cancel out L2 ?

Chris posted this 27 May 2020

Hey Baerndorfer,

Each Copper Coil has Atoms filled with Electrons, Protons, Neutrons and some might include Ions. You could think of each Copper Wire as a Battery, having no immediate Charge, Flat by Definition. We have an abundance of Charge at our disposal, we just need to know how to Free Charge and make it move, like these guys do:


Every single piece of Charge has a Magnetic Moment, and as the Magnetic Fields build, the Charge in the Wire is Freed, moving to Higher Orbitals and becoming Free Electrons, ready to be Accelerated down the Wire.

From the great man, Floyd Sweet:

Quantum mechanics state not all electrons in copper are free to carry charges. Then it’s time to set the wheels in motion to free them from binding magnetic forces. Once this is done, conductivity will improve and resistance decrease as we are dealing only with electrons. Copper will not change to another metal as atoms which are mostly empty space would have many electrons to spare anyway.

Ref: The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator by  Floyd A. Sweet. Ph.D.


We have to Engineer the Vacuum, Matter, Magnetic Fields can do this, its very easy, Magnetic Resonance is important.

Every kind of matter produces a field


energy is a kind of matter

Ref: NOTHING IS SOMETHING by Floyd A. "Sparky" Sweet


The Conductor is a Source of Infinite Charge, only needing us to Pump it!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Atti posted this 02 June 2020

Hey Ourbobby

I say it again. I only used the 120 volt tiny light bulb to see how the self-inductive voltage at the foot of the Fet drain rises. A few volt light bulb with adequate limiting resistance is also suitable to indicate this.
So in my opinion, it is not the small light bulb that matters, but the effect of the load current on the excitation current due to the loose coupling.
An older video has been uploaded again. This is also visible.
But as Chris says:
If you post a bit more detail, Images, Videos and so on, then we can help more. (although I am not an expert on the subject)


Chris posted this 08 June 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

I was more so pointing to stick with your current experiment and find what it takes to make that better, and better, and better, and better, and then one day you will have the Floyd Sweet Machine 100%.

It is of course up to you, what path you take, I am not twisting yours, or anyone's arm! I will say, however, most of us here, have had very good results so far! Only a few have not gone Above the unity Boundary yet. Mostly it is because:

  1. Too many Turns.
  2. Incorrect Polarity.
  3. Bad Core, may need to gap the core or something.


So its is up to you what path forward, you decide to take. 

I am going to lock this thread, simply because this thread is now filled to the brim with totally off topic, not relevant posts. I have asked several times to start your own threads and not post on this thread.

Best wishes,  stay safe and well,


Jagau posted this 16 October 2019

Hey Chris,

excellent video to make our brain work.
One of the recurring problems that I see is taking measurements with the right tools and the right technique.


Chris posted this 16 October 2019

Hey Jagau,

when you say:

taking measurements with the right tools and the right technique.


Would you mind expanding what you mean? 


Jagau posted this 16 October 2019

In the thread of Vidura ''measures'' we talk about it extensively but it is good to refresh our memory.
A good link for the technique:

For measuring devices, some voltmeters are not at all effective and often can be misleading depending on how they are built.
Towards the end of your video we see it at 31:50 the oscilloscope is more accurate than the multimeter.

Chris posted this 17 October 2019

Hey Hopeful1,

Yes, for sure there is a bit of a learning curve on scopes. Perhaps we start a new thread on learning the oscilloscope, it is certainly a good idea!

I am certainly not an expert, however we have many experts here!

I am happy to help when I can!

The Magnetic Fields in the Core and the Coils all Interact together, there is a battle, and we need to get the Coils Voltage up so they can carry a good Current!



Fighter posted this 23 October 2019

although every month im becoming more and more comfortable with the fact our planet does not have free energy products.  - because its really bloody difficult.

Not entirely true, Patrick. Our planet have free energy products, it's just those products are kept in military black projects and people are not allowed to have that. Yet. That's why we all are here, to change that.

Every time I see some news about UFOs flying in our planet's sky or in orbit it's a motivation to continue on this way, I'm telling myself "Those guys, no matter if they are our military or if they are just visitors, are powering their ships with free energy and have anti-gravity engines. It's everything right under our nose, they're showing us these technologies and the path we must follow...". 'Cause I'm 100% sure those ships don't have immense reservoirs with fuel on board to get the energy they need to do all the incredible things they do in our skies.

So no, the only reasons we civilians don't have free energy (yet) it's not because this planet don't have the technology, it's just because some greedy morons want to keep that technology just for themselves even if they obtained it in black projects using trillions of dollars took from our civilian pockets.

Jagau posted this 30 October 2019

Hi Chris
The primary is L1
L2 is the small coil of 25 turns and it is on the primary L1
L3 is up, is it good?

Chris posted this 08 November 2019

My Friends,

In the first post we saw this Image:


After a few experiments, we saw in Video Six, we got H1 + H2 = 0.

In Video Seven we changed the entire equation, we got exactly: H1 + H2 + H3 = H3.

As Tariel Kapanadze said, pointed out here, Andrey Melnichenko was on the right track:


@ 37 : 07 in video: / watch?v=3utQUdGDMmU

From a computer has pulled out the information about such person... Its surname is Melnichenko. The unique person, unique material with which I have had time to familiarise for the last years, who decided exactly this question. It speaks: hold a resonance and all will turn out.

As he said, it has not reached transformer Tesla. and has already begun work, to make this installation. he will make this device, to my mind, still it is not fast, but... he is very close.


We have it my friends, we have it, all we need do is further it.


The future is ours! But only if we do this together.


Chris posted this 14 November 2019

My Friends,

A video to help explain the processes:


I hope this helps!


Atti posted this 26 November 2019


I would ask you.Only for information. Were you looking at input and output power ratios?

Chris posted this 26 November 2019


I would ask you.Only for information. Were you looking at input and output power ratios?


Atti, Its a very simple build, you should build and test yourself. 

Prove to yourself that its easy and simple to get More Energy Out than In!

Its just a way of thinking.


Chris posted this 27 November 2019

Hey Atti,

Everyone that has done the reading and Viewing of my Videos is getting the results, some better results than others. But everyone is getting the Effects necessary! The Effects can be improved upon!

It is simple, its not hard! We must force ourselves to not over complicate this!

The only way to understand this is to build and replicate this as I have shown you.

AMCC320 Equivalent Core, Two Former's, Three Coils, 250, 250 and 22 approximately. Then this Circuit:



I have advised against using Cores too small, I have given you the data, all you need do is follow it! You have one of these core, I have seen in your videos!

I do not want to listen to Non-Believers complain about measurements and others abilities! Some here are very skilled in what they do! With greater abilities than myself!

Either do it or don't do it, there is no try! This is easily achievable if one puts their mind to it!


Chris posted this 15 December 2019

My Friends,

Noise is a bit of a problem on the oscilloscopes. Even at 6 million points!










If my measurements are correct, we are seeing:

17.7 / 5.37 = COP = 3.296


I have a big problem with all this noise however. Not normal in my experiments. I have checked many times the measurements, the 0.1 Ohm resistor has been checked and the Scope setup for 1 x 0.1 x 10 = 1 Ohm for a Current measurement of 1 : 1.

Perhaps I have a bad switch or something.

Please note, these figures are just an experiment I have put together for learning purposes. Much better results can be achieved as more experience is gained.

Are these results to be trusted?


cd_sharp posted this 15 December 2019

Hey, man

No, the signals need to be clean. Otherwise, the MATH function computes noise.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Captainloz posted this 02 February 2020

Hi Chris,

Done!  I just posted on the thread over there!  I was going to post a link to one of my videos, but they'll have to join this forum to see it. Hahah! smile



cd_sharp posted this 02 February 2020

Hey, man, it's done,

I hope good people will see our small links in the massive non-sense they are producing there.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 02 February 2020

Hey CD,

Yes, there is a ton of non-sense there! Huge amount of wasted space! Still if we can get the few that wish to move forward join us, then we become stronger everyday! We can only do this together! You and the others here working hard to move forward are inspiration my friend!


We are Light Years ahead of the other forums!

Best wishes,



P.S: As Loz pointed out, those that wish to move forward and do the work will succeed! You guys and gals already know that! There is a steep learning curve if those that come have not dome their homework. But we as a Team, a Family, here, can help those that need help.

Jagau posted this 05 February 2020

A lot has happened in the past few days, I just got back from my trip.
Chris I think we are all behind you,

I agree perfectly with the way you manage this forum, thank you.

We feel confident.


Chris posted this 14 February 2020

My Friends,

Sometimes I cant help but smile!

Some years back when I introduced this technology, I had some communications with Partzman. I believe Partzman has an account here as Prometheus. I am speculating and do not know this for sure.

Let it be known, I like Partzman, he seems like a good person.

This is a re-visitation of a particular ferrite toroid core that I had demonstrated years ago that had anomalous voltage levels. The two pdfs below explain my findings back then and this is an application of that core within an operating circuit.

The schematic of the test is shown below and a scope pix is also shown.

The frequency is 50kHz and the measurements are shown with statistical analysis of many measurement cycles. The vertical deflection is adjusted for near full screen and at this frequency the resolution is ~12 bits. Also note the horizontal sampling at 1Meg points.

Using the mean values, the output power is 2.151^2/500 = 9.25mw. Therefore, the apparent COP = 9.25/4.372 = 2.12.

The question is, what is the cause of this core's anomaly?




Ref: Anomalous CMC Tests started on: 2016-04-11


I started sharing my work on: January 16, 2015 and well before, 2011 on

Isn't it funny how easy it is to guide others, but others still think they came up with the ideas themselves? We have many pages here and forum posts else where that show I was well before everyone else in sharing this tech! Still its part of evolution as they say:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Ref: Arthur Schopenhauer


Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 15 February 2020

Hi Chris,

              Thanks for the heads up. From your video comments, I take it to mean that optimum output comes with resonance. The scope shot it an expanded pulse, looking for symmetry of pulse waveforms. My input pulses are approximately 10 % as you recommend. I'll get some resistors next week and do some further work to look at the current. 

Edit: I have found a couple of 5W .1ohm resistors, or I should say, rescued. I am wondering if I should have special settings enabled on me Rigol. No matter what I do, I am unable to get the waveforms or conditions that you show in videos 5,6 and 7. Each time I get a scope image of a pulse that crosses the median, as one would expect when pulsing a coil. No rise or fall or delays. Just a ringing effect when expanded.





Chris posted this 15 February 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

Yes, I used 3,000 Hz at a 10% Duty Cycle. Your Frequency and Duty Cycle might be very different. The Output should be DC, after the Diodes.

You will see a very Triangle Waveform on the Output:


Loading the Output, the Input should go down in Current Consumption, meaning Energy is sent back to the Input.

Best wishes,


Vidura posted this 15 February 2020

Hey Ourbobby your scope shots look like if the output coils are not loaded, check if you have amps flowing, maybe change the load device, to mach the impedance better, or maybe a failure in the diodes? Regards Vidura.

Ourbobby posted this 15 February 2020

Hi Chris,

              I can see what my issue is!. I am not understanding the calculation for winding for inductance. I do not recall you giving any inductance figures. Of course your core is three time the size of mine. I am showing an inductance of 1.77mH. I am thinking that I should be looking for low inductance and low resistance in the coil. On a side note, the Figueras device uses non inductive partnered coils?



Chris posted this 15 February 2020

Hi Chris,

              I can see what my issue is!. I am not understanding the calculation for winding for inductance. I do not recall you giving any inductance figures. Of course your core is three time the size of mine. I am showing an inductance of 1.77mH. I am thinking that I should be looking for low inductance and low resistance in the coil. On a side note, the Figueras device uses non inductive partnered coils?




Hey Ourbobby,

This is really to everyone, Keep it simple, don't over complicate it. Its really important you keep it simple!

Yes there are some complicated stuff in there, but treat it like an experiment. Drop Turns, test... Add turns, test... Adjust Frequency and Duty Cycle and then test...

From what we can see Ourbobby, the Input Switching is not right. Your Output Signals are wrong. You have AC wave form and that's not right. By working on that, moving one step at a time, forget about Inductance and all that, just go by Turns, you will get it working better.

We can help, we will help, but work on your Input Switching first. We have lots of info here about Switching:


I am sorry, perhaps I am a bit too blunt, but I am being honest and to the point, I am only trying to help. wink

So PLEASE don't take this the wrong way!


Ourbobby posted this 16 February 2020

Nope! no offence taken. I just want to understand what I am doing!

My last test until I can spend some more time on it. Maybe a window next weekend. No matter what I do this is the output I get. I have uploaded a couple of shots to show the connections as per the bucking circuit with diodes and resistors. Yellow is input, Blue is asymmetric coil, purple is coil beneath input coil. The coils are wound CCW input coil 1.5mm wire 20 turns, CCW main coil 1.06mm wire #17, 164 turns, asymmetric coil CW #17 164 turns.. Probes across the resistors.


also, thanks for the heads up on the mosfet switching. I am aware of some of the issues related to switching. I use a TC4427 which will switch efficiently at high frequencies. The mosfets I am using are IRFP 260n and IRFP 460, both with low rds. What I am not picking up is the sawtooth we are seeking. That confounds me!





Vidura posted this 16 February 2020

Ourbobby, I see your wave forms, Chris was correct, the switching is the problem. You have to get a clean rectangular pulse at the Inputcoil. Avoid using the alligator clips for the power path, better screw connectors, a bad contact sometimes causes issues. Vidura

Ourbobby posted this 16 February 2020


          I have found the problem. Bought five mosfets a while back, cheap! Each one is breaking down when pulsed!

Have ordered some replacements from Mouser!

Thanks for the help



Chris posted this 18 February 2020

My Friends,

Perhaps this needs a new thread?

I want to say something that is obvious to some, but perhaps not obvious to others. The big reason I put so much effort into my Mosfet Switching Technology, shared on the thread: Reliable and Flexible Switching System is the very fact that I realised early on that very detailed specific control of a Mosfet is critical!

Take for example the Akula days, in all Akula' Circuits, he has one thing in common in all of his circuits, a detailed control of Switching. Take for example the following two circuits:


Great detail, a huge amount of effort is concentrated on the Switching Circuits! Akula used many IC's even Phase Locked Loop PLL Circuits in there to hold Frequency and Duty Cycle.

So I also spent a lot of time and effort on full control of the Mosfet. This is why I have shared so much on Circuits and the best of what I know about the Technology behind driving Mosfets.


Ourbobby posted this 29 February 2020

Hi Chris,
Well I have discovered that the fets were not faulty, but, blown up! The issue was too much current flowing upon start up. Got that sorted out and here is a photo confirming the sawtooth and subsequent current flow. I have a 12 volt globe connected. I only have to reduce the mark space for 10% to say 15% and globe becomes much brighter. This is the obvious photo.

The other photo is me changing the connections and which might bring me into new territory. The yellow trace is 12v input coil magnified by induction of bifilar coupled secondary coils. The Blue trace is the one I am unable to work out. I tried the 3000hz, but, have backed the frequency down to the low hundreds. Frequency does not seem to influence output? Globe rightness does not appear to change when increasing frequency. I have a 240v 60w incandescent connected to output, but, I have to increase 10% pulse width to get to full brightness increase. Also, where you are using special powersupply, I am using 12v pulsed input. Seeing the outcome of the bifilar connection, I am wondering how best to capture this output? Anyway, it is reassuring to be able to replicate to some degree your demonstrations.

The output is making me cautious! As you see on the scope the bifilar out put is reading very high voltage. Is this Radiant or standard electricity?

Yellow trace input coil. Blue is secondary before bifilar connection to test for current flow. Bifilar if the Globe output.




Ourbobby posted this 04 March 2020

I think the problem might be twofold. One i need to use a current limiter in the pulse circuit. Two, I am using 12v battery, and I am only getting 10v pulse, so mosfet is not switching properly. Likely 15v better at the gate, so need to redevelop power supply. It is also possible that my configuration of coils with primary wrapped over both secondary coils is giving me some feedback  issues, that because of the fet blowing so early i cannot see what is happening. 

The non-inductive videos have been great, cleared up some issues I have had with constant differences with other system confusing me. it is most likely, on reflection, that I should first just put a power source together with current limiting, to consolidate my understanding.

Haven't made a youtube video, will have to look into process!!

Edit: on the circuit above you must be driving the mosfet with two separate voltages. The gate would require minimum 10v, you are showing 3v at Drain. i have missed that!!




Vidura posted this 04 March 2020

Hi Ourbobby, Would you like to post a schematic of your experiment, with component values, so it would be easier to isolate the issue and find a solution. Vidura.

Ourbobby posted this 04 March 2020

Hi Vidura,

                here are a few shots of current layout. This is modified coil, to test for resonance. Previous coil was wound as per video 6 with primary on top of L2. I have used more turns on this winding. Hope you can make out my quick drawing!

Edit: I have drawn the duty cycle configuration incorrectly. diode goes to pot adjustment, pot goes between 16 and 9. It works on the board!




Chris posted this 04 March 2020

Hey Guys, awesome! You guys are all awesome!

Ourbobby, I would keep your setup as is, don't change anything.

Test your Circuit and Mosfet on a Resistive Load, maybe the light you have as a load there, see if you have any trouble driving a Restive load. If you don't, then your Coils are likely the Feed Back problem.

Vidura and Raivope have excellent suggestions!

The Coil does have considerable inductance, you could load your input Coil, yes this sounds silly, but you could try this circuit:


Of course, this is not ideal, but if it saves your Mosfet, then that's a practical start.

Like I said, your'e on the right track, don't change anything yet, I always say, learn as much as you can on the experiment you have right there on the bench, its the simplest things that lead to the biggest discoveries!

Well done! Thank You for sharing!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 05 March 2020

Hi guys,

             Before I retire for the night, did not want to dream on this all night! Two photos, showing current rise and delay. Have not captured the sawtooth yet. Will look for that next. OK, what have I learned? 10% is borderline for delay to commence. A wider delay on the tips will readily show up with say 7% - approximately in photo. The problems I am having with mosfets' is too much current. As soon as I increase width of duty cycle - Boom! Thats it for now. Living below 10%. Have to start thinking again.






Chris posted this 07 March 2020

My Friends,

We have covered this before, in many different places, but I am getting to a point here, soon.

Every Transformer has a perceived Flux Direction, normally indicated by arrows:


The Arrows in the Flux is given by the Right Hand Grip Rule and the Applied Conventional Current. It is never pointed out, that the Secondary Flux, from 0 to 90 degrees, is Equal and Opposite, North Pole Opposing North Pole. So Magnetic Flux is equal and opposite.

Flux Leakage in a Non Unity Coupled Transformer indicates this Opposition:

If you observe the arrows, you can see the arrows Oppose. The Secondary Flux, this is important so please pay attention, but the Secondary Flux, Changing in Time, is a critical aspect of a Transformer! This Flux is what regulates and determines the Conservation of Energy Law. Its the "Your'e not going Above Unity", regulator!

This Secondary Flux, Changing in Time, is what gives us the opportunity to "Generate" a Voltage and therefore a Current, in a Tertiary Coil.

Please think about this, its really important!

A Tertiary Coil will Assist the Primary Coil but will Oppose the Secondary Coil, so we have a total Assist, M.M.F is Positive in the System. 

Recently I posted this, to help Aetheric_Mind:

Each Coil has a job to do. Each Coil produces a series of Action Reaction Pairs.

The Actions are:

Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction


So, the Input Coil Induces a Voltage on the Partnered Output Coil One, POne, POne then carry's a Current because it is Loaded. This is the Action, Input Coil, and the Reaction Secondary Coil.

The instant POne starts to Carry a Current, Partnered Output Coil Two, PTwo has an Induced Voltage because of this change in Current on POne, the Diode starts to Conduct and a Current Flows. This is the Counter-Reaction. The Current in PTwo must assist the Primary Current and also must Oppose POne.

This process occurs in this period:


During this period, the Coils have very little Impedance, because each Coil, this process occurs when the Coils Resonance point is found, and has the same effect as my experiment Reduced Impedance Effect.

Once this is done, we achieve a very hard Slapping together of the Magnetic Fields, we see a Voltage gained and Both Coils carry a Current. This is seen as a very slow Decay, a Sawtooth wave, because our Input is off, and the Partnered Output Coils now Pump Current for the remainder of the period:

Ref: Aetheric_Mind bucking coil experiment


Working with, and modifying the Transformer Force, as M.M.F, or Ampere Turns, NI, the Force directed back on the Primary Coil is critical to think about in the form I am trying to point out.

You can probably understand why we need a Load on the System to make this all work.


cd_sharp posted this 07 March 2020

Hey, my friend

You can probably understand why we need a Load on the System to make this all work.

The load prevents the secondary flux choke off the primary. If we have a "bad guy" (Lenz's law) in society, we won't let him kill people. We need to put him to good use and make him work for the good of the society.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Ourbobby posted this 09 March 2020

Hi Chris,

Well I have a result of sorts! And as you say on the videos, its all about the current. In your test you use a constant current of 100ma. At 3v this is 90mW, and at 12v you are 1.44W. So I have emulated those figures and get a sawtooth of sorts. as the scope shows at 12v, a sawtooth of sorts. And a shining bulb. I had to increase my constant current to 15v 200ma to get this result. This is a new wind! 1 coil 220turns 18awg, 1 coil 224 turns 18 awg and 1 primary using speaker wire 12 guage 16 turns - all I could fit onto the spool! So my resonance is well out with at 1/12.5 wave input. I need to understand what is going on and will have to think about the best approach, and considering how best to extract the energy. One interesting observation. The unit had been running for a few minute when all of a sudden, the globe "popped" on!!!


I had changed to the configuration you show above without any change to my outputs. This is when i decided to increase the coil sizes.

thanks for the encouragement


. I think I can see

Chris posted this 10 March 2020


Thanks for being patient with me! This is a good concise explanation. 


Hey Ourbobby,

We can only do this together my friend!

I often over look things, not realising others may not see things the way I do. We are all filled with the same colour blood, the same DNA!

Together we can achieve unlimited possibilities!

Divided, we are very limited!

Power, Electrical Energy is the most basic fundamental aspect to a life free of unnecessary poverty and discomfort! Most discomfort and poverty is by design, so the top 1% can soar over every one else. I will be happy when the top 1% are in Jail for their crimes against Humanity!

Apologies, going way off topic now.

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 14 March 2020

Hi Chris,

              i am suffering a bit from information overload! Arthur or Martha? Just help me out here please. Above you show measurments for two coils.  What I don't get is your meter showing 80+ ohms for impedance. How did you do that?




Ourbobby posted this 15 March 2020

Hi Chris,
As you say, KISS is the acronym. I realise why I am having difficulty establishing, I need a controlled current power supply with an independent voltage adjustment to hold the set current. Without this, I cannot see a way forwards. I am able to get to see the current rise, but as soon as I raise the input power, I lose it. As soon as I overload the POC unit, I lose any semblence of current rise. That is, the window disappears. No sawtooth!! Also, I am getting a tremendous amount of noise and random looking waveforms. Again, I would suppose, correctly balanced coils, with the correct power input, and its happy days are here again!

There ia s lot of information on your Hyiq site. Constant refences and examples contribute to the difficulty of a successful build. in the short term at least. I am mindful oj John Bedini's approach which although implying"free Energy", did not seem to be threatening. People out ther clammered to his site and workshops. His working model, the SG for example would have enabled many hundreds, if not thousands of afficionado's!.

Anyway, I have to have a rest, the constant interrogation of your links and threads has exhausted me. until I can a solution I shall have to become a theoretical builder.



Ourbobby posted this 18 March 2020

Hello Chris,

                  I am yet to have the magic eureka moment! But, thanks for the comment. I must look for the output or energy input next.




Ourbobby posted this 18 March 2020

Hi , just before I head off to bed, I also have a primary winding on the core, so that I can look for differences between core winding and on top of L2 winding! Here is the difference for me. Which is the better route?



Chris posted this 18 March 2020

Hi , just before I head off to bed, I also have a primary winding on the core, so that I can look for differences between core winding and on top of L2 winding! Here is the difference for me. Which is the better route?


Hey Ourbobby, Can you explain this further, I do not understand. Perhaps a diagram, might help me understand what you mean.


I am yet to have the magic eureka moment! But, thanks for the comment. I must look for the output or energy input next.


You have the interactions there to led you to a much greater understanding Ourbobby! Don't forget the waveform is a precursor:

Hi Ravio, My Friends,

This post is very Important! Please read and understand!

What you bring up has valid points!

You have 10% ON and 90% OFF in input. I have seen this power triangle explanation, but don't you think that in 10% you have already paid for what is happening in the rest of 90%?


In all conventional Transformers, Energy is Transformed, Input is Transformed to Magnetic Force to Output Force, the M.M.F, or Ampere turn is equal and opposite less losses. Input M.M.F is Equal and Opposite to the Output M.M.F less Losses! Any time you offset the M.M.F, force, then you have more work in the System. 

This is the point of the Machine we build, to Offset the Input to Output M.M.F, to add M.M.F via the Third Coil!

Yes, it can be that these Waveform's can have Conventional Transformer Transformations, but we are not building a Conventional Transformer, that's the point of what we are doing.

Someone tested some Melnichenko patent (some LCR circuit) and figured out that 1/4 (quarter) pulsing was beautiful - looks like you have 3 rising waves during ON and the rest 10+ are at decline. Measuring input and output (on resistor R) - revealed that there was nothing there.


A great deal of experiments performed by others are invalid, until one understands the Subject matter and thus the foll operation of a machine, experiments can be completely inconclusive! I have done many experiments that I look back on and think to my self, there is no way that could have worked, I did not understand the machine, if the slightest deviation in the Experiment you are performing from the original experiment, then the experiment is wrong. So we really can not compare unless we have everything 100% Correct and can verify that.

Th waveform you show, is not like any Andrey Melnichenko Experiment Waveform I have ever seen and thus can not comment on its validity or verification.


You have to measure input and output on resistive load, wave shape does not give you full info. Of course - wave shape shows you if you have ferro/wave/accousting/stochastic/whatever resonance.


I always use Resistive Loads, an Incandescent lamp is largely a Resistive Load, this means Power is real, Voltage and Current are in phase - Yes.

It is correct to ask questions! No one should believe what might be ramblings of a crazy person! I expect all members to question everything, after all that's our job, in Research, is to question everything, until we understand it, totally and fully!

The Sawtooth waveform can be both Below Unity and Above Unity! Some examples I have given here on this forum, Don Smith, The MEG Team, Graham Gunderson, Tinman aka Bradley Richard Atherton:




The Sawtooth Waveform is the Defining Lenz's Law Waveform!

I pointed out in my thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT why the Sawtooth Waveform is so important:

The Sawtooth Waveform is the Result of Lenz's Law, the very fact that Two Magnetic Fields are working together! This Magnetic Field Interaction is CRITICAL to understand! It is the EXACT Same effect as dropping the Neo Magnet down the Copper Tube:


This is the reason the waveform has a Linear Decay, not an exponential decay! A Critical fact to observe and understand! 

The Sawtooth Waveform is the Defining Waveform for Energy "Generation"!

Best wishes,



I urge all here, study this video:


What does Graham show at minute:  4 : 54 on. 

Ref: @ 10 : 27

NOTICE: The Scope is 100 Volts per division.When Graham removed the Capacitors, the pulse was around: 200 Volts, when the Capacitors were removed, the Voltage was around 240 Volts. The sharper the Spike, the more E.M.F was Generated, thus the machine went Above Unity when more E.M.F was generated.

For this experiment, I added, a capacitor on each one of the Output Coils.


instead of a pulse width of about a micro second we have about 2 and a half microseconds.

Cop is about 1.3


Remember the difference:

The difference: 0.5 Watts Input 9.5 Watts Out vs 8.0 Watts Input 10.8 Watts Out


Now, remember, Ohms Law: I = V / R, Increase the Voltage, the Current is also increased for the same Resistance. The Potential Problem also pointed out by Tom Bearden:



Don't forget guys, methods exist to get the Voltage up! I started a thread, to get others looking at this: Voltage I hope we can all come together to work on the best methods to solve the Voltage Problem!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 23 March 2020

Hi Chris,

               I think I have it. 10% is the charge time, which terminates as the alternate lenz kicks in and combined with the discharge gives us the sawtooth?




Chris posted this 23 March 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

My Friend, it sounds like you have it.

The Opposition of Force is Re-Directed, from the Secondary Coil to the Tertiary Coil. Essentially, the Primary pushes the Tertiary Coil, they work together, in unison, to push the Current, to Maximise the Electromagnetic Induction well beyond the current limit or Input = Output - Losses.

We target Electromagnetic Induction and the advancement of it.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 23 March 2020

My Friends,

I get impatient sometimes, I would really like to see more progress, I realise we all are so busy! The Virus, our Families, daily lives are so busy! Why are we all kept so busy?

Time is only a reflection of change. From change, our brains construct a sense of time as if it were flowing. As he puts it, all the "evidence we have for time is encoded in static configurations, which we see or experience subjectively, all of them fitting together to make time seem linear."



So we are so busy because things change so fast, we are seeing so much change from minute to minute!

Our Partnered Output Coils must mirror our Daily Lives! We need Change, fast change, we need turns, but not too many!

I would like to share an analogy:





I had to tune this machine, find the best frequency, to observe effects. Each Coil has Capacity, Inductance and Resistance.

Each Coil is subject to Electromagnetic Induction!

The Time Rate of Change of the Primary Magnetic Field "Generates" an E.M.F, then a Current can Flow. Each Coil sees the Other Coil as a Load! Each Coil attempts to Drive the other Coil! This situation becomes by definition, a Triode:

An electron tube used mostly for signal amplification, consisting of a cathode and anode (or plate) as in a diode, and an intervening wire mesh called the control grid. With little voltage on the grid, large currents can flow between the cathode and plate, but small variations in the voltage on the grid cause large variations in this current, allowing for large amplification of a signal applied to the control grid.

A type of vacuum tube that is used in audio and radio amplifiers and oscillator circuits. It is like a diode with the addition of a wire mesh control grid between the cathode and plate (anode) that controls current flow. A filament heats the cathode enabling it to release electrons. When a small voltage is applied to the grid, the current flow between the cathode and plate is changed accordingly. In some triodes, the filament is the cathode.



Each Coil squeezes off the Vacuum Flux, or the Magnetic Flux of its Neighbor! So, Current flows between the Cathode and the Plate! The Control Grid, controls the Flow, between the Cathode and Plate, simple a squeezing off of the Flow of Current.


In this analogy, if Magnetic Flux was to replace the Current, then simply, squeezing off the Magnetic Flux, if you like a Controlled Electromagnetic Induction Pump, then the Grid becomes the Action / Reaction Pair of the Partnered Output Coils, the Input Coil is the Supply of Current to the Grid. So Tom Bearden's analogy was right, if one looks at the VTA, Vacuum Triode Amplifier in the correct sense! Floyd Sweet allowed Tom Bearden to rename the VTA from the SQM The Space Quanta Modulator, or Space Flux Coupled Alternator. The term Alternator implying Electrical "Generator", by its very definition!

You see, Electromagnetic Induction is simple:

  1. Conductors!
  2. Magnetic Field Changing in Time!
  3. Right combination of Proximity and Turns. 

Electromagnetic Induction is Incomplete! There is more to learn! They stopped back in the 60's because they knew there was more here, more to learn, but it threatened their status quo! They shut it down and tole everyone, nothing more to learn here, its a finished now obsolete topic, when they knew it was not!



When the current in one half of the conductors in the coils (i.e., one of the bifilar elements in each coil) of the device is moving up, both the current and the magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

The resultant motional E-field would be vertical to both and inwardly directed.

At the same time the current in the other half of the conductors in the coils is moving down and both the current and magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

The resulting motional E-field is again vertical to both and inwardly directed.

Thus, the resultant field intensity is double the intensity attributable to either one of the set of coil conductors taken singularly.

Expressed mathematically:

E = ( B x V ) + ( -B x -V ) = 2 B x V


NOTE: The Coil Winding Direction as I have shown can play a role in the success you have.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 30 March 2020

Thank You Wistiti!

My Friend, you have been with me from the start! Your experiments are excellent! First Class! You have machines Charging both Batteries, Input and Output! I am extremely please you have seen what Humanity has to come! It is just the start! We have doors wide open once we have made those initial steps!

I very much appreciate your contributions!

Thank You My Friend!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 01 April 2020

My Friends,

I am sorry, this may be a little off topic, but I have re-watched the old Star Trek Movies and Series.

I guess you could say I have tried to base my work on the way Mr Spock has shared his effort, trying to be Logical as possible! I would like to share some quotes, in remembrance of the great man and the roll he played:

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.


The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.


In reference to Leonard Nimoy. Also another of my favorite, James Doohan, truly, all of them are legendary! All the way up to our current Movies...

Best wishes,


thaelin posted this 01 April 2020

Aye and Scottie knew it well. One of his sayings stays with me forever. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Hope that is taken in the correct context. Don't fall for it twice, just move on.

Chris posted this 01 April 2020

Hey Thaelin,

Yes I remember that one also!

If you have spare time due to the Virus, watch "For the love of Spock" - Its good!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 02 April 2020

My Friends,

In regards to the above post, not the last one, but one before that, I would like to add, if anyone has gone and read the link investigated the image, read the posts, and remembered what was said, this perhaps this line may have stuck out at you:

You can see, an external Magnetic Field added to a System, and Moving this Magnetic Field, in the System, can, and does, add energy to the System. Thus the "Generation" of electrical Energy.

Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


What was I showing? Well lets look again: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy



Any and all Permanent Magnets work, to imply otherwise is just foolish. Magnetic Fulx when moving, no matter from what ever source, Invokes Electromagnetic Induction:

Quote from: Floyd Sweet

Rather, what happens is that the individual packets of quanta are polarized by the initiating and sustaining coherent force the field of the primary magnets or in special cases, electromagnets.

Floyd "Sparky" Sweet - The Space-Quanta Modulated Mark 1 Static Alternator 


Maybe its time to repost this image:


Please ask the question, what are the Magnets actually doing in the Core, it is not just the Movement which I have stated! It does other things also!


I am a Student in the School of Life, always will be, my entire life, never an Expert!!!

Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


We have many very smart members here on this forum, some helping me understand more every day! I have said, it requires a bit of work, fiddling is required to make this work! But one day soon, maybe this wont be quite as tough of a learning curve? I cant predict the future, not yet anyway, but I know the now.

I want to thank: Zanzal, YoElMiCrO, Vidura and Jagau for their recent contributions. I hope we can share more soon.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 03 April 2020

My Friends,

The following Documentary is very good! Many good relevant points in this Documentary, think Nothing is Something by Floyd Spark Sweet:


What is nothing? It is Everything!

Best wishes,


dale morgan posted this 05 April 2020


There are problems with the terminology that Classical scientists use. Dark Energy and Dark Matter are actually called Dark because they cannot be observed. You can't measure them directly. Bearden covers this in several of his papers. He states that Dark Energy is actually the Virtual Particles that we are immersed in, from the nucleus on out into space on the other side of the universe. Can't see it or measure it so it's called Dark as a way to talk about it as a specific entity. I've been re-reading all of his papers to bring it back to the top of the brain so at this moment I can't say specifically which paper has what. Bearden repeats the same thing in many of his papers to get the info out there to those that are interested.

What he says about the function of magnets, how they work, is pretty straight forward. So is Howard Johnson's description. The field lines that can be shown with Magna View are an ordered Steady State flow of Virtual Particles as in Van Flandern's waterfall. NESS, non equilibrium steady state flow.  The formation of a magnet creates an ordering of the atoms within the material. Several billions of little dipoles, (magnets), aligned and fixed in mostly the same direction. Kind of like a magnifying glass. Concentrated in a small space.  I think of it as a Vacuum Tap, like tapping a keg of beer. Can't get the beer out without it, (a coil is basically the same thing).

But we don't see the keg... Virtual Particles are not single particles as they are most commonly thought of. They are EPO's. Electron/Positron Pairs which do not have enough energy to pop into our 3-Space on their own. They need to hit some mass. So the visible magnetic field we can 'see' has to come from someplace... can't create or destroy energy. The Bloch Wall is a boundary layer between domains of orientation within the magnet. This is a sort of filter which separates the EPO's into discrete units. Positive and negative moving in opposite directions. Normally most of this happens near the center of the magnet between the poles. It is an inflow of energy into the magnet that we cannot see or measure. This action is the power behind the magnets field. The strength of a magnet is determined by the strength of the applied magnetic field that created the magnet in the first place. As is normal a large coil is used to make magnets, however the field in the magnet is only paid for once during it's creation. The field from a coil has to be paid for continously. Generally the same effects can be gotten from either. It's a matter of economics or complexity. I like to use both. Something From Nothing is a very good title as the magnetic field has to come from somewhere. No magic here.


In my own opinion, Spacetime Distortion is being misrepresented by that terrible graphic which looks like a funnel. That shape may represent a path that an object might follow upon being captured by the gravitational field. I believe that a more accurate representation would be like the layers of an onion. If anyone is familiar with Optics then the refraction of a beam of light through the surface of a layer of glass is a good way to see it. A fishing pond is a good way to visualize it also. The fish is not actually where it looks like it is. So relating it to an onion we have multiple layers, multiple surfaces of refraction. As the strength of the gravitational field increases, getting closer to the surface of the mass, the number of layers increases, the path becomes steeper. Thus at any point of 'capture' in any direction the path will 'follow' the shape of the funnel, generally.


I have spoken loosely here to try to paint a picture that isn't highly technical in nature. The point is that the terminology can be misleading in some cases. It can screw with your perspective enough to have you going in circles, not gaining a clear understanding. Certainly in some of the videos clear understanding is not what they want to teach. The electron is called negative because Ben Franklin flipped a coin, an arbitrary choice. In some cases it's easier to think of it as being positive.... 

Hopefully I haven't sounded like an arrogant ass here. I do not want to offend anyone and I certainly do not know everything! However I will have nothing to do with the Box or the limits that Classical Science try's to impose upon us.

Have a great day,



thaelin posted this 06 April 2020

You do not need that forum Chris. They would never allow you to post the truths on what we are about anyhow. If you post anything that is contrary to the system of things, it will be edited out or your account seized or the likes. We come here to seek the truths on things being investigated. To thine  own self be true. And then share the truth with others as you have already been doing.


Many things will come to light soon.

Chris posted this 08 April 2020

My Friends,

The Word, in a public effort to educate, I joined Twitter, never thought I would. Initially I had problems. After a lot of messing around, and changing some things, I got my account working. I made several tweets already:


Will this help our cause? Will it hinder us? Time will tell.

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 15 April 2020

Hi Chris, 

              I am running a small set-up for bucking coils. I am controlling the voltage and current to the coils. Volts in is 1.5v at 60mA. I get it running for a few moments and then my mosfets have blown! Certainly not due to high import volts or current! I don't even get to see the reaction on the scope. The only thing i can think of is that when slapping starts, the feed back to the primary, although transformed to low voltage becomes high current, hence the blown fets.

Is this explanation plausible?

edit: I have reverse pulse diodes connected across the fets. These are still OK.





chocolate blanco posted this 15 April 2020

It is also that when the waves collide and when producing standing waves what happens is that I tune the high frequency, because when the magnetic and electric wave collide, the magnetic wave stays down because its particles are heavy and the electric wave is light and It moves fast, so the wave is not influenced by magnetism, and it is easier to tune, the glass radios that are without batteries work with a bucking coil and that gives more Q, that means that they tune better, we with the bucking coil is producing a high frequency signal to tune high frequency that in a bucking coil that generates a lot of voltage thanks to the lack of magnetic brake

Chris posted this 16 April 2020

Hey Vidura,

which will give reasons to re-think about some "laws" which we have taken for granted.


I agree, we do, and I believe we currently, I mean Science, does not currently understand the Forces correctly. I think Graham Gunderson said we use the Forces, Magnetism and others as a convenience, its just how we currently understand the Forces but they are not real. I believe the book Graham was referring to was Collective Electrodynamics by Carver Mead.

Floyd Sweet said:

As postulated by Einstein in his famous equation E = MC2, energy is a kind of matter.


We have a very obvious relationship, perhaps over time, science will understand this better and the whole thing is very much simpler than we have been led to believe.

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 17 April 2020

Hello Vidura,

                     I find your comments on the infinity loop intriguing! So I have connected in series a set of bucking coils that I have wound to create the infinity loop. I have driven it with a primary coil wound on top of one of the bucking coils. So I have Primary=CW wound and Bucking coil1 CW wound and Bucking coil 2 CCW.. I am able to extract some energy with resistive load across the loop. However, when in operation, I am drawing minimum current, even at the Drain of mosfet. After say ten minutes, heatsink and mosfet is able to cook fried eggs!! I turn off low voltage connection to Drain, (Not disconnected!), and it keeps running. So energy is being fed back through Primary (now Hot) to mosfet. When no load, Still get high heat transfer!

So am I driving it wrong,  or is the configuation a theoretical proposition?

Edit: Glass radio - Crystal radio! I am a bit slow at times!!




Ourbobby posted this 18 April 2020

Hi Atti,

             Impressive! I am struggling to decipher parts of your circuit. Would it be possible to get a circuit diagram?

Thank you


Atti posted this 18 April 2020

Hi Ourbobby.

I'll send it to you anyway! But it will take some time.


Ourbobby posted this 18 April 2020

Hi Atti,



Chris posted this 19 April 2020

My Friends,

All of you are doing real good work! I congratulate all of you on your awesome efforts!

Some things to help:

  1. Gap your Core. If you have no Gap, then Increase the Gap, if you have a Gap, try reducing it.
  2. Turn your input up in little steps, then test.
  3. Check the delay in your Conduction, using a small circuit you can increase or decrease it, Time Delay.
  4. Make sure your Magnetic Fields are Interacting correctly, the right polarity, Secondary opposes the Primary, Tertiary opposes the Secondary but assists the Primary.
  5. Remember, the Change is Magnetic Fields Creates the Voltage, find the Maximum Amplitude of the Voltage! Think Magnitude or Amplitude!
  6. The Maximum Torque, or M.M.F, Opposing Forces, must mostly occur between the Secondary and the Tertiary Coils - Not Primary Coil.
  7. Find the Resonant Frequency, Magnetic Resonance, the is is related to Maximum Amplitude Voltage.
  8. Keep trying, don't ever give up, lets work together on this until we solve every problem!
  9. Ask questions, we all can help each other...


My Dear Friends, Together we can solve this! We know this works:


Don Smith:


The MEG Team:





Graham Gunderson:


My Work:


My Friends, stick to the Facts, stick to the simple facts. Stick to the Energy "Generation" way of thinking. Force your mind to think simple, don't over complicate this.

Remember: Ohms Law: I = V / R, increase V and R stays the same then I must increase!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 19 April 2020

Atti - Thanks for sharing!

You are a respected member on this forum!

I know we have had translation difficulty's with Google in the past, we try to over look that - So don't worry ok! Please don't delete the work we reference, its all important. All of it is important, we will see, soon how important!

Thanks for Sharing!

Best wishes,


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